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Last Updated: Aug 8th, 2011 - 13:49:31 
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Umaru Sitta Turay Defends Maada Bio: Keep Quiet Valnora!!
By Umaru Sitta Turay, USA
Aug 8, 2011, 12:20
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In my whole life time, I have never seen a stupid statement being said like the one of Valnora Edwins of the Campaign for Good Governance (CGG). This is the silliest thing that has been done in that country by an NGO that is supposed to promote democracy. I am yet to recover from the way I felt when I read the statement of Valnora Edwin. It is a disgrace, a shame and disgusting statement from the CGG head. I KNOW Valnora and I have been saying it at her face that she is not capable of handling an organization like the CGG. No she is not!!!!

I bet anyone on earth, Valnora does not know the mission statement of the organization she is running. The first time I met with Valnora at the UNDP/CSO forum, I put that question to her and the only thing she could do was to fluster around the answer. Several times when we met at the UNDP, I tell Valnora to always listen and be quiet if she cannot talk sense. Each time this lady opens her mouth to talk in those meetings, she will utter rubbish so much so that I at one time asked that she be excluded in our meetings because she is not qualified to be there. That suggestion was applauded by the whole membership of the UNDP/CSO forum then and hence Valnora was excluded from the forum. Up till this time, Valnora is yet to return to that very important forum of that country. This is the kind of person that will come out to condemn a democratic process that has taken place in a transparent and much tensed competitive atmosphere. What-a-hell is she asking for? What else should the SLPP do to elect their presidential contestant? I just want to bring out the stupidity and foolishness of Valnora.


This is a clear manifestation of her inanity and ignorance of the organization she is said to be running. CGG is not an organization that is only a watchdog of the words good governance but is also eye-witnessing the democratic process of that country. CGG should be raising voices of the populace in clear and conspicuous platforms where a democratic process has been infringed or violated and not on the election of an individual that is having the legitimacy to be elected. The CGG also observe; with intellectual prowess, violations of citizens rights to be elected and has been disenfranchised. Now, what has the CGG head done to condemn President Ernest Bai Koromas act of placing people that amputated in broad day light near him as body guards. Those roles are the core roles of CGG and should be followed to the letter. (I refer Valnora to the mission statement of CGG). For goodness sake, watch the process the SLPP has gone through, the tough huddles that party has been put into, the intense manifestations of everyone involved in the process and the hygienic election that has been conducted. Must anyone in his or her right senses condemn the winner of such election? This is the reason I am coming out to tell the people of my country that Valnora is not in her right senses. She has been backseat driven and has caused an accident that will cost her integrity for the rest of her life.


Talking about Maada Bio being elected is an act that is not supposed to be done is the most nonsensical thing to think of on this planet earth. Let me start with the eligibility of retired Brigadier Maada Bio. The SLLPs intellectual manpower is so great that, it is almost impossible for them not to know that Maada Bio is not eligible and allow him to contest. Maada Bio is a citizen of Sierra Leone and in fact a very senior citizen as one time head of state. He has all the rights to contest for senior positions not only in the SLPP but even the APC that has become alarmed by his election. Still referring to Maada Bio as one time military junta; I want to draw the attention of Valnora and her backseat drivers to the geopolitics of our African content. Most of the Presidents that have performed very well in their countries in Africa today were one time military heads that came back in a democratic process. For example, Jerry Rawlings of Ghana, Obasanjo of Nigeria, Amadu Tumani Toure of Mali, Museveni of Uganda and most recently president Kagami of Rwanda just to name few. All of these guys were involved in coup dtats and later came to the democratic fold and were elected. But make a good look at those countries now and compare them to the era of their civilian rulers. That aside, Retired Brigadier Maada Bio is one of the few African Military rulers that peacefully hand power to a democratically elected government. He made a history for himself and that should not be expunged in his rsum. 


Also, Maada Bio has conducted himself perfectly well since he handed power to President Kabba. At a time, nothing was heard of him. He has not been involved in anything that will put his repetition in disrepute. He stayed in his little corner and strategize himself for this day. In 2005, he contested for the same flag bearer position for the SLPP and he lost. The admirable thing he did when he came second in that election was to embrace the winner of the election and continue to play the role that is expected of him as member of the party. When he lost, he went back to the drawing board and rearranged himself to come back this time and win in a very clear margin. What else does Valnora want from this gentle man? It is that Maada Bio is a fierce strategist that will be able to withstand all the political intimidations and violence of the APC, which Valonras backseat drivers have told her to make some senseless noise? The Maada Bio I know will not be intimidated by those ranting. He is a forthright gentle man of Barack Obamas age group that is determined to change Sierra Leone.


Maada Bio has the capability and experience of being a president and I am sure that is what he wants to bring to the people of Sierra Leone so that he will eliminate the present suffering and extreme hardship of his people. The strategy of Maada Bio is very hard to understand as he always keeps close to his chest the next step he is supposed to take.

Hmmmmm, Valnora and her backseat drivers, please know that the people of Sierra Leone has spoken and it is final. The whistle has been blown and some players have incurred injury and have been rushed to hospitals in Germany.

2012!!!!!! It will be interesting!!!!!!


Umaru Sitta Turay

Journalist/Human Rights Activist

New York, United States of America.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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