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Last Updated: Oct 17th, 2012 - 19:49:33 
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Kelvin Lewis & UN-Funded white elephant in Sierra Leone
By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden [ Officer of the Order of the Rokel ]
Oct 17, 2012, 17:10
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Some of the biggest problems facing Sierra Leone as we enter the November 2012 elections are the disastrous legacies of disgraced erstwhile Executive Representative of the UN Secretary-General, Mr. Michael Schulenburg. Using strange diplomatic methods, Schulenburg created several non-functional white elephants with United Nations funds. He turned a blind eye to the glaring failures of these white elephants of his; all the time filing lofty reports of their success to New York.

One such white elephant is the so-called GUILD OF EDITORS, a useless, money-chopping entity chaired by one Kelvin Lewis, editor of Awoko newspaper. Lewis, a student of Njala Agriculture College (not journalism) will be quick to tell about how his journalism profession has been invaded by, for example, medical doctors. See the irony?


Indeed Kelvin Lewis is a royal idiot in many ways. He idiotically forgets he did not study journalism in college just like how his peggy the President of Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) Mr. Umaru Fofana studied NOT journalism but something like Greek & Roman History with a BA general degree.Idiotically, they like to speak of journalism as if they graduated from London School of Journalism! Bogusity at the height of Idiocy!


As SLAJ has gone to the dogs and can no longer boast of any credible leg upon which to stand as an independent arbiter in the current elections atmosphere, Kelvin Lewis, another closet PA.O.PA opposition journalist has this week reared his idiotic head with what he calls a Press Release. We published it yesterday as a prelude to this article today.


Obviously, Lewis wants to enter the same morass which has drowned Umaru Fofanas leadership of SLAJ. I will gladly oblige and help him along the way to the destination he seems to desire.


Imagine these GUILD OF EDITORS in persons of James Williams (Jay Willie) and Kelvin Lewis, two weekends ago, called on the new ERSG to interfere in this newspapers matter with the Independent Media Commission currently on at the judiciary. (The matter was adjourned again yesterday October 16th 2012 for another ruling on a legal point).


Lewis and Williams wanted the new ERSG to speak to the President on the matter ongoing at the courts! Can you imagine?


According to sources present at the meeting, the visibly shocked ERSG was stunned at their request for him to interfere in the matter of Awareness Times vs. IMC. The refined diplomat lectured these so-called journalists on what they should have known about where his diplomatic powers stopped and also about the sanctity of the Judiciary and the Presidency.


It looks like this new ERSG has his head firmly screwed on unlike his predecessor Schulenburg who had subjected himself to being malleable by the opposition. So far, in my opinion, the new ERSG is proving to be a real diplomat which is why Umaru Fofana recently attacked the poor man for not publicly speaking on the Nomination Fees.


Umaru Fofana attacked the new ERSG because Fofana does not know what diplomacy is all about. Poor chap! Umaru likes to pretend he knows a lot but he is pretty empty and vacuous on a lot of issues. He once complained the Judiciary to the National Ombudsman! No joke! That is the man entrusted with the task of leading the countrys journalists as elections loom.


The U.N. should try to do a survey amongst the influential journalists in the country to know whats up! What is the use spending all that money on journalism which excludes the truly influential voices in the countrys journalism landscape? There are journalists whom the ordinary majority of Sierra Leoneans swear by and can be moved by. Kelvin Lewis is NOT one of them and neither is Jay Willie.


Schulenburg really messed up this country. Listening to the GUILD OF EDITORS exhibit their ignorance of basic civilised tenets of democracy, the new ERSG must have seen through the horrible legacies left in the wake of Michael Schulenburg, the worst diplomat ever sent to this country.


Let me expound some more on what happened between GUILD OF EDITORS and the ERSG. Imagine, Kelvin Lewis in his sheer state of idiocy alongside his sidekick James Williams (Jay Willie) telling the new ERSG that the GUILD OF EDITORS does not encourage all kinds of editors to be members of the Guild even if those all kinds of editors were recognised by the Independent Media Commission (IMC).


You see, Kelvin Lewis guild has collected whopping sums of monies from U.N. Peacebuilding funds to run a select club of self-described good editors (the ones who publish mammy cuss expletives). They are supposed to use the money they have been chopping to conduct peer review of ALL editorial publications in IMC registered mediums.


However, they are far from doing anything like that. The same Kelvin Lewis who is calling for respect for the statutorily created IMC is kicking IMC in the teeth by saying some of the editors legitimised by the IMC are of no worth to be inside GUILD OF EDITORS along with him! He deludes himself he is too good for that and actually stated that to the ERSG!! No joke!


So, who is more disrespectful of the IMC? The ones who are calling out the IMC for its perpetual state of uselessness in regulating the media or Kelvin Lewis who is busy chopping U.N. money for editor peer review from which are deliberately excluded the highly influential IMC-legitimised editors?


By telling the ERSG that he is too good to associate with his colleague editors legally recognised by IMC, is Kelvin Lewis not trying to say that the IMC is just too useless for his comfort by legitimising his inferiors?

If the IMC is not useless in the eyes of Kelvin Lewis, why else will Kelivin Lewis turn up his nose at other editors and tell the ERSG that him (and his Njala College Agriculture degree) will never allow those colleagues to be members of his useless white elephant he calls GUILD OF EDITORS?


Is the money being dished out for GUILD OF EDITORS taken from the bank accounts of the parents of Kelvin Lewis or from the UN? Na you papa in money? Food for thought!


No wonder the ERSG is now said to be wary of whatever Kelvin Lewis, Jay Willie and the other teamsters calling themselves GUILD OF EDITORS tell him. Many within the UN family have clearly seen GUILD OF EDITORS is only for a handful of Schulenburgs editor friends.


Similarly, if anyone thinks SLAJ still commands the respect it used to have amongst journalists in the country or is speaking on behalf of journalists in the country, good luck in your dreams! Umaru has lost his moral standing to speak on behalf of many journalists who now see him as an opposition partisan.


If Kelvin Lewis knows what is best for him, let him continue to quietly chop United Nations money in the name of his failed white elephant he calls GUILD OF EDITORS and stay clear of matters concerning legitimate concerns currently being looked into at the Judiciary.


If the IMC is useless, no-one will tamper with anyones constitutional right to freedom of expressing a correct description of the IMC: i.e: USELESS! Afterall, even Kelvin Lewis agrees with me that the IMC is useless so he will not associate with editors the IMC has legitimised. A word to the wise...

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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