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Last Updated: Nov 6th, 2012 - 16:44:09 
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When Malicious & Wicked PropaganDa Boomerangs: The Sad Case of SLPP's Wild Claim of "Murder of SLPP Supporters in Bombali"
By Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Nov 6, 2012, 17:17
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Is the main Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) now sunk so low that they can refuse to correct a piece of false information they are promoting against President Koroma? All over the country yesterday, the SLPP had been alleging that three of their supporters had been "murdered" whilst campaigning in President Koroma's home district of Bombali.


An unfortunate accident happened very late on the night of Sunday November 5th 2012 during which a black jeep rammed into a group of SLPP supporters at Makump village in Bombali.


The SLPP supporters had been waiting for the arrival of Julius Maada Bio, SLPP's presidential candidate. Sunday was the SLPP's day to campaign in Bombali and Bio had been touring the entire district. SLPP supporters, in a happy and dancing mood where waiting for him to get there when a black jeep appeared from nowhere and drove into the crowd, killing SLPP supporters and injuring many - some very critically.


A total of 23 people were run down by the jeep. 2 males died. One instantly on the spot and the other on way for hospital care. 17 are currently admitted at Makeni Govt hospital. Three SLPP supporters with critical life-threatening fractures have been brought down for Intensive Care in Freetown.


The driver of the black jeep escaped from the chaotic scene but the vehicle was comprehensively damaged by the angry SLPP gathering which had been waiting for Maada Bio to address them at 10:30pm.




Bombali is the home district of the President of Sierra Leone whose position, Mr. Maada Bio is trying to wrestle from him. It is a bastion of ruling APC support. Such an accident in Koroma's home district was quickly politicised in the reckless manner that the SLPP is now known for.


By yesterday morning, the SLPP hierarchy had informed all diplomatic missions in the country, all ambassadors and mission heads and all Elections Observers that President Koroma's home district of Bombali was so politically intolerant that the inhabitants used a jeep to run down and kill in cold blood their Bombali supporters. The story was that people wearing red APC T-shirts with President Koroma's face on the Tshirts had been on board the jeep which rammed into the jubilant opposition SLPP supporters waiting to receive Maada Bio at that 10pm hour at Makump.


The SLPP was over all the news outlets and the informal (bush radio) communication outlets. Even over the SLBC-TV 9pm news in night of Monday November 5th 2011, it was repeatedly showing the SLPP Administrative Secretary, Brima Koroma, claiming the same allegation about APC's "murder" of their supporters in Bombali.


Well, to cut a long story short, as God would have it, the hit-and-run driver of the black jeep has now been located from the bush hiding place and is now in custody in a cell at Makeni Police Station. All indications is that he had run, not out of malice but out of fear for his life at hands of irate villagers.


The identity of the driver who killed SLPP supporters and wounded many others is ASTONISHING!!!!!!! Contrary to what has been told to diplomats, he is not a resident of Bombali but from Kailahun. It is not an APC man but a key SLPP man's younger brother.


Will the SLPP withdraw its false allegations sent all over and apologise to President Koroma? Because the identity of the hit and run driver is a Stunner!!!!!!!! The person is my friend and I feel his pains at this difficult time but the truth is that the SLPP propaganda is in too high an overdrive now. They are sparing no-one and can be excessively vile in their venomous malice.


Even yesterday, their Head of Media, Kalilu Totangi, was publicly alleging that I, Sylvia Blyden, am a PR agent for Chevron. It is totally untrue but they were angry that I had picked up the former President of Nigeria at the airport and wanted to smear me for that. Poor President Obansanjo was described using unacceptable language!


The following is a conversation between the SLPP Chairman John Oponjo Benjamin and our editor, Aruna Turay. It speaks for itself. I hope this will serve as a lesson to the SLPP to resist the urge for cheap propaganda at all expense.


May the souls of those poor SLPP supporters killed on Sunday night in Bombali rest in perfect peace. Amen.



Turay: - Hello sir

John Benjamin (JOB): - Yes can I help you?


Turay: - Sir this is Turay from the Awareness Times

JOB: - Ok, Turay how are you this evening?


Turay:- Im fine sir

JOB:- How can I help you?


Turay: - Mr. Chairman sir, Awareness Times is concerned over an issue of national importance. We have been informed that following the sad accident on Sunday November 4th 2012 in which three of your SLPP supporters were killed by a black jeep in Makeni by Makump village, you as SLPP Chairman, your presidential candidate, Brigadier Julius Maada Bio and runningmate, Dr. Kadi Sesay have been personally calling on the European Union, all the  major foreign embassies, the U.N. Mission, Elections Observers and the international community both here and abroad to tell them that President Koroma's APC supporters have killed your opposition supporters simply because they were peacefully campaigning in the President's home district of Bombali. Sir, this newspaper has now confirmed from the Police in Makeni that the driver of the black jeep that was used to do the killing who had run away, has been apprehended. We have learnt it was not driven by a resident of Bombali but by one of your Kailahun residents who is no less a person but the younger brother of Mr. Andrew Keili, Chairman of the SLPP's Policy & Manifesto Committee. We have learnt that Mr. David Keili was the driver who killed the SLPP supporters waiting for Maada Bio. Whats the partys take on this startling piece of news sir that the killer was Mr. David Keili and not an APC member? And secondly, are we expecting to see you go over the news to apologise to the President for the bad propaganda against him, APC supporters and Bombali residents? Thirdly, will you and Brigadier Bio call all the diplomats and international community to correct the misinformation which you and Brigadier Julius Maada Bio had personally fed them that people wearing red APC T-shirts were inside the jeep? Will you be telling the diplomats whom you called earlier to tell them that you misinformed them?

John Benjamin (JOB):- Well Turay thank you for your questions. Now, those who were at the scene during the incident told me that onboard the jeep that did the killing, was a woman wearing an APC T-shirt. So I was left with no option but to do what anybody in my position would have done, which was to call the observers and international community to inform them about what had happened.


Turay: - But Sir, dont you think it was too speedy and that you were in a rush to pass on information that you were yet to confirm?

JOB: - No Turay, I was merely doing my job as Chairman and Leader of my party and I think it was the right thing to do at the time, instead of instructing my supporters to get rid of the jeep or create riot.


Turay: - Ok sir now that youve been reliably informed that the jeep was driven by Andrew Keilis brother who has no connection with Bombali but was merely passing through by coincidence and who is not an APC man but an SLPP sympathiser, what are you going to do?

JOB: - Turay, being the brother of one of our members does not mean he is also an SLPP member until police investigations prove otherwise.


Turay: - Sir, what if police investigations proved otherwise, will you do the right thing by calling those you called earlier and tell them you gave them wrong information?

JOB: - For now Turay, I see no need for that.


Turay: - Why sir?

JOB: - Lets wait for the police investigations. For now, we are more particular with concern about funeral rites of supporters and members who have lost their lives to the ugly incident.

Turay: - Ok sir, good night and thanks for speaking with me Sir.

JOB: - Ok Turay goodnight.




Another Example of Recent Reckless SLPP Propaganda

SLPPs Head of Media, Kalilu Totangi Writes on Internet as follows:

"Folks, Obasanjo is working for Chevron and Sylvia is their front woman/PR in the country. So you now see that in his disperation for re-election, Koroma is turning our country over to the Sylvia Blyden's of this country and her likes to sell to foreigners in return for a win. We are squeezing him into the corner where we want him. And I know he will get violent as he already planned. That is when we will teach him a lesson".


The truth is that I know nothing about CHEVRON let alone to be their P.R. as is being claimed by Totangi. Meanwhile, this newspaper has decided to postpone our promised pictorial report on General Obasanjos visit until tomorrows edition. One of the Obasanjo photos is on our front page but this breaking news that the hit and run driver who killed SLPP supporters was none other than David Keili, the brother of SLPP Strongman Andrew Keili, was of far more importance than the Obasanjo visit so we have deleted the Obasanjo photos and reports to make space for this coverage. STAY TUNED for the report tomorrow.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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