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Last Updated: Sep 21st, 2011 - 17:43:15 
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The SLPP's Security & Intelligence Wing must then be Insane
By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Sep 21, 2011, 17:17
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Last week, Mr. Jacob Jusu Saffa (aka JJ BLOOD), the former National Secretary-General of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) issued a press statement in which he lambasted that if anyone alleges he had gone to the residence of V.P. Sam-Sumana, that person must be either insane and/or mentally unwell and/or a patient of Dr. Nahim. See Page 6 for his release alongside the original article. We will deal extensively with the issue of some of the points he raises during our proposed Series on The Rise & Fall of a Bloody Hustler.


For todays edition, we are taking a look at the SLPPs Security & Intelligence Wing of the party which was actually created by J.J. BLOOD and which is one of the sources for our article on J.J. Bloods visit to Sam-Sumana family residence. If J.J. BLOOD now insists that only the insane and mentally unwell can say he paid a visit to the Sam-Sumana residence, then it means he is indicting the SLPPs Security & Intelligence Wing to be nothing other than an insane outfit manned by those who can be easily described as possible or actual patients of Dr. Nahim the psychiatrist (crase doctor).


Before proceeding, let us take a look at some questionably insane actions of SLPP. In the middle of last week, the Administrative Secretary of the SLPP Offices, Mr. Brima Koroma, wrote a Letter to the Inspector-General of Police informing that the partys Intelligence Wing had information that the ruling APC party members were planning to attack SLPP Offices all over Sierra Leone and burn some of the offices.


The SLPP Letter strongly alleged that the attacks were to be launched during the planned spectacular 4th Anniversary Street Rallies of the APC slated for Saturday 17th September 2011 and the letter urged the Police to step up protection of SLPP offices nationwide even more than the police had done recently.


As a result of such a strong-worded letter from the opposition about their intelligence sources and against the backdrop of the recent political security lapses in Bo City, Police Chief Francis Munu and his Executive Management Board took an independent decision that for the security of the State, the ruling APC should be banned from holding their planned 4th Anniversary rally.


IGP Munu ordered the ruling APC not to hold any street rally in any place throughout the entire country but to localise their celebrations in small neighbourhoods. Many APC supporters expressed disappointment that an unfounded allegation from the SLPP could get the police to stop their 4th Anniversary rally but they respected the order.


This was why many eyebrows were raised and many commentators questioned the mental status of the SLPP as an entity when the SLPP embarked on what could be termed as a psychiatric act. After SLPP had succeeded by 15th September to get the Police to ban the APC Rally, the same SLPPs Brima Koroma again wrote to the Police Boss on 16th September. This time, it was to inform of the SLPPs intention to rally with their presidential candidate Julius Maada Bio on 18th September in the streets of Freetown from Kissy Ferry Terminal to Wallace Johnson-Street. Huh?


Aside the fact that the SLPP had caused the APC Rally to be forcibly cancelled, there was also the issue of the recent outcome of an SLPP Rally in Bo City which had resulted in wanton destruction of life and properties including arson and assaults occasioning grievous bodily harm.


Who in his right mind would really want another rally after the ignoble incident in Bo of which all decent Sierra Leoneans are ashamed? Are the members of the SLPP so insensitive to what happened in Bo that they want another rally? questioned the editorial in one of the leading newspapers, THE PUNCH.


Another local tabloid was more to the point when it stated of the request to rally inside Freetown on 18th September: SLPP are still not thinking right and still yet another tabloid questioned: Is SLPP now being run by madmen who want another round of violence in the capital city after the one in Bo?


Clearly, many people are wondering about the mental status of the SLPP. Well, according to JJ BLOOD, with reference to him being sighted at V.P. Sam-Sumanas residence, he said: only insane persons or those who are mentally unwell or patients of Dr. Nahim can imagine such about J.J. Saffa.


As stated in the opening paragraphs, we can today reveal that whilst we have more than one source for the publication on J.J. BLOODs visit to the residence of the Sam-Sumanas, at least three of them were from members of the SLPPs Security & Intelligence Wing set up by no less a person that J.J. Saffa himself when he was Scribe!


According to reports, the gentlemen had gone to the Vice Presidents residence to plead with him to intervene on behalf of one of their colleagues Abdul Samu (alias SPAR) who has now been charged to court but who was by then (August 26th 2011) in detention at the C.I.D on suspected trumped-up charges. This writer was in regular touch with them on that matter which we are investigating and still following at the Courts. Infact, the matter comes up today.


The SLPP guys had gone there with the belief that the other member of the SLPPs Intelligence/Security Wing, Osman Kabba (alias AWUAH) who had been detained with SPAR, had been released from detention because he was a cousin of the VP. It is widely believed that SPAR & AWUAH were set up by Internal Affairs Minister Musa Tarawalie. Awareness Times had investigated that claim with various actors including Musa Tarawalie himself and we will expand some more on it in future parts of this series on J.J. BLOOD.

Anyway, to cut a lengthy story short, virtually the entire hierarchy of SLPP's Security and Intelligence Wing of the party had gone to the residence of the Vice President to see if they could get a chance to meet with him in a face-to-face meeting to discuss the possibility of him ensuring that SPAR was also released as AWUAH had been released. Sadly for them, whilst the Vice Presidents younger brother chatted with them and allowed them into the compound, the VP himself was unable to see them but according to them, they continued to hang around the compound in the hope that the VP might call them up to see him.


It was whilst they were inside the VPs compound that J.J. BLOOD arrived there and the rest is History as recounted by Awareness Times on September 5th 2011 and reproduced on Page 6 of this edition.


What is also important is to ensure readers take note that what Awareness Times stated is a suspicion that J.J. BLOOD was on a blackmailing mission since he was still trying to inexplicably exercise control over the official Unity newspaper. We never said he was there to seek alms or charity from the Vice President. All we reported on was the possible contents of the black bag under his hand when he left which was not there when he arrived.


It is good that J.J. BLOOD reveals that if he wants to seek alms or beg like a beggar, he will grovel infront of APC Leader President Koroma and so would have no need to beg for alms from V.P. Sam-Sumana.


Well, this newspaper never said anything about him begging for charitable alms. We surmised and safely too that his undue influence within the Unity newspaper structure might be used as a leverage to blackmail others including the Vice President.


Bottom-line, what we are saying to the public today is that if JJ BLOOD says only mentally unwell and insane persons will say they saw him at the Sam-Sumana residence, then it means the Security & Intelligence Wing of the SLPP, which he himself set up, is a basket case of mentally unwell people.


Either that or J.J. BLOOD is just a shameless liar caught with hands in cookie jar and yet still continuing to put on a brave face with inane rejoinders.


© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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