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Last Updated: Jan 11th, 2012 - 17:09:57 
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The People have spoken in Sierra Leone: If it hurts so badly, go Butt a Cotton Tree
By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden (An Officer of the Order of the Rokel)
Jan 10, 2012, 23:23
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Information Minister Hon. I. B. Kargbo handing over the Award to the best newspaper in Sierra Leone, the AWARENESS TIMES

Above is the Honourable Minister of Information & Communications, Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo handing over the AWOL National Golden Jubilee Awards to the Publisher of AWOL's best of all the print media and newspapers in the Republic of Sierra Leone for the Year 2011, the Awareness Times. This means, until December 2012, Awareness Times will remain to be the Numero Uno and the First amongst the Pack in Sierra Leone's Print Media.

Further on this page are a series of other photos taken that night. The first photo down below is of Publisher Sylvia Blyden and AWOL Scribe, Ahmed Sahid Nasralla (aka De Monk) after the AWOL Celebrations of December 30th 2011. The Citation for Sylvia Blydens Awareness Times was written by the AWOL Awards Committee but primarily drafted by Nasralla who is the Secretary-General of AWOL. Nasralla is himself a multiple-award winner of awards in journalism and thus knows the pulse of awards in journalism.

Nasralla holds at least 5 National Awards for his work in journalism. As he told me on that day, he is very proud of my courageous work I do for Sierra Leone despite the needless insults. The people have spoken and the voice of the people is the voice of God. Awareness Times is definitely the most deserving newspaper for AWOL Awards of 2011.

Ahmed Sahid Nasralla and Sylvia Olayinka Blyden after the AWOL Awards Night

It appears a certain gutter news rag daily cited by jealous media experts like accused SLPP sympathiser and SLAJ President Umaru Fofana think they deserved the award for writing made-up sexual trash about which female journalist lost her suppose virginity to which opposition leader.

Confused and angry folks like Umaru Fofana do not need to make all that effort or pull strings with his BBC pals to prove he is a good journalist.

A good journalist is like cream. It will rise to the top on the shoulders of the local populace it serves.

Good Journalists enjoy the confidence of the people they serve. Enjoying lunch time with certain misinformed and misguided foreign diplomats does not a good journalist make. No Sir!

Good journalists are the ones at the Awareness Times who in Year 2011, single-handedly championed the cause of poor handicapped victims of police brutality at Grafton who were thrown into police cells whilst SLAJ President Umaru Fofana cheered on this illegal detention of children and handicapped people in a very shameless manner. These poor souls will live to remember as SLAJ President issued a press release against them whilst it was Awareness Times who brought their plight to the attention of the world.

An award-deserving journalist is one who can detect when a poor female politician is unfairly presented by a so-called good journalist headed Independent Panel and this good journalist can then effectively bring out the poor womans plight when everyone else had believed the unfair impugning of poor Zainab Mansaray by the Kelvin Lewis Panel. This is another of the numerous award-winning journalistic activities which Awareness Times did in 2011.

Good Journalists are the ones who stand up and defend their countrys honour when a trash journalist like Sorious Samura takes his brother-in-law to go and stage fake scenes on grasslands and call them deforested areas.

Good Journalists are the ones who can courageously stand up and correct the all-powerful international Al Jazeera media when it publishes malicious libel that it takes several weeks to register a company in Sierra Leone even when you bribe.

Good journalists are the ones who can investigate, detect and expose cut-and-paste montage deceit which was used to mislead that our Honourable Vice Presidents office was a market-place where dollars changed hands as entrance fee even as uniformed senior police officers watched.

Good journalists are the ones who can acclaim the Anti Corruption Commission for conducting a true STING operation which uncovered illegal timber export trade as against the staged nonsense which trash journalist Sorious Samura did; parroting out the work of other finer journalists to be his own.

National Coordinator of AWOL, DJ Boxx (Abubakar Conteh) & AWOL Vice Chairman Yabome Lansana join Dr. Blyden and Sahid Nasralla for the joyful moment. Dozens of others also did.

As Rachael Sieh Bangura hugs Sylvia Blyden, other AWOL members including current AWOL Chairman Anthony Navo (jnr.) all join in the merriment of congratulations

AWOL's Director of Finance Bilal Bangura poses with Sylvia Blyden

The list is endless of what makes an award-deserving journalist. If I continue to highlight the list we will know true journalists in this society as against the gutter pretenders who know nothing better than to promote trash and call it journalism.

Umaru Fofana regularly cites on his Facebook wall, any kind of negative trash from gutters which manufacture up fake police numbers of non-existent presidential guards and wrongfully malign about presidential assassination attempts on opposition candidate.

They might fool the internationally located readers but the local people know trash from good. They know who stands up to fight injustice in the society. Not ones who stage cheap scenes and air nonsense about their country to foreign media for paltry pounds sterling.

Despite repeatedly trying to force down peoples throats that the sky is black over Sylvia Blydens head, time has repeatedly ensured the wheat is separated from the chaff. Writing a thousand times that Sylvia Blyden is discredited does not make her so. From Kabala to Bonthe and from Kailahun to Waterloo and all over Freetown metropolis, Sylvia Blyden is highly credited by the ordinary people who are really the ones who matter.

H.E. President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, through the National Chancellery in 2007, saw through the wheat from the chaff and made me the youngest ever Sierra Leonean to receive an Officer of the Order of the Rokel National Award. (This was for my work in Journalism). The Old Man has been vindicated repeatedly. This time by AWOL amidst smiles of President Koroma Awareness Times was announced as the winner. Not only did he smile but when President Koroma was leaving the Hall, he stopped by my seat to shake my hand and to the hearing of all of those seated, he said, "Congratulations Sylvia, we are all proud of you". Yes, that was the Sierra Leone President speaking.

From all over the world, hundreds of people have followed President Koromas suite to congratulate me and my newspaper. The Congratulations we have received have been relentless and continue to be relentless. Famous veteran retired Sierra Leonean female journalist Violetta Luke-Decker was not feeling too well out there in London but she got up to ensure she posted hearty congratulations for us on Facebook wall. Rachel Horner of the younger generation of female journalists sent hearty congratulations from USA through Facebook.

Locally, from the Honourable Chief Justice to the octogenarian former Commissioner of Democracy George Coleridge-Taylor to the ordinary man on the streets all found time to contact me and my staff to say Congrats! I cannot list them all but thousands and thousands of Sierra Leoneans (no exaggeration) have expressed such pleasure with this newspaper. President Koroma was simply the first to say congratulations.

Sylvia Blyden flanked by Youngest Editor in West Africa Abdul Karim Fonti Kabia (left) and Head of Awareness Times Administration, Abu-Bakarr I. Kamara (extreme right). Dauda Koroma is next to Blyden's right.

Bampia Bundu joins in as Kids President Edmon Forna gets a hug from Sylvia Blyden

Let me ask of Standard Times letter which condemned H.E. President Koroma for smiling when the award was announced. Which event do you think made a more lasting impression on the President in last one year? My speedy correction of Global Times malicious report of a Presidential Bodyguard involved in assassination attempt on Maada Bio or my proactive steps to stem underwear insults thrown at me by the presidents media team as Bernadette Cole IMC sat silently? What of unsolicited defence of him when impugned US Embassy Cables sought to unfairly discredit him viz-a-viz Kemoh Sesay and the cocaine case investigations?

The People have spoken. The President has smiled. VOX POPULI VOX DEI. The Voice of the People is the Voice of God. I wonder if certain journalists know how much respect they are losing from Sierra Leoneans right now?

Lawrence Spencer-Coker (aka Bolo) calls for a Special Pose for Leonenetters and Facebook members to see how happy and proud he was of Sylvia Blyden's newspaper winning the AWOL Award

Jealous Goat BUTTS cotton tree in ANGER!!!!!
Anyway, if it hurts them so bad, they can go BUTT any nearby cotton tree to ease the pains in their jealous heads. Until December 2012, Awareness Times *IS* the Print Media voice of People of Sierra Leone according to AWOL. This is same AWOL who made some to be Media House of the Year in years past. They cannot now childishly throw tantrums to discredit AWOL for doing what it has been doing all along.

As a final word, I will like to publicly appeal to AWOLs upstanding and dynamic team to simply ignore snide comments of Kelvin Lewis or more comical lilliputians like Sorie Fofana, Sheik Bawoh and fellow accused Bio SLPP strategist, BBC Umaru Fofana. It is simply NOT worth it to reply. Carry on with your well documented positive developmental strides.

God Bless AWOL and God Bless us all.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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