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Last Updated: Sep 28th, 2012 - 17:25:24 
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Borborí Kabba Hits Old Fio Edwards & IMC
By Sylvia Blyden
Sep 28, 2012, 17:10
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National Organising Secretary for News Vendors, Mr. John ĎYí is shown here as he proudly displays our paper yesterday.
One of the countryís finest and trustworthy Legal Practitioners, Sulaiman Kabba Koroma Esq. (aka BORBOR KABBA) yesterday September 27th 2012, scored a unique goal on a much older legal practitioner, the well-respected Crispin Fio Edwards.Lawyer Kabba-Koroma the night before had stayed at his Eddie Turay Chambers until past 11pm at night working on Affidavits, points of Law and preparing huge BUNDLES of legal papers to be filed yesterday morning on behalf of this newspaper, AWARENESS TIMES. The selfless lawyer waited until the Publisher crossed over from Lungi airport where she had just landed so we could commence work before morning.


Indeed come morning, we were all set except for a slight delay with mixing-up papers by the clerk photocopying at Post Office (who can blame him? We had a huge pile of submitted documents!) Anyway, by 11:30am, we were all set to march to court with our bundles and bundles of documents including 83 (eighty three) foul, vile, sexually explicit inuuendoes in pro-SLPP publications against SYLVIA BLYDEN; all of which the IMC had turned a blind eye to.


After sustained calumny of many months, the IMC decided to try to ďWAPĒ (hit at) AWARENESS TIMES at the slightest form of reaction to sustained calumny.Many believe they had been silently urging the perpetrators on in the hope that Awareness Times will one day react in like manner so the IMC could ĎWAPí.


Before BORBOR KABBA got to the Courts, the much older (OLD PAPA) Crispin Fio Edwards Esq., the legal retainer for the IMC had been bluffing loudly as he threatened one of our young court reporters, Dauda Koroma, along the court corridors that the IMC planned to drag me to court for an injunction and teach me a lesson for defiantly ignoring their so-called suspension and blah blah blah and blah blah blah...


But oh dear! The OLD PAPA was too slow for the ĎBORBORí as by the time they knew what hit them at the IMC, we had court bailiffs interrupting their so-called IMC ĎBoardí Meeting around 4pm with a service of an Ex-Parte ORDER from Hon. Justice Abdulai Charm telling them to just STAY their action until the High Court looked into the following questions/reliefs sought in the matter of MISC. APPLICATION 319/12 brought by AWARENESS TIMES (Plaintiff) against the INDEPENDENT MEDIA COMMISSION (Defendant) yesterday September 26th 2012:


1.) Whether the defendant (IMC) in reaching the decision dated 26th September 2012 followed the provisions of the Independent Media Commission Act No. 12 of 2000 and the Independent Media Commission Media Code of Practice.

2.) That if the Answer to the question 1 is in the negative then the Honourable Court gives an Order setting aside the decision of the Board of the Defendant dated 26th day of September 2012 against the Plaintiff.

3.) Alternatively, whether the punishment stated in the Letter dated 26th September 2012 is commensurate to the offence, if any, considering the surrounding circumstances of the case.

4.) That if the Answer to the question 3 is in the negative then the Honourable Court gives an Alternative Order as it deems fit and just.

5.) Alternatively that the Honourable Court sets aside the decision of the Board of the Defendant dated 26th September 2012 as it violates the principles of natural justice audi alterem partem.

6.) That the Honourable Court grants a Stay of Execution of the Decision of the Board of the Defendant dated 26th Sept. and all subsequent proceedings thereunder pending the hearing and determination of this action.

7.) That the Court gives any further or other Order the Honourable Court deems fit and just.

8.) That the cost of this application be borne by the defendant.


Accompanying the ORIGINATING SUMMONS were affidavits sworn to and other pertinent documents such as Aruna Turayís polite, handwritten letter explaining he was suffering from diarrhoea and could not make it to the IMC where he had been invited on an emergency basis with less than 24 hours Notice.


I am reliably informed that the IMC bullies (yes, that is what they are! BULLIES going over the radios and TVs to further bully their victim of neglect) were stunned beyond all measure when they received their BUNDLE of papers from the Court all neatly bound up.They had spent the whole day going over radios and TV programme to attack me viciously and to threaten hellfire and brimstones. I understand Old Papa Fio had been telling the IMC he would file papers against me at High Court by Friday. (SMILE) Borbor Kabbah beat the Old Papa Lawyer... All hail Borbor Kabbah!


Well, we at Awareness Times cannot wait for the matter to start hopefully on October 4th 2012 so the IMC can come and defend in OPEN COURT how they arrived at the decision to ďsuspendĒ AWARENESS TIMES.


Did the IMC follow the laid down procedure as clearly laid out in the IMC Act? It will be interesting to hear them as they are grilled by my team of lawyers on THE IMC LAWS as enacted by Sierra Leone Parliament and the manner in which a newspaper should be suspended. J Indeed all hail Sulaiman ĎBorborí Kabbah and his team of young lawyers namely A.S. Sesay Esq.,B. Koroma Esq. and R.A. Nylander Esq.


Meanwhile, some of the usual suspects within the Sierra Leone Association Journalist (SLAJ) and its arrogant President who can barely grasp real issues of governance, were at it again. Can you imagine they called an Emergency Meeting to propose for Sylvia Blyden to be expelled from SLAJ for not acceding to what we believe to be the IMCís clearly illegal suspension? Editor of GLOBAL TIMES unfortunately has been chocked into the enviable position of Vice-President of SLAJ (a position he is dwarfed by). That was the position he was using to try to force his nonsense upon the attendees of the rush-up meeting.


The usual PA.O.PA suspects within the Umaru Fofana led SLAJ found it hard to convince some of the more sober-minded journalists that Sylvia Blyden should be expelled (can you imagine??? They want to EXPEL in fear of my prowess and their lukewarm ones).


Whatever be the case, the PA.O.PA faction of SLAJ have too speedily shown their hand and they will no longer be taken seriously as respected independent journalists with no ulterior motives.



And can someone please help me tell Mr. Michael Schulenburg that he is NEVER coming back to Sierra Leone as ERSG so him and his PA.O.PA clique he had created should please leave Naasu Fofana alone. Can the SLAJ hooligans stop hounding her  now? How can Naasu even be remotely responsible for the downfall of Schulenburg? What about all the other much senior UN staff whom he hounded like the Indian born Chief of Security? W­hat about all the decent citizens of this country whom Schulenburg had serially disrespected whilst he raised up a killer, a liar, a thief and a con-man as an excellent epitome of mankind?


Mr. Schulenburg can manipulate as much as he wants from out there but rest assured that this is our country and not yours.

Yes, take note that I am proud to say it is MY country. I hope Schulenburg and his allies will not give me cause to remember that horrible man any time again soon. Stop mentioning his name in your dispatches or using him to threaten good people. That horrible disastrous so-called diplomat is now gone for good from our midst. Why keep on naming the bogeyman to frighten us? Except if to remind us of those years gone by.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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