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Last Updated: Sep 26th, 2011 - 12:54:41 
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KDDA Responds to Sahr S. Sinah
Sep 26, 2011, 12:58
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United Kingdom, 23rd September 2011: The Kono District Development Association (KDDA) United Kingdom and Northern Ireland is aware of an article planted in the reputable Awareness Times online Newspaper with fabricated assertions on the current KDDA leadership. The article captioned: A response to KDDA notice was written by an individual who claimed to be a Sahr Sylvanus Sinah in London. As a reputable association in the United Kingdom, we do not engage in misinformation, mudslinging and cowardly shenanigans. However, in the interest of the general public and transparency, we have reluctantly decided to set the records straight in response to this dastardly campaign of deliberate misinformation and calumny orchestrated by this writer. All issues raised by the writer, though intellectually bereft, would be addressed diligently.


First, the notice Sahr Sylvanus Sinah referred to in his article is genuine and correct. The new executive of KDDA is headed by Dr. Kai Ngegba who was duly elected on Saturday 10th September 2011. Prior to his election, he served as the Interim Chairman of KDDA from 26th June 2010 to September 2011. Among the achievement of the Interim Executive are:

1. Organised a seaside outing to Margate, England on 24th July 2010.

2. Organised a fund raising dance in London on 8th January 2011, for the procurement of medical equipments for the Koidu Government Hospital in Kono district, Sierra Leone. Compliment to attendees which included the Sierra Leone Embassy staff  in the United Kingdom. The medical equipments are now in Sierra Leone awaiting delivery.

3. Created the first website for the association. The website address is

4. Organised two thanksgiving services on 5 September 2010 and 19 June 2011.

5. Organised a seaside outing to Brighton on 30th July 2011.

6. Under his leadership, the former Chairman of KDDA Tamba Opel Sam-Sumana was dragged to the Lambeth county court in London, and stopped from purporting to be Chairman of KDDA and using the associations letterhead or corporate image to publish defamatory, political propaganda, and sub-standard articles. This act was mandated by the membership in a general meeting.

7. Conducted the most transparent, free and fair elections.

All these ventures have been properly accounted for with respective financial statements.


Second, the fact that KDDA had gone through a period of protracted internal wrangling and credibility issues under the now discredited stewardship of the former Chairman Tamba Opel Sam-Sumana cannot be gainsaid. Since his inception as head of the KDDA in 2003, the hard-won reputation of this association as a development-oriented organisation with no party or political affiliation came perilously close to total collapse. Activities of the association, and its well-cultivated reputation, were appropriated by Tamba Opel Sam-Sumana to serve his ill-conceived interests in Sierra Leone. Prior to the election, Tamba Opel Sam-Sumana often resorted to openly abuse the Chairman and anyone who dared stop him. Disgraceful issues of private personal gain and concerns about the conduct of the crowded elections left some members feeling compromised, short-change, let down and aghast. This led to the formation of the then Kono Development Union (KDU). In the spirit of oneness, the KDU members have joined this new respectable Ngegba executive.


Foremost amongst Tamba Opel Sam Sumanas leadership failures was his blatant disregard for the electoral provisions of our constitution. His term of office as stipulated by the KDDA constitution ended in January 2005. To say he has over-stayed in office is a clear understatement. Prior to his assumption of the Chair of our association, he was Secretary General between 1998 and 2003. Inexplicably, this former chairman refused to hand over all secretarial documents and properties to his successor, Mr. Samuel Torto. The decent unsuspecting members of our association were now set for a stewardship that will be characterised by all the nasty and unpalatable characteristics of a Tin-pot dictator, albeit at the micro level.  Realising that a dangerous political manipulator is on the loose in their association, the membership rallied and called for immediate elections. Rather unfortunately however, this was the beginning of a long and painful period in our associations history.


Tamba Opel Sam-Sumana has already launched a campaign of discord and disunity which was destroying the close-knit fabric of our association. Out of disappointment and despair, the now disenchanted executive members of KDDA resigned en masse. Sadly, what followed was a less than dignified period that saw Diaspora Konos in the United Kingdom splintering into small groupings, each with its own agenda of promoting community cohesion.

As a matter of fact, we are in possession of documentary evidence that will expose one of Tamba Opel Sam-Sumanas instrumental lackeys Sahr Sylvanus Sinah as an individual parading in London under the official identity of AIAH SAM DAVIES.
Let it be known that KDDA will not relent in its effort to expose the trickery and shenanigans of Shysters and fraudsters that are determined to undermine the interest of our association. This subject will be dealt with in more details in our next official update.


The 1998 KDDA constitution is the guiding principle that binds the entire membership. By this constitution Section 7(111) states that, there is automatic termination of membership when a member acts against the interest of the association. One of the interest of the association as defined by article3 (11) is to raise funds which shall be used in the best interest of the association. Article 16(1) clearly states that the chairman/woman shall serve a maximum of two terms in office. A quorum as defined by Section 25(11) of the constitution is (a) One-tenth of the membership of the association or (b) Ten members of the membership of the association at a general meeting.


On 26th June 2010 having outstayed his mandate for over five years, KDDA members at a general meeting declared Tamba Opel Sam-Sumana as Persona non grata. There were over forty members in attendance. Tamba Opel Sam-Sumana was also in material breach of article 6(11); projecting negative image of the association. An Interim team with Dr Kai Ngegba as Chairman was therefore formed to run the affairs of the association.


At the general meeting of KDDA on 30thOctober 2010, a motion was passed to seek an injunction order against Tamba Opel Sam-Sumana. It was two-fold; to stop him using the KDDA letterhead or emblem for any communication purposes and also to stop him masquerading as the Chairman of KDDA. There were forty four people in attendance.


Further investigations into the activities of Tamba Opel Sam-Sumana have brought more revelations to members. In 2007, Tamba Opel Sam-Sumana incorporated a limited company (now dissolved) sharing the same initials as the association but a different name; Sierra Leone Kono District Development Appeal (KDDA) Limited, company number 6340023, incorporated 10th August 2007, dissolved 5th May 2009. The company was dissolved because of lack of financial accountability. The Directors of the company were himself, his wife Mrs Marie Sam- Sumana, and Mrs. Letitia Mamie Kebbie. We are baffled to note that all the Directors live at three different addresses. Details available on request. Tamba Opel Sam-Sumana had no authority from the executive or membership of the association to incorporate a company. In his publications in November 2007, Mr. Sam-Sumana held himself out as Chairman of the association and claimed that KDDA Limited was the same entity as our association KDDA. We are considering possible fraud investigations.


The 1998 constitution of KDDA made it crystal clear in article 4(1) that the association shall be non-political: in the sense that it shall bear no direct or special allegiance to any political party. Tamba Opel Sam-Sumana being the current secretary general of the Sierra Leone All Peoples Congress Party (APC) in the United Kingdom had been linking our association matter with government and political functionaries. This was a blatant abuse of our constitution and totally unacceptable.


Tamba Opel Sam-Sumana organised many functions between January 2003 and January 2007 but failed to account to KDDA members. He is yet to present a single financial statement for all the functions he organised. Among the functions are;

1. Printing of one thousand copies of KDDA directories at a selling price of five pounds per copy.

2. Seaside outing to Brighton on 26th July 2003.

3. Seaside outing to Eastbourne on 31st July 2004.

4. Cancelled seaside outing arrangements in July 2005

5. Seaside outing to Margate on 5th August 2006

6. Annual Dance at Brixton Recreation Centre on 3rd January 2004

7. Annual Dance on 8th January 2005

8. Dance at Lambeth Town Hall in London on 13 January 2007 (Kanda Bongoman)


In pursuance of the injunction order against Tamba Opel Sam-Sumana (the defendant), a court order was issued by His Honour the District Judge Stone on 26th May 2011. The ORDER stated thus: Upon the defendant hereby undertaking to the court not to, pending the outcome of the said elections, hold himself out as active chairman of the KDDA or to use KDDA stationery, letterhead or corporate image for his correspondence or any other purpose; and undertaking to provide the claimant within 7 days with access to all records, documents and/or property currently in his possession or control.  This COURT ORDER is self-explanatory: it invalidates Tamba Opel Sam-Sumanas purported claim to the position of Chairman of our association.


In the adjournment hearing on 12th September 2011, Tamba Opel Sam-Sumana confirmed that he would abide by the court order as stated above. At this point, the duly elected Chairman of KDDA Dr. Kai Ngegba informed the Honourable District Judge Stone that he does not intend to pursue his claim if the defendant is firmly committed to abide by the court order. Tamba Opel Sam-Sumana then informed the Judge he was going to contest the KDDA elections result. In line with standard procedure, the Judge ordered him to present his claim within 14 days. He is yet to present his case. We believe the matter would be investigated expeditiously and trashed out in 30 minutes if and when it comes to court. However, due to a possible court proceeding in this matter, it would be inappropriate to deliberate further.


If the writer Sahr Silvanus Sinah cares about KDDA as he seems to claim in his fabricated article, why did he not asked Tamba Opel Sam-Sumana to conduct democratic elections when his term expired in January 2005? Or has he become an advocate for democracy only after his boss has been booted out of office? He must understand that Tamba Opel Sam-Sumanas chairmanship of KDDA is a moot point as his tenure has long since ended. He no longer qualifies to vie for the chairmanship of KDDA and can never be the chairman of KDDA again. If he cannot comprehend articles 14(1) (11) (111) (1v) (v) & (v1) then it would be wise of him to seek legal advice. For ease of reference, the 1998 KDDA constitution can be accessed freely from our website


We strongly condemn the writer variously known as Sahr Sylvanus Sinah or AIAH SAM DAVIESs attack on the KDDA Chief Electoral Commissioner Mr. Tom Fasuluku and the Secretary to the Commission Mrs. Agnes Kumba Macauley. They are both respectable individuals in our community and have always demonstrated high ethical and moral values. The names of our commissioners were agreed at our general meeting on 13th August 2011 and in accordance with article 6(1) & (11) and article 8(11)& (111) of the 1998 constitution of KDDA. The names of all the commissioners were published and circulated to members far ahead of the elections. If the writer had genuine concerns he should have made them known before the highly publicise elections on 10th September 2011. Democracy also requires respect and tolerance. In elections you either win or loose. Dr. Kai Ngegba is the winner of the KDDA elections 2011 and the Chairman of KDDA United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Our communities are happy and very relieved by the progress made.



Aiah Yornie Sodengbe (KDDA Secretary General

United Kingdom & Northern Ireland   -   Telephone contact: +447825886188        

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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