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Last Updated: Oct 12th, 2012 - 17:40:47 
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NEWS : Politics  

Sierra Leone Ruling Party turns Entire Country Bright RED
By Sylvia O. Blyden
Oct 12, 2012, 17:16
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Awareness Times can authoritatively reveal that the entire streets of all the district headquarter towns as well as the capital city of Freetown in the Republic of Sierra Leone was turned a bright red colour during yesterdays epoch-making Nomination Day for the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) presidential and parliamentary candidates. Red is the colour of the APC and the partys supporters ensured they painted the entire country a bright red with red garments and paraphernalia they sported. This photo shows part of Freetown crowd.


At considerable cost, this newspaper dispatched capable independent journalists all over the country to cover the nomination processes for district MPs.

APC supporters on Abacha Street.


In Kailahun town, Augustine Samba reports of a fantastic red crowd of a kind he says he has never before seen in Kailahun. According to Samba, though many people could not make it passed Pendembu town because of the bad roads, the turnout of APC supporters which eventually made it into Luawa chiefdom was unprecedented. They laced Kailahun town with bright red colours from the entrance of the town.


What is also of interest is that Awareness Times has now learnt that Sierra Leoneans have traveled from London and America to campaign for one Lamin Vonjo Ngobeh to win the Kailahun Constituency 01 seat under the APC symbol. This, whilst previously seeming to be an impossibility going by the rich opposition history of that area, suddenly appears as a possibility going by the massive crowd of Lamin Vonjo Ngobehs supporters who came out in force yesterday to support his nomination. The Diaspora Sierra Leoneans tell this paper that they plan to be based inside Luawa campaigning strongly for Vonjo until November 17th 2012. Robin Faley and one Francis Kutubu entered Kailahun with over three hundred supporters from their aspiring Constituencies 07 (Segbwema) and 06 (Daru) respectively.


Ernest Koroma and VP Sam-Sumana (aka World and European Bests) in deep smiles as they enter NEC's HQ


Up North inside Kabala town for the Koinadugu MPs nominations, our correspondent Desmond Crowther, simply remarks, It is finished. The game is over. Let the SLPP throw the towel in. Kabala was red, red, red, red, red today. I have never seen a nomination day like this before. The crowds were unbelievable. All the major tribes living in Koinadugu were out in full force with their traditional masquerades to support the APC. All of them. Korankos, Fulas, Madingos, Susus, Limbas, etc. etc. were all out in massive support for the APC. No chance for SLPP in Koinadugu this year.


In Kono, Edward Tamba Fasuluku reports that the slogan is KONOMOKE for Sam-Sumana; SLPP na cold soup. It is pertinent to note that Fasuluku has been traveling all over Kono district on a fact finding mission for some time now on a motor-bike.  He confidently reports that having toured the district, he is predicting the APC will take over most of the votes of Kono women and the youths. There is no way the SLPP can win a single parliamentary seat in Kono Fasuluku insists.


President Koroma and his abled VP entering NEC compound.


In Kenema, Musa Paul Lamin says thousands of people from all over Kenema have flooded Hangha road in bright red. The nomination itself went on peacefully and concluded speedily. By 1pm, it was over and dancing took over the town by APC supporters led by Honourable Musa Tarawally, the Minister of Internal Affairs.


In Pujehun, Mustapha Saffa-Amara says the town was just too nice today for APC supporters. Peaceful and bright red with joy all over. Trust me that the SLPP has panicked right now especially as the SLPP Hon. Aloysious Massaquoi of Constituency 89 has yesterday publicly called on all his SLPP supporters to vote for APC in November because he says the SLPP removed the symbol from him out of spite and given it to a Maada Bio supporter instead. All of his supporters publicly removed green T-shirts today and danced with red APC t-shirts. I can say that SLPP has panicked the crowd they saw today in Pujehun.


President Koroma and Vice President Samsumana marching out of NEC compound.


In Bo City, Mohamed Brima reported that From what I saw with my eyes today, APC will pull some surprises in this town and district. No joke. It is not like 2007 elections. The APC might not win any parliamentary seats but there will be a lot and lot of votes for President Koroma from Bo district.


It is the same kind of reports from all over; Moyamba, Kambia, Tonkolili, Bombali, Port Loko and even Bonthe district, the home of the main opposition SLPP presidential candidate, all turned bright red yesterday as ruling APC supporters took to the streets.

President Koroma addressing supporters from State House verandah after he changes from the formal presidential suit and tie to the campaign gear


Awareness Times has learnt that President Koroma has been quietly creating a very formidable campaign team over the past few weeks. Whilst Balogun Koroma continues to manage the overall national campaign, a special select group of the Presidents key political allies numbering about fifteen have been formed into a Presidential Campaign group headed by Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray,Minister of Mines.


Meanwhile, the President personally hired lawyers whom he sent to every single district yesterday to take care of any legal issues that might come up during the nomination process of APC parliamentarians. The hired lawyers, though many of them are non-partisan, were seen to be very dedicated to their retained duties. So much so that one of them, James Funna-Sesay Esq., actually spent his birthday yesterday up in Koinadugu as the APCs hired legal representative covering that districts nomination process. In Freetown, Sulaiman Kabba Koroma Esq. was one of those hired by the President to handle the legal aspects of the Freetown nomination of MPs and the President. However, all the nominations went about without a single legal hitch.


Cross-section of the jam-packed PZ Roundabout.


Indeed, all over Sierra Leone yesterday, the nomination crowds were peaceful. A joint police and military security deployment proved to be on top of things as far as keeping the peace during the mammoth sized crowds which turned out especially in Freetown. The entire country was covered in a joyful wave of red sea. The day itself had started on a clean and pristine note as heavy showers the night before had washed the streets of the cities and towns quite clean. The rains were described as Showers of Blessings. A prominent APC supporter remarked on the Internet that, this is what happens when showers of blessings pour down on a day with a memorable date of 10-11-12 (October 11th 2012).


NB: It has been expensive for this independent newspaper to send out motorbikes, vehicles and personnel all over the country but we need to report with clarity & authority. This is what makes this newspaper to be highly trusted; the highest selling newspaper with the widest possible circulation in Sierra Leone. Elected as the AWOL AWARD-WINNING NEWSPAPER OF YEAR 2011.

President's convoy sandwiched in a sea of RED


Presidents vehicle sandwiched along Wilberforce Street by PZ Roundabout. EVERYWHERE IS RED!


World Best posing as if he is taking a successive throw on the football field


European Best, VP Samsumana waving to his supporters.


First Lady, Mrs. Sia Koroma mobbed by APC supporters along PZ Roundabout


President Koroma happily waving with his two hands to staff of Awareness Times on our Office verandah.


Biased and Notorious Reuters journalist, SIMON AKAM is bewildered and dissappointed to see such a mammoth crowd dancing for President Koroma. Now he knows his newsworthiness is worthless.


Yes, Simon Akam of REUTERS does look confused. Doesn't he? He has been busy propagating the UTTER RUBBISH he was fed by SLPP journalists and the disgraced Micheal Schulenburg that Maada Bio was 'popular' amongst youths of Freetown. On Ernest Koroma Nomination Day, he saw youths upon youths upon youths and he is confused. De boy sorry ehn? Well, ee go learn! :-) ;-)

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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