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Last Updated: Aug 8th, 2011 - 15:08:29 
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APC or SLPP: Who is Jittery over Maada Bio?
By Solomon Ethelbert Jones (Freetown Peninsular)
Aug 8, 2011, 12:18
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If the opposition SLPPs National Publicity Secretary Hon. Musa Tamba Sam is to be believed, the ruling APC party has been thrown into a state of panic and is currently jittery over the choice of Retired Lieutenant Maada Bio as the SLPPs candidate for the presidency next year. However, a look at unfolding events might deny such an assertion from the SLPP Camp. To me, the SLPP looks very jittery whilst the APC is in a state of tremendous, barely-hidden, gleeful euphoria.

Last Saturday, the APC could not care less about participating in a Universal Radio FM98.7 discussion called up to discuss the APCs latest Press Release concerning the choice of Maada Bio by the SLPP.

The day before, Victor Foh had already gone to great extents to demonise Maada Bio as a murderer and a brutal and violent man and he was basking in the limelight as angry SLPP members were thrown into a fit of rage trying to counter his hot words which included his satiric fear for his life now that Maada Bio wanted to be President. Foh did not bother to go to the studio but merely phoned in to casually throw out a few more invectives of Killer! Killer! against Maada Bio. It was similar to his press confab where he was shouting out that they in the APC were now afraid because Maada Bio was coming to kill all of us again after Bio had killed Bambay Kamara.

Listening to Foh, you could tell he was on top of his game and enjoying himself as he was sounding so euphoric at the outcome of SLPPs convention. Who can blame him?

Similarly, according to the radio station, Cornelius Deveaux, Editor-in-Chief of APC We Yone newspaper turned down an invite to be on the programme as he said he was too busy to be bothered to go there.

Thus it was only the SLPPs Scribe, Sulaiman Banja Tejan-Sie who was on the programme and he also took his time to fling out a lot of harsh words against the APC and Victor Foh in particular also calling Foh and associates as Killers. At one point, it was quite comical as APC and SLPP took turns to throw Killer! Killer! insults at each other.

Putting the comedy aside, what however got critical observers to know that there is currently serious panic within the SLPP ranks was when, despite the presence of SLPP Scribe Tejan-Sie in the radio programme, both the Womens Leader I.J. Kabbah and the National Chairman & Leader John Benjamin, took turns to phone in to the programme to strongly condemn the APC.

Benjamin even tried to muzzle the media by telling Josiah Paris not to conduct such open programmes. This could be a sign of what to expect if Maada Bio returns under SLPP. Imagine Umaru Fofana, SLAJ President and accused Bio sympathiser later going on air to support John Benjamins wish that the media should moderate the incendiary allegations!

Sorry Mr. SLAJ President but your man Maada Bio is going to be forced to sing the tune and dance the dance of freedom of speech. He has a lot of explaining to do and not under protection of BBC stage-managed interviews. Radio stations cannot start walking on tenterhooks because the SLPP was stupid enough to choose a stained candidate with loads of baggage as their Presidential Candidate. Mr. SLAJ President, please expect a lot more incendiary allegations from those opposed to Maada Bio the Killer.

Anyway, why did I.J. Kabbah and John Benjamin have to phone in to the programme to attack APC? Was Banja Tejan-Sie alone not up to the job? Victor Foh and Cornelius Deveaux just ignored the programme and left Sulaiman Banja Tejan-Sie by himself to rail and rant against APCs powerful packed punches but yet still the SLPP was still so jittery that the Alagbas themselves, JOB and IJK, needed to jump in to give back up support to Tejan-Sie? To me, I think the SLPP looks very panicky and jittery whilst the APC is cool and calm and laughing all the way to the 2012 Elections bank as they chant Killer! Killer! Killer! at Maada Bio.

The advise I will give to SLPP is for them to find some soda soap and sapo to start scrubbing Maada Bios image but I fear that there is so much stain all over Maada Bio that by the time the SLPP will think they have finished scrubbing him, the elections would have come and gone past their noses with Ernest Koroma at State House; Sharp 12!

If they had chosen a clean candidate, by now the SLPP would have been on the ATTACK mode throwing all sorts of allegations against the APC but now they have started on DEFENSIVE mode fighting to defend themselves against APC. Instead of attacking, they are defending... defending... defending...

Meanwhile, the APC has just started to throw some weak jabs at Maada Bio. The APC has not yet asked Maada Bio what did he do (as a trained soldier who took an oath to protect defenceless persons), when he walked into SAJ Musas house in December 1992 and he saw a defenceless woman (Salami Cokers girlfriend) brutalised, bleeding profusely from all over her body including her vagina, with her ears cut off and in a half-dead state? What did Maada Bio do?

Salami Cokers girlfriend had been behind bars in NPRC custody for several weeks before she was slaughtered like an animal and acid poured all over her body. The APC has not yet asked Maada Bio what he did to protect that poor woman as he had taken an oath to protect such.

The APC has not yet asked Maada Bio, why as NPRC Minister of Information, he was to subsequently issue out a Broadcast Statement that was full of lies that the poor woman and the 28 others including Bambay Kamara, Kawuta Dumbuya, and Col. Yaya Kanu had tried to plot a coup from behind NPRC prison bars!

Also, the APC has not even looked at Maada Bios illegal Passport Sales yet during which, according to former SLPP Leader Berewa, he stashed the proceeds in foreign bank accounts. Or at the Nations prestigious Hotels he sold. Or at the multi-million dollars Wanza gunboat deal he signed with Wanza that poor APC now had to come and settle. Or the diamond deals. Or the arms deals with his brother. Or the marriages he broke up including even foreign Nigerian marriages in London. Or the ... Oh what the heck! The List is endless! Bring out the Soda Soap and Sapo. SLPP has a lot of scrubbing and cleaning up of image to do!

I just hope SLPP has a better scrubbing boy than Musa Tamba Sam who is a walking disaster. Over Monologue Radio last weekend, he was busy accusing Sylvia Blyden of being the author of APC Press Releases! This is how paranoid the SLPP has become. They are now accusing Dr. Sylvia Blyden of being an APC agent! It serves Sylvia Blyden right as she sacrificed too much to assist SLPP over the last several years.

Instead of making an effort to pour oil over troubled waters by reaching out to those they have offended, Musa Tamba Sam is busy inflaming the AwarenessTimes - Maada Bio debacle with silly assertions that the Publisher is the author of APC Press Releases. Let me of Tamba Sam ask a simple question. Does he really think SLPP can withstand a battle with Awareness Times? This is no longer about the Tribal Meeting (sorry Convention!) to choose flagbearer but about winning the Nations heart and soul.

Anyway the SLPP has shown itself to be a party of tribalists which is why they elected a public relations disaster walking on two feet. Musa Tamba Sam is a Bull in a China Store. The SLPP left finesse and high quality material like Hon. Reverend Dr. Princess Baba Jigida of Waterloo, Western Area and elected the uncouth Musa Tamba Sam of Kailahun as Party Spokesman.

Ladies and gentlemen, seat back and enjoy the ride as you watch the SLPP in a jittery and panicky mode as they scrub and scrub and scrub to clean up Maada Bios filthy image. After the market-women chased him out of State House in 1996, he dares to call himself a democrat? Father of Democracy my foot! Killer of defenceless woman! Killer of palmwine tapper! Killer of decorated officers! Maada Bio! Killer! Killer! SLPP has elected a Killer to contest against APCs Ernest Bai Koroma in 2012.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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