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Last Updated: Oct 5th, 2012 - 19:39:17 
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NEWS : Politics  

SLPP Hon. Robin Fallay Crosses to APC with his Segbwema Supporters
By Augustine Samba (reporting from Segbwema)
Oct 5, 2012, 17:19
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Segbwema, Friday September 28 2012: To the surprise of many political analysts and several Sierra Leonean citizens, one of the prominent strongholds of the main opposition Sierra Leone People Party (SLPP), Constituency 07 of Njaluahun Chiefdom Kailahun District has on Thursday September 27th 2012, transformed from green to red as thousands of residents fought to wear APC T. Shirt.


Segbwema, the Chiefdom Headquarters town is the home town of the SLPP Chairman and where the leader of the APC, President  Koroma campaign convey was forced to beat a retreat in 2007 abandoning a proposed tour of Kailahun.


Hon, Robin Fallay, who represented the constituency under the SLPP in 2007 upto the closure of parliament on 25th September 2012 is the architect of the political cross carpeting. The MP claimed to have been abandoned by SLPP while he was in jail and that the allegation that brought the case against him was masterminded by the SLPP to kick him out of the race for party symbol.


The jam-packed Njaluahun Court Barray in Segbwema


At a ceremony organized at the Segbwema Court Barray, hundreds and hundreds of SLPP members who believed in the ideology of Hon. Robin joined him and willingly declared for the APC. The declaration ceremony attracted prominent APC members including the Minister of Information and Communication I.B. Kargbo, the APC National Campaign Coordinator for 2012 Balogun Koroma, the Resident Minister East W.J. Smith, Former SLPP District Chairman for Kailahun District Council, Mr. Augustine Kortu who is also now running under an APC symbol, Madam Arabella Foray, Mr. Maya Kaikai, Deputy Minister of State for Political Affairs, Chief Benson Suwu, Major Sengu Koroma, Chief Moijue Gbetuwa and other traditional rulers.


The Chairman of the ceremony, Mr. William Juana Smith, said the turnout of residents show that the president and the entire APC are no longer strangers in Kailahun and specifically Njaluahun Chiefdom which is the gateway to the district. He informed that the people of that area in 2007 rejected President Koroma because they never knew him but now with the remarkable developments he has brought to the land, many opposition strongholds are becoming friendly with him.


He went on to say that when Hon. Fallay was in jail, he usually went there to visit him not for him to join the APC but sympathized with him for the latter as a responsible citizen and also a representative of the people of prominent chiefdom.


Hon. Robin Faley doing a symbolic request of his people as to whether he should go to APC and leave SLPP


The mostly youthful crowd roars back OSAI OWAI - Go APC!!


The High Table inside Njaluahun Chiefdom was full of APC Kingpins who were smiling like cats who got the best cream that day


All the Section Chiefs of Njaluahun Chiefdom spoke at the occasion.


Chief Paul A. L. Gbetuwa of Sei Section said he has been a strong member of the SLPP, but henceforth he was APC and will never again join the SLPP because of their ingratitude and selfishness. According to him the whole forgery case that was brought against Hon. Robin Fallay was a plot set up by the SLPP to get rid of Faley.


Gboo Section Chief, Chief Buakei Sababu asserted that APC was now in full control of Constituency 07.  He maintained that the party tentacles have spread beyond any other in that area. He said as one of the oldest and experienced section chiefs for over 40 years now, he can assure that they have resolved that they will never betray any of their kinsmen and especially not someone like Hon Fally whom he said has always manifested love through kindness and developments since he was elected as MP. He said, unlike SLPP, he has now seen that the APC will never close the door at their members even in difficult times. He appealed to all the youth, women and the aged to follow Hon Faley to the APC and bring more developments to Njaluahun. Today and throughout my life time I have given my loyalty to the APC he concluded.


Chief Mohamed Musa of Keiya Section said they will follow Hon. Robin wherever he goes and will ever remain loyal to him. he loves us and we will be grateful to him he disclosed.


Borbowahun Section Chief Foday Bayoh aka CO Foday a retired Kamajor said, since the APC came to power Segbwema has developed more than before. He disclosed that, he joined the SLPP in 1967 but has decided to leave the party for the betraying attitude and neglect especially to the late Hinga Norma and now the same to Hon Robin Faley. He used the opportunity to appeal to all youth to vote for Robin and the APC in the forthcoming elections as the APC represents the epitome of development.


Chief Vandi Sagoa of Da sei Section said  Hon. Faley has already won the battle as according to him the APC is always synonymous with development and not promises and thanks. He swore as a former member of the CDF that Njaluahun was now an APC area. He said all citizens of that area especially his section were now APC. The completion of the central mosque, the renovation of the Nixon Memorial Hospital, the construction of the Kenema/ Pendembu Highway, the scholarships and kind services rendered by Hon. Robin are all passports for APC to take control of the hearts of Constituency 07 he disclosed adding that they were not blind to all those projects. He finally assured the APC of having several parliamentary seats in the Kailahun District.


Fallay Section Chief Kamo Samai Nairo said since the MP was elected in 2007 he has implemented several development projects and lobbied government to improve that chiefdom. He said the MP always toured the constituency, collects project proposals and approved them making sure they got funding from the right channels.


Chief Feika of Lower Nyawa Section who now doubles as chairman of APC support Group for the Constituency said they used to hide somewhere to talk about the APC but they will never again as their number has now grown more than any other party including SLPP. He said the APC was a grassroot party like Hon. Fallay and therefore the road was now clear for the APC in that part of the country. He appealed to all the youths to unite, vote for Faley to ensure they send a message against the kind of ungratefulness and neglect manifested by the SLPP towards others.


Chief Momoh of Gaoyai Section, himself also a former Kamajor, said SLPP was always in the habit of sell game and Betrayal but they were going to put a stop to such this time with a strong message at the ballot box. He informed that they all know that former President Kabbah should have been jailed by Special Court instead of Hinga Norma according to him as he claimed it was Pa Kabba who gave them guns to fight and not Hinga Norman.


Basically, all the twelve sections chiefs of Njaluahun Chiefdom boldly and willingly declared for APC and promised to vote for Hon. Robin aka Ronadhino and President Koroma aka World Best.


Meanwhile, Regent Chief of Kpeje Gbongre Chiefdom, Abdulai Sheriff who also doubles as APC Constituency Chairman for  Njalauhun said politics is meant for those who exist and they should always enjoy the benefits whilst they were alive and not survive on promises until they die.  He therefore appealed to all in that area to vote for Hon. Robin and the APC if they believe in developments.


Maya Kaikai, proprietor of the best hotel in Eastern Province, the Luawa Resort said it was timely for the people of Kailahun to know that most of their prominent people have always been marginalized by the SLPP. He named his elder brother, Prof. Septimus Kaikai as an example of such neglect. He also named the current Deputy Education Minister Alhaji Nyalay and finally, Hon Robin Faley. He said President Koroma is the best ever president Sierra Leone has ever had in history and the people of Segbwema should show him gratitude for his services by voting APC at the ballot box.


Maya Kaikai went on to say, what happened to Hon. Faley with his court case, was pre-planned by the SLPP to get rid of Hon. Faley.


Arabella  Foray a prominent APC woman and native of the South-East said the spectacular welcome is a clear manifestation that the APC has made in-roads into Kailahun. She said APC will forever remain strong in Kailahun.


The Campaign Coordinator for 2012 Leonard Balogun Koroma, said, he was surprised to see the native home of the SLPP Chairman, former President Kabbah, Dr. Banya and other SLPP Stalwarts all painted in red. He said a political tsunami is knocking the SLPP down again as a sign. He recalled of how a similar sign in 2007 occured when Hon. Augustine Torto of Kono joined the APC willingly at the closure of parliament just as Hon. Faley has now done similarly on the last day of Parliament on September 25th 2012; less than two months to the general elections. He said it was also a surprise to him seeing youths fighting to own APC T-shirts.


Chief Benson Suwu, Deputy Minister of Political Affairs said APC does not discriminate between newcomers and old members as long as one was genuine to the cause. APC has no stranger he said adding that the people of Njaluahun along side with Hon. Robin Faley will soon enjoy equal opportunities alongside any other APC party member.


Hon. IB Kargbo said, they were not in Segbwema to campaign but to receive those who have willingly decided to join the APC. He said all those who are leaving the SLPP do it on their own volition. He named Ambassador John Leigh, Alhaji Usman Boie, Major Sengu Koroma, Hon. Robin Fallay and his supporters who were all now joining the APC because of the good work of President Koroma. He said all those who are leaving the SLPP did not ask for special favour.


Hon. I.B. Kargbo said Hon Robin Fallay has been in difficult terrain in the SLPP for the past five years but henceforth he will see the brighter aspect of life in the APC. He said the APC will soon continue to lavish more developments in that area for their genuine love of the party.


At the end of the event, Hon. Robin Faley was carried sky high out of the Njaluahun Court Barray to his house


The crowd danced with Hon. Faley all around the town. Shown here is Robin Faley carried sky high with the beautiful Town Mosque in the background. The mosque which had been unfinished for some 30 years, was completed through the largesse of President Ernest Koroma.


In his statement Hon. Robin Fallay informed that he joined politics for the love he had for his people and used to sacrifice for them in parliament. He disclosed that all the decisions he used to take in parliament were done in consultation with the youth, women elders and the pupils and students of Njaluahun.


Faley said unlike other pauper politician who do not have enough and always depend on politics he had assets and money in London and houses in Sierra Leone before he became MP so he was not a beggar when he went into the SLPP. He said he was one of the well-to-do Kailahun Sierra Leoneans based in England but left to come and protect his peoples interests in Parliament.


Robin Faley disclosed that before coming to Sierra Leone when he declared his intension to his wife and mother, both ascertained that the SLPP will betray him one day. He said since his days in London, he was a member of Tony Blair party and in Sierra Leone the SLPP.  He said, he was constrained in SLPP because of his cultural, youth, and developmental oriented mindset.


Faley lamented that the most bitter neglect and wickedness of the SLPP manifested to him was when he lost his mother. The party behave to him as if he was a stranger in their midst.


He said the party first started marginalizing him when he joined the Government Ministry of Health to monitor health facilities in Kailahun District as a member of the Health Committee in Parliament. He disclosed that as someone who thought as an MP he was doing an oversight function he got so much threats from the SLPP for working with the Government Ministry.


He said what really worsened his grievances, was that his own party members ignored him in cell and jail and never care about the matter in court. According to him as the matter continued, he consulted all his constituents and they all agreed that he should not remain in the SLPP.


Hon Fallay who finally said in joy that he was now APC expressed happiness and promised to defeat the SLPP with a landslide victory in the upcoming elections. The youths all roared their support for him.


The ceremony was climaxed by the award to Faley, of an APC symbol for 2102 elections by the APC Campaign Coordinator. Hon. Robin was then carried sky high by hundreds of supporters who spectacularly marched him from the Njaluahun Court Barray to his house in the chiefdom.

Hundreds of his supporters are shown climbing the Hill leading back to the residence of Robin Faley

John Oponjo Benjamin Boasts: APC & Robin Faley will never win in Segbwema

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