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Last Updated: Mar 4th, 2013 - 12:04:27 
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NEWS : Politics  

As Andrew Keili is implicated, SLPP Strongman reveals: Maada Bio in Secret Meetings with APC!
By Aruna Turay, David Jabati & Mohamed Kamara
Mar 4, 2013, 12:16
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Prominent members and supporters of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) have told this newspaper that they are in total shock over the revelations made over radio airwaves on Saturday March 2nd 2013, alleging that SLPPs defeated presidential candidate Julius Maada Bio had been secretly going to the Presidential State Lodge to hold meetings with the ruling party leadership. A former honourable parliamentarian, Victor Sheriff who is also a former Deputy National Organising Secretary of the SLPP told Tam Baryoh of the popular MONOLOGUE radio programme that he had video evidence to show that Maada Bio on at least two occasions last year, immediately after the elections in November and again in December, had gone to State Lodge without informing SLPP members; preferring to keep the contents of the meeting between APC and Maada Bio as a secret.


H.E. Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, the Astute Father of the Nation: Will meet & discuss with anyone as long as it will give his citizens peace from PA.O.PA


Victor Sheriff, who seems to be a straight shooter, is not a member of any of the SLPP factions which have emerged within the party. He hit his revelations to the shocked listeners straight and to the point. He told MONOLOGUEs David Tam Baryoh that rather than SLPP chairman John Benjamin being the one who should be cast in suspect light by SLPP members, it was Julius Maada Bio who was to be looked askance upon by SLPP as having compromised the party to the ruling APC.


In order to get more light on this serious allegation, this newspaper immediately embarked upon investigating the claims. Sources close to the President and State Lodge declined to comment on the allegation. They could only say as follows: His Excellency is an astute leader and as Father of the Nation, he will meet and discuss with anyone as long as it will give his citizens a chance to live in peace; free from PA.O.PA threats of violence.


JULIUS MAADA BIO: A Bad Boy!An SLPP Strongman Victor Sheriff says just after elections in November last year, Maada Bio went to State Lodge in a very secret manner like a big criminal but did not tell John Benjamin or any SLPP member except Andrew Keili who had gone with Bio to collect something from State Lodge. Sheriff says Keili now bitterly complains that when it was time for second meeting in December for them to collect, Maada Bio sneaked off to State Lodge without telling Keili to go with him to collect.


In the case of Andrew Keili, ever since the news broke out of the mouth of Victor Sheriff, all efforts by this newspaper to get Keili have been futile. His phones have been ringing ceaselessly without him picking them up. Similarly, SMS texts have been sent into his mobile phone urging him to contact Awareness Times urgently on the matter of the serious allegation by Victor Sheriff but all to no avail. He has gone quiet for 48 hours now.


However, when this newspaper reached Victor Sheriff directly last evening of Sunday 3rd March 2013, he was eloquent and quite effusive in his assertions of the double-crossing nature of Julius Maada Bio. He held no prisoners and spared no punches as he took his time to undress Julius Maada Bio as a bad boy who had sold the party whilst hiring thugs to go to our party offices to molest and insult our National Chairman and Leader.

Andrew Karmoh Keili: Hmmm!? An SLPP Strongman Hon. Victor Sheriff is alleging that shortly after elections last year, Andrew Keili secretly went with Maada Bio to State Lodge to collect but without telling SLPP Leader John Benjamin or anybody else inside SLPP. Keili could not be reached for comments since the news broke last weekend


Imagine, Maada Bio who is the one guilty of holding secret meetings with H.E., is now saying John Benjamin is holding secret meetings with H.E.; can you imagine such wickedness? Maada Bio is bad, a very bad boy! Victor Sheriff insisted to this paper.


Oh yes sure, I have video and other evidences in my possession to justify my claims that both Maada Bio and Andrew Keili have been holding secret meetings with His Excellency he said, adding, In fact, on one occasion, Maada dodged Keili and went alone to see His Excellency Sheriff  said in response to our question posed.


Asked if he was not afraid that Andrew Keili and Maada Bio might call him a liar, he chuckled confidently and said no.


I am only waiting for anyone of the two men to challenge me. Of course I know Keili will not deny that he attended the secret meeting in the middle of the night at State Lodge because he is an honourable gentleman and he has a reputation to protect. He will only have to explain why he never revealed that such a meeting was held. But for Maada, let him try to challenge me. Im waiting for Maada to challenge me and then you all will see what I have in my possession against Maada Bio Victor Sheriff ended.

John Benjamin also spoke to us.

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