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Last Updated: Sep 29th, 2011 - 17:31:57 
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Editorís Guild: Another of Schulenburg Superficial Nonsense!
By Citizensí Advocate
Sep 29, 2011, 17:16
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Dr. Sylvia Blyden is quite right about Mr. Michael von der Schulenburg the United Nations Secretary Generalís Executive Representative in Sierra Leone. Virtually everything he has been doing in this country has been superficial with no depths. Establishment of political tolerance is a joke. Increased awareness of womensí rights is a joke. Improvement of journalism is a joke. Schulenburg has commissioned glowing reports on how much he has achieved in these and other areas but when one digs just a little bit further, you see it is all superficial! No success! Nothing accomplished. A mirage.


Take the so-called Editorsí Guild and the former administration of the Independent Media Commission under Mrs. Bernadette Cole. Considering all the United Nations money poured into those two entities as well as into the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists(SLAJ), for the Sierra Leone media landscape to still be in such dismal shape is a shame to the U.N.ís man here! Peter Ngu Tayong has seriously let his principal benefactor down.


What makes it even sadder is the fact that despite all of Schulenburgís remote arm-twisting of things, the worst offenders are journalists he favours. The journalists Schulenburg holds up to the spotlight are persons with no pedigree to write of, who, in envious fits of wanting to be like their betters but knowing they lack both the genetic and moral fortitude to ever be like their betters, now thrive on attempting to sully their betters overtly and covertly.


Financier, editor and publisher of a key Schulenburg news ally, Global Times, is M.I.K. Baryoh, Sheikh Bawoh and Sorie Fofana respectively. They decided yesterday to treat their readership (on their page 2) to how well they were brought up, by going into the gutters where they rightfully belong, writing about whores and making sexual innuendoes not befitting a family read newspaper. Bawoh is one of the brains behind Schulenburgís U.N. Peacebuilding-funded Editorsí Guild and is also the elected Vice President of similarly funded SLAJ. He is intellectually very empty as was displayed up at Bo recently when he was called upon to deliver a paper on vices of corruption.


Frankly speaking, Bawoh is a disgrace to himself and to whoever brought him up. As for Sorie Fofana, he had already exhibited the kind of woman who mothered him a very long time ago. M.I.K. Baryoh was possibly raised from the gutters and does not know anything about morals which is why he tried to fleece this country by taking money to make blackboards for our schoolchildren and yet he failed them.


For Godís sake, how can you publish a family read newspaper filled with gutter and sewer materials against a woman whose only crime is practising noble journalism as against your own despicable version of journalism? Is that what you were taught in the gutters you low-life sewer rats and sons of God knows what kind of women?

M.I.K. Baryoh, Sorie Fofana and Sheikh Bawoh have gone into the gutters to strew out rudeness because they are angry that they were caught publishing outright LIES that a presidential bodyguard supposedly named Sergeant Sammie Bangura with police number 8470 was a suspect in alleged assassination of opposition candidate Maada Bio.


The Global Times report was so detailed that it would have been difficult not to believe it. They spoke of packed luggage and wife and kids all fleeing. It was all a farce! Nonsense, rubbish, manufactured trash timed to coincide with President Koromaís visit to America which they had preceded with another piece of Ďdiplomaticí garbage that President Koroma was going to be shunned and grilled by world leaders for alleged mishandling of violence in Sierra Leone.


In sharp contrast to their Ďdiplomaticí predictions, President Barack Obama, the greatest leader of the free world sent out a clear message that for him, of all the African Leaders right now, Ernest Bai Koroma is the one most fitted to seat right next to him at lunch Ė shoulder to shoulder! Not the president from Ghana or Botswana nor all the others but the president from Sierra Leone Ernest Bai Koroma was the man who was asked to sit right next to Americaís Obama as the whole world looked on!


Obviously the recent widespread praises heaped on Koroma for his matured handling of the Bo violence was totally not misplaced contrary to what the pro-Schulenburg Global Times Ďdiplomatic sourcesí wanted to misinform on!

Angry that their ruse to malign President Koroma had failed, Global Times then manufactured up their clearly seditious article in which they created a bodyguard out of thin air and gave him a police number. They even gave their creation the popular nickname of Bomb-Blast owned by one Hassan Bangura, one of the AFRC coup-plotters. It was all deliberately done because former AFRC coup-plotters are being given a second chance in life as bodyguards to President Koroma. So, alleging of a bodyguard nicknamed Bomb-Blast will be readily believed as AFRCís Leatherboot is around President Koroma. The article was not arbitrary in nature but was a deliberately crafted piece of malicious journalism!


However, the diligent journalists at Awareness Times carefully unravelled the lies using the finest tools of journalism possible. Awareness Times presented its case and the public was left in no doubt as to who is the true journalist and who is the gutter rat used to manufacturing up sewerage materials for their readers.

As a result of this anger at being exposed by true journalists, the Global Timesí morally loose low-life sewer rats have gone berserk and are now treating their readers to their usual dose of rudeness and low-class gutter lifestyle. They are displaying their non-existent pedigree which their mothers genetically handed down to them. These people thrive on publishing lies about decent people in this country.


Let me draw the attention of these sewer rats to Section 37 of the Public Order Act which makes it criminal for them to describe the late Honourable James Bambay Kamara with the nasty language they have been using against him. Section 37 says:

ďdefamatory matterĒ means any matter which if published of and concerning a person (deceased or alive) is likely to expose him to public hatred, contempt or ridiculeĒ.


A word to the wise is usually quite sufficient though gutter rats and sons from the sewers rarely understand words of wisdom until it bites them.


Meanwhile, one knows that birds of the same feather flock together and the affinity for Schulenburg and certain diplomats for these crude, gutter-based sewer rats speak volumes.

Many right thinking Sierra Leoneans are tired of Schulenburgís superficial-solutioned interventions in Sierra Leone including his Editorsí Guild which his favoured gutter rats like Sheikh Bawoh and Sorie Fofana are using as a platform to exhibit rudeness they mal-describe as journalism; to exhibit launching of maternal invectives and crude mammy-cuss they call journalism; to exhibit the forgery they daily perpetuate on the poor readers in this country under the title of Schulenburg-funded journalism. Remember how they forged that Wikileaks cable to give credence to Glenn Fedzerís rubbish? This is the kind of forged journalism Schulenburg and his fellow Ďdiplomatsí will readily hail. Low-life journalists brought up in the gutters by female sewer rats will not hesitate to forge and shamelessly try to defend their forgeries.

Lastly but most importantly, it is only sons raised by WHORES who will readily use the word ĎWHOREí against a woman they merely have difference of opinions with. Indeed, only SONS OF WHORES from the gutters and sewers. Mr. Schulenburg should take careful note of the unsavoury, sewer contents inside his created Editorsí Guild. They are rightfully meant for the gutters and not to enjoy United Nations funding. Mr. Schulenburg has been and continues to be a disgrace to the United Nations with the manner in which he allocates United Nations money here to those most undeserving of it and in the process coming up with superficial outcomes for all his much touted successes. Schulenburg has been busy boosting sewer rats from the gutters with U.N. peacebuilding funds; a sad commentary on him.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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