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Last Updated: May 23rd, 2013 - 19:31:59 
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Sierra Leone Leaders should Keep their Eyes on the Ball
May 23, 2013, 17:18
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During the 2012 Elections Campaigns, General Obasanjo was flown in a helicopter to Kabala where he joined President Koroma on the Campaign Trail. Obasanjo is shown here as he thrills Kabala crowds with a football designed in APC colors. During those campaigns, Obasanjo had called for President Koroma to ignore detractors and keep his eyes on the ball. In today's edition, we are reproducing two articles which are just as poignant today as they were during the Elections. We hope our leaders will read them, stay focussed and keep their eyes on the ball just as Obasanjo advised.

As Ernest Koroma Advises Youths to Give Way & Ignore (Gee Dem Road) all forms of Opposition Provocations

Dr. Sylvia Blyden Takes Salone Journalism to Higher Levels

THIS IS A REPRODUCED ARTICLE: Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden yesterday October 30th 2012 took Sierra Leone Journalism to the next level when she boarded a special chartered helicopter to fly all over Freetown taking aerial shots of the mammoth-sized ruling APC campaign rally through the streets of Freetown. Accompanying this report is one of the aerial shots showing the massive crowd of red-clad humans whom at the point of this photo had spanned from UPGUN Roundabout to Cotton Tree and beyond.

Her Facebook comments on the issue of using a helicopter for photo journalism instantly sparked off hundreds of comments of applause from around the world. On the ground during the rally, the helicopter which was hovering over the crowd, sent the already hyped up crowd into even more of a frenzy. The helicopter made two trips around the city. Once whilst the rally was still along Sani Abacha Street and again when the President was at Saint John moving towards the jam-packed national stadium. On each occasion, by some strange coincidence, beautiful rainbows appeared in the skies over the helicopter.

Down below is one of her facebook comments.


WHAT A DAY! My Samsung Tablet somehow lost its internet connection when we were like a little over 1,000 feet above Freetown so I have only sent one photo but I have some more AMAZING photos from the air. However, for me, the most interesting aspect is when we finally landed and I zoomed to the stadium only to meet everybody congratulating me for producing such beautiful rainbows with the helicopter.

I did not understand what they were speaking about until Jarrah Kawusu-Konte explained how much my helicopter became a part of the excitement today. It now appears that everytime we flew over the crowd to take shots, a multi-coloured rainbow would appear in the skies. UNBELIEVABLE EH? Well, today was a miracle day. And I was glad to be a part of it. I will upload the other photos later.

Meanwhile, I am humming the new song coined from words of Ernest Koroma at the STADIUM which all the youths are now singing on the streets of Freetown... It is entitled as GEE DEN ROAD!!! The lyrics are from words of the President and vary from group to group but basically is saying:

Den heart Warm & Ee heart warm!

If You See Ee Day Cam

for Block You Convoy, GEE AM ROAD!

If you see den dey cam

for fen you plabar,

no to weakness

for run away from dem.

GEE DEM ROAD. No to weakness...

Na for 17 days normor lef...

Make we geee dem road...!!!!!

Den want for fight but una nor fight back oh..

GEE DEM ROAD....!!!!!!

All the youths are singing the chant... GEE DEM ROAD!!!!!!!!!!

One of Dr. Sylvia Blydens numerous Aerial view photographs of Freetown yesterday showing massive crowd lining the streets from UPGUN Roundabout past East-End Police through Sani Abacha Street on to Cotton Tree. Red-Clad mass of APC and President Koroma supporters.

Obasanjo & APC should Keep their Eyes on the Ball

By Sylvia Blyden ( first published Nov 7th 2012 )

I want to remind SLPP propagandists that when our well-respected African Statesman and former President Dr. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah decided to publicly endorse Julius Bio, a man responsible for hate speech, tribal incitements, brutal mass murders including that of a pregnant woman, State Larceny, Passport Theft, Gross Corruption, shameless use of child soldiers, etc. etc., I publicly called for restraint and for us all to respect Pa Kabbahs right to his private opinions.


It looks like people do not want to respect former President Obasanjos right to his opinion that the peace he worked so hard to institute in Salone, is best served by a Koroma presidency than a Bio presidency. Honestly, my advise is for both Obasanjo and APC leader cum President to keep their eyes on the ball and ignore the cuss-cuss squad of the opposition. In other words, they both know what is good for Sierra Leone at this point in time.

President Obasanjo did not say anything bad about the opposition or their candidate. He did not mention them whilst he spoke in Kabala!

Honestly did anyone expect Obasanjo to endorse a liar like Maada Bio who tried to steal General Obasanjos well-deserved glory in Bios recent Oman newspaper interview claiming Bio was the only military ruler who handed over to a civilian regime in West Africa? Peaceloving Ladies and Gentlemen, lets keep our eyes on the ball until November 17th 2012.

All those who are attacking the person of Obasanjo should be so ashamed.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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