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Last Updated: Sep 29th, 2011 - 17:08:45 
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= An Advisory Opinion! = Trivialising the Pains of Relatives of NPRC Victims in Sierra Leone
By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Sep 29, 2011, 17:00
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First Published on September 8, 2011

I have read the attempt by our brother Mustapha Sesay to interpret what the Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC) stated about the killings of 29 Sierra Leonean citizens and I am quite disappointed at Mr.  Mustaphas attempt to openly distort and mislead the public about what the TRC Report stated concerning those killings.


I am now publicly challenging Mustapha to show us WHERE in the TRC Report it says, as far as those killings are concerned, we should let sleeping dogs lie and sweep those State-sanctioned murders under the carpet. I patiently await Mustapha.


Let me hasten to remind Mustapha that Bishop Humper was recently speaking only on behalf of himself and certainly not for all Commissioners of the TRC when he spoke against the holding of an Inquest into those deaths.


I find it inconsiderate for Mustapha to trivialise the pains of those who lost loved ones that night by waving off their pains as insignificant rather than understanding the real reasons why so many citizens are up in arms against a Julius Maada Bio presidency .


The truth is that people are afraid of what Maada Bio might do, or not do, if he is re-seated at State House; given what he did, or did not do, when he was the No. 3 man in the NPRC Junta.

The fears from a section of citizenry should not be misinterpreted as being borne of political witch-hunting. I thought so initially until I received some personal visitations from relatives of the deceased. Theyre scared.


These relatives are genuinely fearful of Maada Bio and have rejected his apologies and sympathies not out of hate but because they do not trust his sincerity.


SLPP Unity newspapers thoughtless publications against James Bambay Kamara only fuelled their lack of trust.


It is up to our brother Maada Bio to work to convince them that they have no reason to fear a resumption of extra-judicial killings should he become the President of Sierra Leone. So far, he is on the right track and as Valnora Edwin stated yesterday, his candidacy has been strengthened with his public apologies. He has shown us true strength of character by apologising to the relatives. HOWEVER, what should concern Maada Bio is the deafening silence from the relatives of those murdered that night. They are yet to come out and say We believe your explanation and we accept your apologies.


This silence is what should be concerning SLPP and Julius Maada Bio right now and not attempts by our brother Mustapha Sesay to trivialise the contents of the TRC Report with his load of junky interpretations and outright distortions of what TRC Report stated.


Ever since Maada Bio apologised last Saturday, not a single one of the families of those murdered that night has come out to say We accept your apology and we forgive NPRC. Not even one relative. This should worry SLPP and the Maada Campaigners.

I recommend to my brother Maada Bio that he has to reach out even more to convince the relatives who are the ones who really matter in this situation. Since he was appointed as Flagbearer, there has been a ceaseless stream of condemnations for him and other NPRC actors by the relatives of the deceased. His apologies do not seem to have stemmed the negative reactions towards him from the deceaseds relations.

This week alone, three sets of relatives of the deceased have approached Awareness Times to reiterate their Calls for an Inquest to be set up immediately. One family is currently very angry with me because I asked them to first produce identification in the form of photographs of them and the said deceased. I had to take my time to explain that the credibility of the newspaper makes it a must for me to ascertain anything I publish. However, I can tell the public today that tempers are running high amongst the relatives.


Maada Bio has to do more to convince the relatives that their pains are not being trivialised. Our brother Maada has to do more to convince his critics that if he becomes President, there will be no extra-judicial or secret State-sanctioned killings.


Articles full of distortions and outright lies like the Trivialising one by Mustapha Sesay only serve to infuriate than to appease.


Such insensitive articles are misguiding Maada Bio about the depths of the problems. In my honest opinion, such articles like Mustaphas should be condemned. Thank you very much.


In my opinion, the SLPP and its sympathisers should start to properly analyse the issues around the Bio candidacy for what they really are.


The SLPP should stop misleading itself that the call for an Inquest by relatives of those brutally killed by the NPRC, is borne of sheer hate for Bio or is simply borne of political witch-hunting tactics. It is not. It is borne of fear; deep-seated fear by a section of citizenry who do not trust they will be safe in a Maada Bio Presidency. This is where the SLPP and Maada Bio need to work to assure and re-assure and re-assure these sceptics that they have nothing to fear.


The SLPP needs to go back to the Drawing Board on this issue.

They can start by making a formal apology for the utter rubbish they published against the late James Bambay Kamara in their Unity Newspaper.

It is no wonder that the relatives are refusing to accept the apologies and sympathies from Julius Maada Bio because that SLPP newspaper article on former Police Inspector General Bambay Kamara was one of the most callous publications ever and I have read quite a few insensitive publications in my life-time. Below is an extract from the SLPP article as published in the SLPP Newspaper last month (August 2011). I most sincerely apologise in advance to the family of Bambay Kamara for reproducing it from the SLPP newspaper. Here it is:

Bambay Kamaras horrors against the people were horrible that they dwarfed apology and therefore, his end as it was, was the best.  The atrocities which he committed were such as to be imagined and perpetrated by demons, and not a human being.  His punishment was therefore, inflicted not only in the spirit of vengeance, but in a spirit of security in order that the example of punished crime may deter from repetition of the offences, as in order to assure the future  safety of our people and foreign residents.

Bambay Kamara was guilty of every crime which can degrade and debase human nature; a savage barbarian that ever disgraced a nation. To have spared the life of Bambay Kamara, it would have meant that the NPRC had abandoned the people to the barbarian, murderer, arsonist and his APC cohorts.

A criminal like Bambay Kamara deserved the treatment that was served him - that was revolting to the feelings of his wives and children - who benefited from the murderous exploits of their husband and father. The man was the lowest in the moral state among fellow Sierra Leoneans, and a degenerate.  He was notorious for feigned coup plots, murder and torture of presumed dissidents and the opposition members.  His entire period as IG was revolting to every human feeling, and without an example in the history of the country.


If the devil has a son, his name rightly is Bambay Kamara.  Bambay was the greatest brute that ever called himself by the undeserved name of a human being.  No idea therefore, of fairness and justice or compassion towards the infidel ought to have stood in the way of paramount interest of our national security.  Bambay Kamara, that scourge of Satan.  It was proper that he died and buried without a prelate to bless, and without a noble to adorn.  He lived by the sword and died by the sword.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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