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Last Updated: Jul 26th, 2011 - 20:05:26 
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By Momodu Koroma Campaign Team
Jul 26, 2011, 17:12
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The moment is come, and by this time next Monday the election of the flagbearer of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) would have become a foregone conclusion. The name of the personality would have been known and heralded around the world.  And then celebration.  Meanwhile, the stakes to choose that one flagbearer out of the 19 enterprising, dedicated and patriotic aspirants remains high and mind-bugling.  


The question of  who shall be that one man or woman now absorbs the hearts and minds of Sierra Leoneans far and near;  it interests  our development partners as well because change in the governance  of this country by all indications is imperative. And it calls for the right person to lead the cause.


A popular political party without a popular and renowned flagbearer is but a prologue to party disintegration and confusion. And to have the right flagbearer for the Sierra Leone Peoples Party must therefore be based on, among other credentials, the amalgam of a mans reputation, integrity, experience, strength and commitment to the cause of his people, country and party.

Momodu Koroma


Those descriptions no doubt fit no less a personality than Momodu Koroma.  Momodu Koroma as flagbearer of the SLPP possesses the advantage, knowledge and wisdom to break that artificial barrier that had always estranged the northern provinces votes from the SLPP during elections; he is capable of debunking once and for all the threadbare notion that the SLPP is a south-east (Mendeman) party. Reasons: Momodu Koroma is half Mende, half Temne and wholly Sierra Leonean, born in Mamboma, Jaiama Bongo chiefdom in the Bo district to the late Madam Mamie Kassay, and the late Alhaji Momoh Koroma who hailed from Makable village, Yoni chiefdom in the Tonkolili district, northern province.


Momodu has the advantage of speaking fluent Mende and Temne having been born to parents from those two major tribes of Sierra Leone.  I stand the chance to neutralise the tribal divide in the voting pattern of Sierra Leone politics, he assures.  Indeed.


It has been generally recognised in Momodu Koroma a man of moral earnestness, religious sensitivity and unusual gift.  Said he: Although Sierra Leone is a secular state and any elected president is duty  bound to adopt a secular attitude to all religious matters, it is however a fact that 70 percent of the countrys population including me, are Muslims. That is a fact that cannot be swept under the carpet.

With Momodu Koroma as flagbearer of the SLPP and eventually President of Sierra Leone, freedom of the mind from the fear of politiical intimidation and  violence will be secured; justice will be dispensed  without fear or favour; and truth once again will be honoured among public officials. Our unity as a nation will certainly take precedence over all those negative considerations such as the present day government policy of divide-and-rule, nepotism, corruption, political uncertainty, guile and downright state-sponsored sycophancy under the All Peoples  Party (APC) government.  Under his administration political, socio-economic progress and prosperity will touch the lives of the people everywhere without tribal or regional bias.


Momodu Koroma is easier marketed for the leadership of the SLPP and Sierra Leone because of  all  the good reasons:  he singlelarly claims among other aspirants the knowledge and experience in  statecraft first, as Minister of State, Presidential Affairs and Public Service, and later as Minister of Presidential Affairs from 1998-2002.  He also served as Acting Minister of Energy and Power.  As Minister of Presidential Affairs, he was the Political Assistant to the President in office.   While in that capacity, he had the opportunity of initiating the Good Governance and Public Service Reform Program which subsequently led to the establishment of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), the Security Sector Reform Program, the Privatisation of State Assets, Judicial Reform Program and the reform of the Civil Service.  He also directly supervised the Public Sector Management Support Project (PSMS) funded by the World Bank.


In his capacity as Minister of Presidential Affairs, Momodu Koroma served on several crucial state bodies like the Defence Council,  the National Security Council and a number of  donor  partnership committees.


Momodu Koroma served as Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation implying that he was Principal Adviser to the President on foreign relations.  He served on the  Executive Council of ECOWAS, the Mano River Union, the African Union and the Organisation of Islamic States as well as the Commonwealth Ministerial Committees.


As the first post-conflict Foreign Minister, he initiated a lot of high level diplomatic contacts that led to the  engagement of several multi-lateral and bilateral ties which resulted in donor funded programs for the country and the establishment of new diplomatic missions.


The delegates are encouraged to elect Momodu Koroma because he is best suited to our circumstances as a nation and the personality and temperament of the people.  In fact,  but for international intrigue and conspiracy, Momodu Koroma would have today been the genuinely, democratically elected Vice President of Sierra Leone.  He was the running-mate of then elected flagbearer of the SLPP Solomon E. Berewa in the 2007 Presidential election.  They won the votes but lost the result because Christiana Thorpe and her international paymasters wanted it so.


As Foreign Minister of Sierra Leone for five years, Momodu Koroma made good friends and contacts in the closest proximity of powers and institutions around the world who, and which,  he could easily access for assistance and partnership for national development.

It takes a strong, reliable and dedicated man to steer the SLPP back to  power and which attributes fit Momodu Koroma.  He is also highly educated; he possesses every confidence in his determinations and prudence; he has the knack of the garb, speaks persuasively and with dignity.  Momodu is a man of ardent mind, wise and patient. He advantageously possesses a youthful and handsome charisma that claims anyones  psychological equilibrium; he is an organised and disciplined personality; a family man and a man of property.

Nelson Mandela in his autobiography Long Walk To Freedom wrote: Experience is the foundation for leadership and obligation to the people takes precedence over loyalty to individuals. When he propounded that wisdom many years ago he had in mind people like Momodu Koroma who are reliable guides to the future of their political parties and countries.

To the delegates to whose conscience and wisdom we entrust the 19 aspirants, we say in the words of Roland Banton in his book HERE I STAND: Dont put off till tomorrow.  By delay Hannibal lost Rome, by delay Esau forfeited his birthright. Christ said: Ye shall seek me, and ye shall not find.  Thus scripture experience, and all creation shall testify that the gift of God must be taken on the wing.  THEREFORE, CHOOSE MOMODU KOROMA FOR THE SLPP FLAGBEARERSHIP. DONT PUT OFF TILL ANOTHER TIME, IT MIGHT BE TOO LATE.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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