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Last Updated: May 31st, 2013 - 17:40:12 
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Conclave Accepts Transforming Challenge
By Titus Boye-Thompson, Development Communications Expert
May 31, 2013, 17:22
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In what was billed as a unique confluence of events for the Noble Sarjorski Conclave, President Ernest Bai Koroma, a long standing member hosted members of the Conclave as they performed a handing over ceremony to replace the old executive with a new one.Outgoing Chairman Hon Alimamy Koroma recounted the many issues he faced as head of one of the most celebrated social and networking organizations in the Country. As a loosely bound social club, the Noble Sarjorski Conclave operates within set rules of engagement; most celebrated being the rules on spillage which invariably results in heavy on the spot fines. The Conclave had its roots from the kiosk once owned and operated by the late Sarjor Bah at Wallace Johnson Street opposite the Nurses Hostel, adjoined to the Regent Square Municipal School. Whilst Sarjoh Bah has passed on, members warmly recalled his drinking spot as the place to gather and network and the conviviality that ensued out of such gatherings created what is now the most celebrated Conclave in the country.


In his address to members, President Koroma recalled the growth of the conclave from its humble beginnings to what it has now become. He reiterated the ethos of the Conclave as a safe haven for people of like minds to meet and engage in an atmosphere of friendship and a sense of care and respect for one another.

However, for such an institution to have survived the trying times and to have transformed itself to such a robust network creates a duty and a responsibility for its members to have regard to those less fortunate in society. In the event, members need to raise their game and make the conclave relevant in society as a forum for influencing policy and instrumental in the development of new ideas for business and entrepreneurship. President Koroma was confident that the Conclave may only be able to make that move to rebrand itself if it allows itself to become relevant to the changing society in which it operates. President Koroma expressed his belief that the Conclave has the ability to do more and to change the perception that it is merely a social club created for entertainment but could well become a space for a better engagement between members who are undoubtedly influential and the wider public, seeking in the run of its operations to be creative in how it engages other members of society, and on how it performs humanitarian and charitable works.


Incoming Chairman, Mr. Christopher John in taking on board this challenge by the President, expressed his commitment to making the conclave more relevant in society. He has asked for the assistance of members to support his intentions to reform how the Conclave operates including proposals for securing landed property on which the Conclaves future will be anchored.


The Noble Sarjorski Conclave meets regularly at the Liverpool Street at the premises of Mrs. Jalloh.

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