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Last Updated: Jun 25th, 2012 - 15:22:26 
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NEWS : Politics  

SLPPís 'Baa Nya Fakee Visa' Scandal as Maada Bio Sneaks Back into Sierra Leone yesterday
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Jun 25, 2012, 12:18
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With shame and disgrace and in a further exhibition of how he has been conducting his travels since he was elected as flagbearer of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party, Julius Maada Bio virtually sneaked back into the country, reportedly at 4am in the morning of yesterday Sunday June 24th 2012. Reports prior are that Bio travels over land across the border to Guinea to travel in and out of the country.

Most of the time, he avoids the use of Lungi Airport for inexplicable reasons. This time, he reportedly used the airport but at 4am in the morning.


Bioís arrival and departure out of London has remained mysterious as no one has reported of any welcome or departure for him at any major London airport leaving speculations that he sneaked into London by road from France and using a passport with a different name on it. This rumour was reinforced by citing London newspapers calling him Julius Maada leaving out his Bio surname.

ďWhy all this cloak and dagger movements? A Presidential candidate travelling in secret is scary. Is it possible SLPP Flagbearer is travelling with a fake name and a fake passport?Ē asked a prominent Sierra Leone lawyer in California.


In Canada, Maada Bio was faced with serious embarrassment that saw him forced to cancel a hotel conference room meeting with Sierra Leoneans when placards carrying relatives of those he is accused of brutally killing, stormed the hotel. The Canadian Police had to be called in. Bio, is reported to have hidden in a private residence underground room (a basement) to hold a meeting with only 13 persons attending including two children.


Similar reports of secret plans for him to have quietly travelled into America by road like he is suspected to have done into London; this time using a remote bridge over a river from Canada instead of through Americaís main airports have also been awash in the international social media.

However, the most startling aspect of Bioís shady trips abroad which saw him and his fellow human rights abuser and fake Brigadier Sekouba Konate of Guinea addressing insignificant, small side-room audiences in Canada has been his inability to enter America despite his media handlers making a lot of noise and tales of Bio going to America this month. Maada Bioís most voluble propagandist GLOBAL TIMES published a screaming headline on May 22nd 2012 saying ĎMaada Bio Leaves for USA June 16í. It turned out it was a Baa Nya Fakee American Visa (i.e: A Fake American Visa). A sample of what a totally fake VISA looks like is on this page.

Out in America, even though it was a Baa Nya Fakee Visa, online news outlets operated by SLPP unprofessional like Sheku Kallon, published stunts in the form of publicity flyers and stories of Bioís arrival in America.

At this, concerned Sierra Leoneans, like Ambassador John Ernest Leigh in America, raised an alarm on the world wide web that President Obama's administration has granted an entry VISA to Julius Maada Bio, a known human rights abuser, in violation of the proclamation of Obama.


One of the most voluble propagandist of Bio, a Dr. P.K. Muana in Texas, responded thus: ďJohn Leigh, you know that you do not have sufficient clout in the USA to stop Brig Julius Maada Bio from entering, successfully touring, and meeting with major stakeholders in the USAĒ.


Continuing his claims, Muana confidently wrote of Maada Bioí meeting slated for around¬† June 28th (this week) in Houston, Texas.

ďTrust me - Julius Maada Bioís tour of the USA will be very very successful and we will be personally hosting him in Houston, Texas as part of his tour. I can guarantee you that not even a mouse will squeak against our President-in-waiting Julius Maada Bio in Houston Texas.Ē

Muana further boasted as follows: ďAmbassador, I will be personally inviting my friends, Okoroji Kargbo, OrBangs, Coleson, Yatta Sesay and other APC members in Houston to the Town Hall meeting with Julius Maada Bio and I will be sharing the pictures with you to show you that there will be zero protests and all total adulation for our President in Waiting, Maada BioĒ.

In response, former Ambassador Leigh who knows the corridors of the United States Government, did not say a single word. Little did Muana know his sarcastic comments inspired Sierra Leoneans to institute further steps which this writer will soon be reporting extensively on.

Those steps resulted in the U.S. Embassy in Freetown breaking all of their usual protocols to grant an exclusive interview to a London based news outlet that Bio does not have any visa to go to America. Since that time, the floodgates have been opened for Sierra Leoneans to subject the SLPP and Julius Maada Bio to mockery.

As a result of the ongoing mockery and to save face, sources indicate that youths are being fed an outlandish story that a sum of three hundred and fifty million leones (Le350,000,000) has been allocated for planning an elaborate welcome for Bio in Freetown this morning. Area youths of Freetown have been urged to Ďmobiliseí to come out and wear green today in Freetown.


All this is to help SLPP put on a brave face on a disorientating reality (i.e: TAKE DRY YAI COBER SHAME). Whether the hired youths (rent-a-crowd) will come out is another issue especially as reports reaching this paper late last night indicates the expected and announced Ďreceptioní at the SLPP Party Offices did not go on as planned last night because the youths complained that their promised monies did not reach them.

ďDr. Kadi Sesay, I.J. Kabbah, Aunty Memunatu Koroma, Tamba Sam, Kanja Sesay and Brima Keita have promised us transport and refreshments but no cash yet and until I see the cash, I am not moving an inch from my house,Ē said an SLPP youth from Central Freetown around 9pm last night.

This newspaper remains fully seized of this Baa Nya Fakee VISA issue. This developing story is not going to die out anytime soon. It will be most properly examined in different facets - in & out.

The Announcement Flyer publicising the ďDinner ReceptionĒ for Julius Maada Bio by SLPP North America. That Dinner was to have been held this Saturday past of June 23rd 2012 but oh dear, the ďKeynote SpeakerĒ and ďGuest of HonourĒ held a Baa Nya Fakee VISA issued only to human rights abusers like extra-judicial killers and Mammy Cuss Spokesmen owners

CLICK THIS LINK FOR US EMBASSY INTERVIEW STORY ENTITLED: Former Sierra Leone Junta Leader and Human Rights Abuser Julius Maada Bio has not been granted a visa to enter the United States of America

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