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Last Updated: Feb 1st, 2013 - 16:31:55 
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One Country One People & One Language called Krio
By Sekoyeo H. Carlton-Carew J.P., C.O.
Feb 1, 2013, 17:20
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I have over the years been thinking about our beloved country named by Pedro de Cintra a Portuguese slave dealer-Sierra Leone. It was in 1462 when he came here and other West African Countries to ravage and capture Africans for sale into slavery in North and South America and neighboring Islands.


During his visit he was attracted by the range and chains of maintains, and the howling of Lions which caused him to name our country Sierra Leone in 1462. He did not disclose how many Africans he and his men captured on plants and animals domestic or wild, and any other articles neighed.


In 1441 Christopher Columbus a Portuguese sea captain was on a voyage of exploration when he visited the West Indies, there he observed African-Blacks for that matter harvesting sugarcane in a sugarcane plantation. These men were working amidst ferocious sting from an abundance of ants which they brushed away from their bodies with their hands whilst they continued working. To him and his men with him that was an admirable display of human on endurance and strength exhibited by African only and not marched by European or any other race they had seen or read about, enduring the sting of ants all over their bodies and continued working.


Sekoyeo H. Carlton-Carew J.P., C.O.


Columbus succeeding in getting 10 of these Africans whom he conveyed to Portugal with a written description of their strength and endurance no other race could sustain. The Pope as usual sanctioned this and it became the start of African slave trade which attracted the patronage of Portugal as head of this inhuman and barbaric trade joined by Spain, Britain, France, Germany and other European Countries. In 1501, the importation of Africans to America as slaves to work in plantation and various services started with slaves conveyed in Portuguese ships.


The Capture and shipment for sale to North and South America and neighboring states and Island for work in various plantations and manual undertakings brought Africans of various African states working together. By this intrusion and mixture, the African evolved a language of common understanding and communication which was the birth and creation of Creole better known as Krio.


By this babble there arose the English Krio, Spanish Krio, French Krio, German Krio used in the respective countries there European nations imported their rule.As a result of the First World War, Germany was kicked off from all her African Colonies in 1919 a year after the end of the war, German Krio died out as also like Spanish Krio. Only Haiti speaks French Krio whilst English Krio was refined and spoken in all states once ruled by the English or British. The whole of Cameroon speak the Krio spoken in Sierra Leone which has 18 languages-namely 1 Krio, 2 Mende, 3 Temne, 4 Limba, 5 Loko, 6 Koranko, 7 Kono, 8 Susu, 9 Yalunkah, 10 Kissi, 11 Fullah, 12 Sherbro or Bullom, 13 Krim, 14 Galina or Galines, 15 Vai, 16 Gola, 17 Kroo, and 18 Madingah or Madingo.


Incidentally, Krio is the common language in Sierra Leone, it is the commercial and political language also and its taught at school. We should be united in our choice of Krio as the new name of our country and get rid of Portuguese imported Sierra Leone. China for example has about 210 different language just to unify the country with a total population of over 2 billion and 140 million. She adopted mandarin which is spoken by over 800 million people. This is sufficient evidence for us to change our slave dealers name to Krio.


It will be appropriate to change Freetown reminiscent of slavery to a suitable name to be voted for as soon as possible. Long before the slave trade, Africans had been with Spanish expedition not to Labour but to seek wealth and adventure hence they went voluntarily as recorded in Black Pride A Peoples Struggle by Janet Haris once Julius Willobon. Africans then fought and plundered their way across the continents just as the Spanish and later the French explorers. This was how Christopher Columbus met Africans working in a sugarcane plantation in the West Indies.


Thirty Black men-Africans including Nuflo de Alano were with Balboa when he discovered and named the Pacific Ocean. The most famous of these African explores was Estevenico who opened New Mexico and Arizona for the Spaniards. Africans were extensively engaged in the work of opening the new world for European exploitation once there and later fastened to a lifetime status of slavery. Africans became an integral part of the economic life of the old world and then of the new.


Africans had never been in any English exploration but had suffered most under their facial hatred greed and lint for power like us during their colonial rule. We have had enough of their exploitation and suppressive conduct now is the time to unite with one voice and language Krio.


We have to replace all names of places imposed by some of our European governors most of whom were involved in the slave trade until 1928 when slavery was abolished by our Protectorate.


Such names as Queen Elizabeth II Quay, Victoria Park, Turnens Peninsula, Thompson Bay Susans Bay and more.


I propose Queen Elizabeth Quay be renamed PRESIDENT DR. ERNEST BAI KOROMA.


In 1562 Slave dealer, Captain John Hawkins, financed by English Merchants left Plymouth with 3 ships and 100 men for Sierra Leone. He captured 300 Blacks and conveyed them to his pariola without opposition and great profit.


In his second trip in 1564 Hawkins had 4 ships including the ship Jesus Queen Elizabeth share of investment in this brutal trade.


He grabbed 400 men, women and children from Sierra Leone and carried them to the northern coast of South America, West of the Orinoco River. He returned to England with great jubilation after his sale with gold, silver, pearls and other jewels clearing 60 percent on the slave investments.


Queen Elizabeth was so satisfied and delighted with her own share of the booty that she brightened John Hawkins onboard his ship.


Later she received a report from Spain about pirate activities successfully carried out by Francis Drake. She ordered Drake to secure most of his booties in the Tower of London and gave Drake a very substantial part of the booty. On April 4, 1581 Queen Elizabeth went onboard Drakes ship the Golden Hind and dubbed him a Knight Slave Trader. John Plantain, another notorious English slave dealer built a fort at Shenge, overlooking Plantain Island. This is another bitter reminder of the ruthless slave trade carried out by white men Europeans. Sometimes with the connivance of some greedy African Chiefs whilst others were under great pressure to cooperate with the ruthless European slave dealers which have taught succeeding Black natures to believe and call all white men rogues to this day.


1775-1807 John Newton was another ruthless slave dealer, 25years later when he was reduced to a castaway by his Captains Black mistress and had to live in the open. He was racked with rheumatism and feeding on berries and gulls eggo and took some comfort on the volume of Euclid which he mastered to take his mind off his unsettledness.


John Newton escaped and traded in slaves along the Sierra Leone Coast rising to be a master of a ship. He was a very notorious English slave dealer, murder, rapist, gangster tier and amongst the worst criminals the world has ever known.


He carried on his atrocities relentlessly for 33 years. One day he had a fit so he repented of his wickedness and declared that he was turning around, and embrace God and Christian teachings. He became an ordained Minister of the Christian Church as Rev. John Newton Pastor of Saint Mary, Woodmoth and wrote 8 Hymns.


1. May the Grace of Christ our Savior

2. Blest Inhabitants of Zion

3. Glorious Things of thee are spoken

4. How sweet the name of Jesus Sounds

5. Amazing Grace

6. One there is above all others

7. Begone unbelief my Savior is near

8. Come my soul thy suit prepare

In 1807 Rev. John Newton had just sent his manuscript Thoughts on the African Slave Trade to the Printer before he died.

I have written enough I hope to convince our people that we should be united in our one Language Krio and obliterate all wastage of colonialism and renamed our QE II Quay our reach, etc. and hold tenaciously to our countries new name KRIO. Our first 4 Governors of Sierra Leone were African Black for that matter.

1787-91 1- Governor Richard Weaver

2- John Reid

3- James Lucas

4- Abraham Ashmore let us immortalize their names

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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