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Last Updated: Sep 28th, 2011 - 19:04:33 
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APC is failing my Fatherís Memory; He was an Honourable Man - Julius Bambay Kamara
Sep 28, 2011, 17:16
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Julius Bambay Kamara, the son of the late Police Inspector General Hon. James Bambay Kamara, has told Awareness Times that the current crusade for an inquest to be set up into the deaths of his father and 28 others ďhas nothing to do with the APCĒ because as far as they were concerned, ďthe APC party has failed us and President Koroma has reneged on his elections campaign promises he made to usĒ.

Julius Bambay Kamara says what family members of the 29 executed are seeking was not based on politics but to ensure ďmurderers of honourable men do not get to be glorified whilst their honourable victims continue to be victimised even as they lie in a mass graveĒ.

ďMy father was an honourable man who did not deserve to die the way he did. His corpse does not deserve to lie in a mass grave after the genocide. Our fight is not about politics. Infact, APC is failing my fatherís memory. He was an honourable man but APC has caused his murderers to be glorified. They cause victims to be victimised even in death. As for SLPP, they are trying to politicise a legitimate quest for justice. Just read the contemptible nonsense in SLPP papers. It proves why it is important we have an Inquest set up to reveal the truth,Ē Julius Bambay Kamara stated.

Late Honourable James Bambay Kamara: 19 years cloud over him.

Mr. Julius Bambay Kamara: ďMy Father was an Honourable ManĒ

ďMy father, Salami Coker, Lt. Col Yaya Kanu, Majors Hanciles, Kawuta Dumbuya, Aruna Jalloh and others were all honourable men and Salamatu Kamara was an honourable woman. Let the Inquest prove who the sons of demons were and who the honourable men were. Let us know the true demons in human clothing. Let us close this matter once and for all so we can know who the demons are and who the victims were. That is all we ask for, the truth for closure,Ē the late manís son said.

Julius Bambay Kamara however confirmed that indeed President Koroma had campaigned on a platform that he would institute an inquest into the deaths if elected but added ďI do not want to make this an issue of Ernest Koromaís 2002 to 2007 elections campaign promises. For me, my focus is to clear my fatherís name and restore his dignity. My focus is for the world to know who the dishonourable men are and who the honourable men wereĒ.

Adama J.Y. Kanu, the daughter of the executed Lt. Col. Yaya Kanu lamented that she grew up without knowing the warmth of her father and she had to abandon her schooling because of lack of finances but she opined that if her father had lived, she could have been a doctor or a lawyer today as her father valued education.


Victor Jarrett (jnr.), the son of an executed fire officer Victor Jarrett told Awareness Times that even a 40th Day Traditional Rites their family tried to hold was disrupted by NPRC soldiers who burst into the house and tore off the white curtains in the living room causing the neighbours to flee. 

ďWe were turned to lepers in the society and I had to flee Sierra Leone in shame and fear to Liberia and later to Nigeria for several years but I do not know to this day what my father did. He left the house with his friend Salami Coker to go and drink poyo and I never saw him again. I just want to know why. This is not about politics but about the truth for justice and for peace,Ē he said.

Makai, the daughter of executed Major Aruna Jalloh told newsmen that their mothers were raped by NPRC soldiers whilst children turned to school dropouts because no-one wanted anything to do with their families.


ďWe do not know why we suffered so much and we want to know why the NPRC did this. What crime was commited against the State? What is the evidence used to execute our parents?¬† If there was no evidence, why did the State execute them so brutally and then lied on them? I ask who will like to see people who killed your loved father walking around proudly and being hailed as messiahs whilst your father lies in a mass grave and no-one can tell you why he was killed but to write & insult his memory. This is not politics. We want the truth so their souls can finally rest in peace,Ē Makai firmly ended.


Others made similar observations and recalled how President Koroma campaigned to them with promises to set up an Inquest if he got elected as President of Sierra Leone only for him to renege on his promises.

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