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Last Updated: Jul 20th, 2012 - 17:37:46 
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NEWS : Politics  

Maada Bio Launches More Personal Attacks on Sierra Leone President Koroma
By Mohamed Kamara
Jul 20, 2012, 17:14
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Julius Maada Bio, the presidential candidate of the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) has once again exhibited his irresistible urge to launch personal attacks at others especially at His Excellency President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma who is Bios main opponent for this Novembers presidential polls. It can be recalled that Mr. Bio and his SLPP have taken personal attacks to depraved gutter levels which are unprecedented in the entire political History of this country. Even independent journalists have not been spared the SLPP/Bio personal attacks spree.


Since he won the flagbearer position, Mr. Bio and his supporters have also been on a lying spree against President Koroma during which they have thrown everything and the kitchen sink at the unruffled, highly popular President. Upon a return from a recent overseas trip where America slammed the door in Bios face and British Governing officials refused to meet Bio, he was petty enough to even launch a personal attack on what he felt to be an imperfect accent of the President when pronouncing the word attitude.


For mocking the Presidents accent, Maada Bio actually received scorn from many sectors of the populace who believe that the Presidents accent had nothing to do with the relevant issues affecting the populace such as the laudable fight against corrupt acts like national passport sales or the admirable currently unprecedented level of freedoms and rights to civil liberties including human rights issues.

 His Excellency President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma

In a morning email sent around the world yesterday July 19th 2012, to various media about what Bio termed as his initial and evolving thoughts on reforming the University system in Sierra Leone, it was clearly revealed that with just 120 days to the elections, Mr. Bio is only now initiating his evolving thoughts on the educational system in the country.


PK, attached is a document that is a part of my general education policy initiative. Please go ahead and distribute accordingly. Regards, Maada, was inside the email written by Bio and forwarded to media houses by Dr. P.K. Muana, one of Bios top strategists.


When journalists opened the email attachment, they were greeted with another series of irrelevant personal attacks on President Koroma and members of the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC). Here is the opening paragraph of the document written by Mr. Bio and entitled as A New Direction for Higher Education in Sierra Leone: Reform and Growth:

While President Ernest Koroma has made big speeches, worn gowns and shaken hands with graduates, and reveled(sic) in being referred to as Doctor and chancellor...

It can be recalled that even Bios recent event at Kingtom in Freetown had been littered with personal attacks on his urbane and matured opponent, President Koroma. At that occasion, Mr. Bio had dared to say his numerous, negative personal traits should not be examined for voters to be educated about him. However, in the same speech where he said his personality was not the issue, he launched a series of false attacks on the person of President Koroma to the extent of even lying that the President did nothing when an SLPP defector made an unfortunate statement at his defection. The truth is that the President from the High Table, had instantly and in full view of the public, chastised the defector to swallow his unfortunate words. However, for Mr. Bio, he could not resist launching a personal attack on Koroma by lying thus:

We cant afford four more years of the same divisive politics, where people have resulted to labeling and insulting tribes in the presence of the President of Sierra Leone who said nothing.

The truth is that it is not President Koroma but Mr. Julius Maada Bio who is a highly tribalistic person. In his September 2003 testimony to the countrys Truth & Reconciliation Commission, Bio is quoted in the TRC Report to speak very ill of the Krio tribe to which his former boss and nemesis, Valentine Strasser, had belonged.


Meanwhile, he ended yesterdays attack-introduced piece by exposing just how ill-prepared him and his SLPP really are for governing Sierra Leone. With just seventeen weeks left to elections, here is what Mr. Bio has to say:

As I have indicated, these are evolving thoughts and I encourage academic leaders, faculty, students, citizens, and stakeholders to engage my policy team in conversations that will firm up these thoughts. Within the next couple of weeks, I will also share my vision for reforming primary and secondary education...

Many local journalists yesterday wondered aloud if Mr. Bio understands what evolving means. Indeed, with only 17 weeks left to elections, it is only now that Mr. Maada Bio is asking for help to firm up his evolving thoughts on how to govern Sierra Leones University educational sector. As for the primary and secondary educational sector, Sierra Leoneans are being told that those thoughts will only start to evolve in Bios mind within the next couple of weeks.

Also, it appears Mr. Bio is ignorant of the fact that there is another very important tertiary education sector other than the Universities; these are the technical and vocational sectors whose existence, Mr. Julius Maada Bio now clearly exhibits to be totally ignorant about despite the existence of the NCTVA for so many years now.


Despite such overt ignorance, this is a man who claims his ten weeks (Jan 17th 1996 March 29th 1996) forced stay as a junta boss of the State placed him in good stead to know what the country needs more than the incumbent yet his thoughts on the educational sector are still being initiated to evolve and he does not seem to know of technical and vocational tertiary education sectors.

The young Borbor is still evolving. Let him evolve. We are too focussed to pay attention to him. Cornelius Deveaux and Jarrah Kawusu-Konte are already handling him for us, said a very senior member of the APC National Executive last night.


Meanwhile famous Sierra Leone academic and key adviser to Bio tried to do some damage control by having the piece re-written, sanitised and re-emailed out. The Bio campaign then appealed to journalists to use the Abass Bundu version and not the original material written by Julius Maada Bio himself.


Is it Abass Bundu the academic who is running or Maada Bio the killer of pregnant woman? If Bio the killer does not have intellectual capacity to run for president, then Abass Bundu should have put himself up rather than shadow-candidating, retorted Madam Jane Lemuella Bamidele Coker-Wilson (nee Bankole Thompson) of Wilkinson Road in Freetown when she met the issue under discussion at STOP PRESS restaurant.

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