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Last Updated: Jan 15th, 2013 - 16:36:35 
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Put Salt pan Ro-rom
By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Jan 15, 2013, 17:10
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Out of respect for my readers, I last month announced to them that I was preparing to leave journalism for politics; this was in order to prepare their minds for my eventual departure which I said would be revealed in the fullness of time.


Since that announcement, the opposition SLPP writers have gone berserk. They have now been further activated by a supposed fight on behalf of IB Kargbo.


In their last week edition, the pro-SLPP GLOBAL TIMES paper said I was going to be appointed as the renovated housegirl (errand girl) at State House. This week, the same paper says I am going to be appointed as Prime Minister of the Republic. It is a lot of garbage but I am enjoying every moment of all the speculations.


The media gyrations are similar to how an earth-worm behaves when salt is poured on it. These guys are going crazier every day but I am cool & calm. I am ignoring the provocations but it sure is entertaining.

[Ee fiba lekkeh way dem put salt pan ro-rom].

However, let me just debunk for any gullible reader of that lying paper that I have never written a single line on the Internet claiming specific positions to which I am going to be appointed or assigning specific schedule to my supposed position. All I have ever written is an announcement that Im preparing to enter politics under the APC party; a party I am very intricately tied to.

See below for a piece exposing what GLOBAL TIMES stands for.

Rejoinder-NaCSA Sacks 4 South/Easterners

By Mohamed Sankoh

(culled from COCORIOKO ONLINE)

Those of us who once worked in Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) know one fact: the day you sign your appointment contract should be the day you should also start looking for another job because contracts can be renewed or terminated. There are no in-betweens whatsoever. This sensible practice, amongst sane Sierra Leoneans in the NGO world, is premised on the fact that when one signs a contract, it means that person has accepted that that job is temporary.

And when a job is temporary, which is made known by the period ones services is required as stipulated in the contract; one should not be shocked if ones contract is not renewed. For contracts are renewed or terminated, mostly, based on ones performance. If one meets the institutions expectations his or her contract might be renewed but if not it might be terminated and given to someone else with the expectation that the new entrant might perform better than his or her predecessor.


With the above logic as the premise for this article, if an institution decides not to renew the contracts of some of its contracted workers it might not mean that it was done because of tribal or regional considerations, but the non-renewal might have bordered on incompetency or non-performance or even for dishonesty or financial impropriety.


This brings me to a front-pager on the Global Times newspaper of Tuesday 8th January, 2013. (Vol:6 No.882). Beneath the Screamer NaCSA Sacks 4 South/Easterners comes the mischief: The anxious moment follows the termination of contracts of four people of South Eastern origin at the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) in what appears to be ethnic cleaning.


The catch here: in what appears to be ethnic cleaning. This means, and equally tells you, that that newspaper does not know why the four peoples contracts were not renewed or did not even border to cross-check but just speculates that their dismissal might be based on tribal sentiments hence its phrase in what appears to be ethnic cleaning.


Now, first of all lets forget about the tribal slant which the Global Times newspaper, known for its separatists undertones and its penchant for stoking tribal embers, gave to that story. The fact is, the newspaper does not tell its readers whether the four peoples contracts were terminated because of non-performance, financial impropriety or administrative malaises. Except that the four are incidentally south/easterners. Added to that, the paper does not also tell us whether the ones who have now been contracted to replace the four are more qualified than their predecessors other than the papers claim that they are northerners (EDITORS NOTE: This has now been proven to be false).


Since the September of 2007 to date the Global Times and other newspapers leaning towards the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) have been crying wolfs where there are only lambs. They have been engaged in reporting imaginary dismissals of people perceived to be SLPP supporters. In the news item under review that newspaper produces this alarmist statement: in 2007 more than two hundred south Easterners or Mendes, perceived as supporters of the main opposition SLPP were dismissed 


Except the Global Times newspaper wants to convince me, or has evidence, that it keeps a logbook in its offices where Sierra Leoneans perceived as SLPP supporters log-in whenever they are allegedly dismissed. If not, then how did that newspaper come to or by that figure?


In terms of figures, the Global Times has been constantly inconsistent. Sometime last year, it reported that thousands of south-easterners lost their jobs. Now its thousands have shrunk to two hundred. Only God knows which figure its editors might conjure up next time.


The reason why I decided to challenge the Global Times newspapers story is for the simple reason that it has etched for itself the unenviable record of spewing out grossly misleading misinformation.


Sometime in mid 2012, it bannered with a lead story that the SLPP failed presidential candidate, Julius Madder Bio, would be visiting the United States of America at a specific date. The date came and went and Madder Bio was still stuck in Sierra Leone and had to see the USA on CNN at his Spur Loop home in Freetown.


And then on Thursday 8th November 2012 in page 4 it churned out, with spiritual finality, this headline: Bio 48.1% Koroma 45.5%One Term Presidency for Sierra Leone (sic) Leader (Vol.6 No.849). But it turned out that President Koroma was destined for a second term and Bio did not even get 40% of the total votes tallied.


During the run-up to the elections, The Global Times was empathic that there would be a run-off between President Koroma and Bioquoting an imaginary US based pollster (page 4 of the Global Times of Thursday 8th November 2012). But the elections became a fait accompli and that newspapers figures and predictions turned out to be figments of the imagination of someone who might have attended a bush grammar school.


So with such a record of and for misinformation, why should a sane person and highly qualified and experienced journalist like me trust the Global Times story that the four people whose contracts were not renewed at NaCSA was because they are south-easterners? Why should I even trust another front-pager in its yesterdays edition that the nomination of Mr Momodu Maligi for a top cabinet position [is a] compensation for the job Christiana Thorpe did to keep the APC-led government in power?


What I have noticed in the news gathering, writing and reporting in and of SLPP-leaning newspapers is their willful attempts to tribalize or regionalize everything in the sun. Take the New Vision newspaper as another example; sometime early last year it bannered with 8 Mendes Sacked At NRA. Like its Global Times counterpart, that newspaper did not tell its readers that the eight Sierra Leoneans were sacked because of dishonesty and financial impropriety but gave the impression that Maada Soyei aka Power Shake (who was an SLPP parliamentary candidate in the 2012 elections) and seven others were sacked because they are incidentally Mendes who are supporters of the SLPP.


Whether the SLPP-leaning newspapers always see things from a tribal or regional telescope the fact is: an actress should not be accused of witchcraft simply because she plays the role of one of the witches in William Shakespeares Macbeth. Hope you catch my meaning?


© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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