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Last Updated: May 1st, 2013 - 17:46:27 
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Good Governance is the Foundation of our Independence
By Titus Boye-Thompson,Strategic Media and Development Communications Unit
May 1, 2013, 17:16
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At 52 years old, Sierra Leone has grown, way past adolescence even if she has not yet attained maturity. This is therefore a time to consider the legacy that its citizens wish to leave for those who will come after them, the rules that the citizenry in their own wisdom may wish to be guided by and the mores for which they can stand up and defend as their own persona, a culture of progress as against an environment dedicated to misrule or chaos. That at a time of such great promise, the ugly head of anarchy should rear its head must not now be strange but in fact considered. It will always be a by-product of progress for someone else to attempt to upset the apple cart. It occurs every time a child is deprived of a toy or sweets that belong to another. The spoilt child would always throw a tantrum and cause everyone else to pay him some attention. The serious minded, obedient and patient child would go away and fid his own toy or in fact make so much play out of a non-toy that the child with the actual toy would be remiss to come over and offer to share his toy with him. The masculine is used here because boys tend to display such tendencies so much more than girls.


It is befitting therefore, as the country with a unified voice and effort, seeks to concentrate on putting measures in place to consolidate the gains of development, strengthen the emergence of democracy and repudiate the abandonment of war and crisis in Sierra Leone, those in positions of influence and authority over others should be mindful of their actions lest we are taken back to the darkness of destruction and wanton violence.


The constitution of Sierra Leone accords for any opposition party or otherwise any one aggrieved by the results of a general elections to have recourse to the Supreme Court. The SLPP in essence has sought protection under the constitution to launch such an appeal. However, that partys flag bearer must be  cognizant of the duty imposed upon him to comply with all provisions of the c0nstitution and more specifically to respect the laws and for the time being, those authorities who are custodians of peace and good public order, at all times. His errant behavior has not for the first time caused consternation amongst right thinking people. To authorize or otherwise condone a blocking of traffic at strategic points is tantamount to sedition. Julius Marda Bio should know that. He is after all an ex-soldier. An ex-combatant and given his socialization and conditioning in the army, he should understand that the deliberate blocking of traffic is a precursor to setting an ambush. These are in any variant, bush tactics, designed to draw out the enemy or catch him off guard without the possibility of escape. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these military tactics other than the fact that there is no enemy, Bio is not involved in a war nor is there a situation of attrition between himself, the SLPP or the judiciary of Sierra Leone.


Cometh the hour, cometh Sylvia Blyden to remonstrate Julius Marda Bi, the erstwhile SLPP Flag-bearer. In the event, Bios supporters cry foul and attempt to castigate Ms Blyden. The issue here is simple.Sylvia Blyden is clear that she is acting in the stead as a Special Executive Assistant to His Excellency the President. In that office, she has very wide powers and for who she is, Ms Blyden is not afraid to extend her authority as long as she is operating on the side of the law. The specter of lawlessness should not cause this country to be detracted from where its attention is currently focused. On a trajectory of progress, on a path to development, good governance and poverty reduction. Why should Marda Bio be allowed to behave in such reckless manner without the necessity of remonstration. Is his intent to provoke an otherwise democratic and lenient President who would not be chastened to pick a fight with him? If that was his strategy, why then should he cry foul when Sylvia Blyden has openly castigated him and has made it clear that his mischievous behavior would not be countenanced?


Ex combatant, ex-soldier and retired Brigadier should be advised of the fact that the war in Sierra Leone has ended. The issue of who wields power is now left to the electorate who by the way were resounded in their support of the incumbent President. Everybody else in the Country should succumb to his will and dictate until the constitution says otherwise. If Bio wants to demonstrate that he has supporters, he would be best advised to feed them until his partys next elections for leadership and then unleash them at the peril of his adversaries. For the rest of Sierra Leone however, Ms Blyden has taken up the mantle to protect the peace and sanity of our society.She should be applauded for that bold stance because it smirks of a support to the leadership of this country that has hitherto been lacking. As long as Ms Blyden has the ears of her boss, she ought to take a strong stance to challenge some of the established practices that corrode this society. Strong women have never been absent in this Country so her emergence should threaten no one other than those who aim to threaten our peaceful and democratic way of life.


The history of Sierra Leone has landmarks established by such great and powerful women such as Madam Yoko, Ella Koblo Gulama, Honoria Bailor-Caulker, Nancy Steele, Hannah Gabbidon just to name a few. Indeed, the concept of fifty-fifty was first provoked by these women and their achievements amongst hitherto great men showed that they could hold their own amongst equals, as to men and women. Some of these women were traditional rulers who had cause to make big decisions that affected the welfare of their peoples. Their lives and deeds are all entwined and entangled in this diverse history of Sierra Leone, even up till this day. It is their zeal and love for peace, freedom, unity and justice that has brought us here to where we are today as a nation. The prize of peace was hard fought for, and well won for the people of this Country. Now that a progressive and forward looking President is determined to move this country out of the doldrums into self sustaining growth, such errant behavior of losers and political misfits would tend to derail our hard earned independence, and self determination as a nation. Happy Independence everybody, let us celebrate it and always remember that it is the commitment of those who have gone before us that secures our own existence. We owe it to those who will come after us to make this the best place to live. 


Ms Blyden, please stay steadfast and resolute for that which is right and in so doing bring back respect for authority in this Land that we love, our Sierra Leone.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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