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Last Updated: Apr 26th, 2013 - 17:21:45 
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In Sierra Leone, Sylvia Blyden dismisses Critics; Promises More Strong Diction
By Augustine Samba
Apr 26, 2013, 17:08
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Special Executive Assistant to H.E. President Ernest Koroma has dismissed recent concerns of her critics whilst advising that her critics should infact prepare for even stronger undiplomatic language from her in the course of her ensuring lawless and unacceptable nefarious behaviours are reduced or totally eradicated from the country. Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden was speaking in an exclusive chat with this newspaper at her State House offices last evening.


I saw one of them writing that Obama will not have that kind of strong diction coming from anyone working at his presidential offices. Well Obama does not have opposition leaders running amok in Washington DC like mad men and mad women. Obama does not have a lawless defeated presidential candidate using his jeep to block the entrance into law courts in America whilst his supporters chant provocative songs, Blyden said adding Well, as we say in the local parlance, Craseman Opposition done meet up with Chakra Government official. Ar get den meresin.


If they are looking for diplomatic language in the handling of lawless and criminal people, let them knock on any other official door but mine. I am not diplomatic when it comes to issues of lawlessness. I say things as I see them and infact, I have even more measures I am putting in place to ensure Sierra Leone returns to state where criminals lawlessness is not accepted in name of some political or any other inane compromise, Blyden asserted.

Scene of last week Thursday in front of Law Courts with Maada Bios jeep (license of BIO-this or BIO-that) wickedly blocking side entrance.

Dr. Blyden also reiterated her earlier warning for the defeated presidential candidate of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP).


In 2002, the candidate Ernest Bai Koroma lost the elections with hundreds of thousands of votes cast for him. He cried foul at the results but between 2002 and 2007, we never saw him bring out his supporters to act lawlessly against the State; we never saw him drive his jeep to block the entrance of Law Courts nor did he challenge police orders even though he was an elected parliamentarian. He comported himself as a responsible opposition leader. So let me take this chance to again warn Julius Maada Bio that his days of running amok in Sierra Leone, blocking presidential convoys, blocking Judiciary entrances and generally acting in a lawless manner with impunity, are over.


Any more criminal or lawless step he takes against the smooth running of this State of Sierra Leone will be met with strong resistance. He might find himself spending a few nights in a police cell, Blyden warned from State House.

Blyden has also dismissed those criticising her tone of diction as not being condusive to stability and peace in the country.


There is nothing more dangerous to peace and stability than for a politician with a large following to openly defy police orders in front of his followers. In London, a very senior government official privately insulted a policeman for cautioning him on how he was riding a bicycle on the streets. The insult incident, though done away from public eyes, created such a row that the government official was forced to resign, Blyden said.


If an ordinary citizen challenges a lawful police order, it is very bad. If a senior politician with a large following challenges the police, it is not only very bad but it is a recipe for chaos and a threat to our hard won peace. It is dangerous as his followers will now look on the police as people to be disobeyed. Where then would law and order be? Where would this country be heading? Sylvia Blyden asked.


My critics are entitled to their opinions but they are in the tiny, tiny minority. The majority of Sierra Leoneans are applauding my strong stance on this lawlessness as they are just fed-up and tired of this lawlessness.


What I know is that as from now, we will be dealing  with lawless criminal acts by any and all lawless mammals and that includes desperado mammal known as Maada Bio. If he or his supporters think they are still living in the NPRC military days when they acted lawlessly to the extent of murdering innocent people, I am advising them to rethink. Those lawless days are over and not ever coming back by the grace of God, Blyden said at her State House desk.


She also pointed out that Maada Bio with impunity, blocked access to justice for Remand Prisoners who had been hopeful of securing bail on that day but had to be returned back to prisons because the Black Maria prisons van could not enter the court compound seeing Bios black jeep had blocked the vehicular entrance.


Those poor prisoners on remand are not any less Sierra Leonean than Maada Bio but Bio denied them access to justice on that day by blocking the entrance to the Law Courts simply because the police stopped him from driving through the judges and lawyers gate.That is not acceptable conduct. It is criminal and lawless conduct, Sylvia Blyden said.


Sierra Leone Judiciary, Sierra Leone Police and Sierra Leone Prisons officials have all confirmed to this newspaper that the act of blocking the entranceway to the Judiciary by Mr. Maada Bios jeep resulted in prisoners on remand being denied access to justice on Thursday April 18th 2013.


This never happened before. Afsatu Kabba and Mayor George-Williams never defied police orders though they had much larger crowd of supporters. They never used vehicles to block the judiciarys gates. What Maada Bio did was just pure lawlessness against the State, a judicial figure said yesterday.

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