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Last Updated: Jul 8th, 2013 - 14:04:54 
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NEWS : Politics  

ďI Will Wait for the PresidentĒ Ė Blyden
Jul 8, 2013, 12:10
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Following is part of a news article which has been read all around the world since last Friday. It covers part of what Alpha Kanu, the official Spokesman of Government, appointed by President Koroma, said to mostly pro-SLPP journalists he publicly gathered around himself at State House last Friday.

As the drama unfolds....

By Journalist Amadu Lamrana Bah (filed on Friday July 5th 2013)

The Minister of Information and Communications Alhaji Alpha Khanu has in an interview with Journalists at the State House Credentials Hall described the Special Executive Assistant to President Koroma, Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, as a dangerous demented rumour mongerÖ


The Special Executive Assistant (SEA) to the President at State House has stoutly refused to directly react to last Fridayís numerous public insults against her person by the official Government Spokesman, Alhaji Alpha Kanu. Shortly before last Friday July 5th 2013ís press conference called by the President, the Minister of Information had summoned a team of notorious pro-SLPP journalists right at the environs of the State House Credentials Hall and publicly wasted all sorts of words against the SEA to the extent of urging the local journalists to quote him using those unfortunate words.

ďQuote me, quote me!Ē Alpha Kanu was saying wildly as he used unprintable words against the SEA. Many SLPP journalists present had their recorders, pens and paper as they vigorously took his statements down whilst laughing their sides out at the spectacular scene akin to madness. Not surprisingly, as soon as they could, many rushed to Facebook and other social media and posted the insults of Minister Kanu against the SEA to the amazement of the whole world. Oswald Hanciles, a presidential Media Outreach staff, went to Facebook and posted a photograph of the amazing scene of the Minister as he insulted Sylvia Blyden with Sorie Fofana of Global Times laughing loudly as he wrote the insults down.

It is a fact that many many citizens and foreigners who observed the spectacle on Facebook have blamed President Ernest Koroma to be presiding over a regime where his appointed Government Spokesman can publicly use such reckless words against another senior official appointed by the President.

Indeed, many people from overseas and locally tried to goad Dr. Blyden to react in similar manner but she refused to do so saying she was ďwaiting to see what the President would doĒ.


Throughout Alpha Kanuís hot rantings to the mostly SLPP journalists he had gathered around him, it was not at all clear what was making Alpha Kanu to be so angry to the extent of using such unprofessional language. However it is now widely believed that Sylvia Blyden has antagonised many old APC hands with the confidence the President continues to exhibit for her work.

It can be recalled that this is not the first time Dr. Sylvia Blyden has been subjected to public humiliation from the official government communications team. First was Abdulai Bayraytay who works under Alpha Khan joining in tandem with SLPP journalists to make much song and dance over the issue of one million or two million dollars donation from the Saudi Prince.(SEE PAGE 3). A simple matter where government officials could have worked together to correct genuinely committed misinformation was used as a platform for Blyden-bashing by Bayraytay in tandem with SLPP journalists.

Then it was Deputy Minister of Information, Theo Nicol who, at an official government press briefing, publicly ridiculed Dr. Blydenís statement that the government was planning to drag certain journalists to court to defend many of their divisive and anti-Nation utterances which threatened the unity of the country.

Following this was a middle level manager at State House in the person of Jarrah Kawusu Konte who went on a rampage over Facebook and social media using unprintable words against Dr. Blyden supposedly in a bid to ďcorrectĒ Prince donation.

The Attorney General and Justice Minister Frank Kargbo also joined in to make a mockery of the situation by publicly claiming that contrary to Blydenís words, he never received instructions from the President to take action against reckless utterances of local journalists which threatened national unity. This newspaper can categorically state from sources right within Frank Kargboís office that he indeed worked on preparing such indictment papers to force journalists to defend certain reckless utterances in court.

Then it was the turn of the Director of Communications at State House, Mr. Unisa Sesay who sat by in a ďsilence means acquiescenceĒ live TV programme as panellists discussed what was a totally untrue report in Concord Times newspaper that Blyden had supposedly defied President Koromaís call to attend a supposed meeting; yet Unisa Sesay did not correct them instead he also joined in to use unfortunate words like controversial.

In all of these molestations, the SEA Dr. Sylvia Blyden has humbly refused to openly exchange insults with any of her antagonists; instead she has been on record to have smilingly gone about her work; co-existing with her colleagues whilst remaining confident that she was doing her best to serve her Nation and her boss, the President.

Dr. Blyden, it can be recalled, had recently lambasted a situation where the government is willing to leave unchallenged serious libellous allegations that had the tendency to bring down the estimation of a government in the eyes of voting citizens. She insisted that officials seeking cheap popularity, those with skeletons in their cupboard or who were engaged in corrupt practises that made them live in fear of reckless local journalists, should honourably ďresignĒ if they canít stand up to correct such dangerous misinformations from reckless liars. It is not clear if her antagonists fall into such categories.

However to now crown it all is the latest public tirade from the Honourable Minister of Information and Communications who, with no provocation at all, used unprintable words on the SEA making many to believe he might belong to the category whom had been advised to resign.

Although Blyden has been silent, many, many others have expressed outrage over the ensuing development under the watchful eye of the Head of State and Leader of the APC party. Local musician and streetwise APC youth activist known as SION LION was very angry on Facebook over the weekend as he declared a war of words against Alpha Kanu.

ďThere are solar light all over the country and Alpha Kanu, the Minister of Information cum Government Spokesman says nothing. YAING! The Government is accused of discriminating against South-Eastern tribes and Alpha Kanu, the Minister of Information cum Government Spokesman says nothing. YAING! The Government is accused of purging the army of Mendes and Alpha Kanu, the Minister of Information and Government Spokesman says nothing. YAING! The President is falsely accused of ordering the Independent Media Commission (IMC) to shut down Africell Radio and Alpha Kanu, the Minister of Information cum Government Spokesman says nothing. YAING! President Koroma Special Executive Assistant (SEA) Dr Sylvia Olayinka Blyden noticed the vacuum and starts to ensure she speaks the truth to the public so the media does not run off with such dangerous inaccuracies and the so-called Government Spokesman suddenly finds his voice? Finds his voice to attack our lady?Ē
Sion Lion wrote amongst a barrage of other hot words.

ďI will not exchange words with Alpha Kanu but I will wait and see what my boss, the President will do about this,Ē Dr. Sylvia Blyden said.


However, she did post on her Facebook wall that she was not prepared to stop expressing her views to the world on important issues.

ďThe day my boss, His Excellency the President, tells me that I should no longer speak in public or on FACEBOOK or Social Media, about official government matters that I deem the public should be informed about, is the day I will tell him that I deeply appreciate his appointment of me as his Special Executive Assistant (SEA) at State House but I am no longer interested in the job,Ē
Dr. Blyden wrote.

Whilst this newspaperís team is more than capable of stepping in to defend the integrity of Dr. Blyden against those in the APC-led government who are busy attacking her person over the last three to four weeks, we for now prefer to keep silent and give a very close eye on how things unfold.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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