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Last Updated: Oct 14th, 2013 - 18:43:27 
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David Tam-Baryoh the Charlatan fools himself !
Oct 14, 2013, 12:12
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On Sept. 14th, 15th, 16th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 28th, 29th, 30th and October 2nd this year, local journalist David Tam Baryoh went to extreme lengths to offend this country. The latter two dates were via print media and the first nine times were through his Monologue radio programme. Again, this weekend of October 12th and 13th and he will repeat it Monday October 14th 2013 through his Citizen radio, his Monologue has continued to repeat the offensive acts bringing it to a total of fourteen times now. This newspaper continues to insist that all these offensive acts turning people off are because Tam Baryoh is "fighting" what he perceives as a "fight" for Vice-President Sam-Sumana. This commentary explains why we believe so. Read on:


You (Sylvia Blyden) write unsavory things against the Honourable Vice President (Sam-Sumana), and yes, because you say your boss approves of whatever you do, everybody believes that you are not only right but yes, that this is what the president thinks of his deputy.
- David Tam Baryoh (September 28th 2013)


This newspaper is now challenging David Tam Baryoh to come up with any evidence (prior to September 28th 2013) that will prove Sylvia Blyden published any unsavoury things against the Vice-President in the last few years. It is simply not true. Prior to Tam Baryohs rants of September 2013, this newspaper bent over backwards to accommodate the Vice-President. Not any more! Our loyalty to Dr. Blyden surpasses accommodating a scandal-prone Vice-President.

You see, this afore-cited false claim in a long and nasty publicly distributed letter which David Tam Baryoh wrote to Sierra Leones Special Executive Assistant to the President, Dr. Sylvia Blyden on September 28th 2013, is not the only wicked lie in there. In the letter from Tam Baryoh, he made insinuations about the dear mother of Dr. Sylvia Blyden raising up a male child; a product of a rape incest whom he insinuates was given birth to by Sylvia Blyden.


Truthfully, Blyden has never given birth to a child in her life neither has she ever been raped. It was a devious lie to justify why Tam Baryoh says he should be allowed to assassinate the character of a female college student who alleged she was raped by a serving government minister. Blyden, a well-known activist for womens rights, had privately cautioned him by SMS text (we repeat, PRIVATELY cautioned him) that he was wrong to use his radio programme to identify the student by name and then go on to assassinate the students character. Despite he was privately cautioned, Tam Baryoh took to the radio airwaves and not only announced Blydens phone number over the air but went on to ask his listeners to call her up and insult her for defending an alleged rape victims rights.


Uncle rape & hidden child overseas floated by Tam Baryoh was a malicious and false allegation that could only have been created by a person with evil, dangerous mindset who was very angry at something. Could a private SMS text provoke such angry public lies as a response?

Let us backtrack a little. Dr. Sylvia Blyden holds cabinet rank in Sierra Leone and is answerable only to the President. This is the first time in Sierra Leone that a woman has been so appointed. This appointment ruffled some feathers. Now, the level to which Tam Baryoh reacted to the extent of viciously announcing the private phone number of Blyden and asking people to call and insult her (una call en cuss am!!) has been explained away as being because it was on that same Saturday that news broke that Blyden was being sent by President Koroma along with the Government Spokesman Alpha Khan to go attend an event in Washington DC that President Koroma was going to be addressing by video-link.


So you see? It was not a coincidence. The anger was not over the SMS text sent to Privately caution him. It was over the news that Blyden was being sent to America. To substantiate this view, that vile action of Tam Baryoh was followed up that succeeding week with proponents of the Vice-President coming out swinging that the Vice-President should have been the one to go to that event in Washington DC. Why a VP should be physically present at an overseas event the President is addressing by video conferencing, is not known! In essence, the extreme reaction of Tam Baryoh to a private caution from Blyden, was just an excuse to denigrate Sylvia Blyden for innocently being sent by President Koroma to America! Simple logic.

More importantly, it shows the depth to which Tam Baryoh is prepared to sink in order to fight for a Vice-President whose moral make-up has repeatedly placed him in one mess after the other.


In his last weekend programme of Saturday October 12th 2013, Tam Baryoh claims he did not defend the Vice-President and self-deceives himself that he was defending the President instead. Tam Baryoh went on to say he considers himself as being an extended relative of His Excellency the President in the Kono tradition! His claim was funny but the funniest part was that one could tell Tam Baryoh honestly thinks his listeners believed him! If only this charlatan knows how badly his esteem has sank in this land!


This newspaper recalls that when the Al Jazeera timber scandal broke, Tam Baryoh went over MONOLOGUE radio programme to say there exists JUJU (evil use of black magic)around the Presidents relatives which were responsible for the woes which Sam-Sumana keeps finding himself within.


Indeed, reducing himself to extreme nastiness has been Tam Baryohs modus operandi in his fights for the Vice-President. He has little scruples and even less morals which explains why he was thrown out of a Christian monastery and has continued to be thrown out of institutions; most notable being Fourah Bay College where he had posed as a qualified lecturer and got to be kicked out for imposing with academic qualifications he had not.


This Tam Baryohs lack of morals is why on 26th November 2011, he did a live broadcast from The Gambia during which he not only engaged in disseminating utter nastiness about JUJU but he went on and tried to split the APC into two on behalf of the Vice-President! Tam Baryoh, after insulting the President and his relatives then went on to actually name a few elderly APC members as being the only decent ones inside APC and all others were mean and evil in APC.


That was on 26th November 2011. We are professionals who do research before we put pen to paper so we are being specific with dates here. If he is brave, let Tam Baryoh replay that edition as against his wacky claims of last weekend that he sees himself as a relative of the President and that he prefers to defend the President over the Vice-president. Who does this nasty charlatan think he is fooling?


Let David Tam Baryoh also replay his programme of 3rd September 2011 which is the Saturday that Hon. Musa Tarawally came under a violent and most unprovoked attack in Kono by supporters of VP Sam-Sumana. That was date Tam Baryoh placed a male voice he introduced as a Kono supporter of Vice-President Sam-Sumana, live on Monologue radio programme, to rain down insults untold on family members of the President. One by one, the family members of the President were viciously named and disparaged live over the air by this male voice as Tam Baryoh with palpable glee, urged the male voice supporter of the Vice-President to praise the Vice-President and then continue pouring scorn, insults and opprobrium on the relatives of the President; one by one. This is the same Tam Baryoh now saying he is a relative of President and prefers to defend President over the VP. A big joker indeed!


That MONOLOGUE programme was full of banshee sounds that night some to effect of If na den get APC, make den take am...!!! meaning it was blackmail that APC can go to hell without Sam-Sumana; He supposedly spoke on behalf of the Kono people. Yes, that was David Tam Baryoh on Saturday 3rd September 2011.


Let him search his archives and listen to those programmes as against wacky claims of his last weekend. Who does this charlatan think he is fooling?


As for his claims about Dr. Sylvia Blyden having a negative image problem, Tam Baryoh is entitled to his opinion but we know otherwise. If she really had a negative image problem, Tam Baryoh will not be spending so much time trying to pull her down.

Truth is Sylvia Blyden is one of the strongest assets the President & APC have right now. She has absolutely no 2018 presidential ambitions but she  is a hardworking, decent, courageous and patriotic Sierra Leonean who has always served her Nation with pride.For these key reasons, she does wield tremendous support in addition to her already sacrosanct influence where it really matters (the ordinary citizens).


The day Tam Baryohs brand of journalism gets him to be honoured with a National Honour like Officer of the Order of the Rokel, is the day he would have legitimate podium on which to stand and challenge Sylvia Olayinka Blyden. When him and his ilk were setting this country aflame with words of hate and militarism, it was the likes of Blyden who were working to ensure peace returned to Sierra Leone. She cannot by any stretch of any truthful decent persons imagination, be said to have defended Foday Sankoh or RUF rebels. That is all part of the years of warped propaganda that Sierra Leone has been subjected to at the hands of charlatans who hijacked our media landscape.


Sylvia Blyden defends issues on her convictions unlike some monotonous talkers who are only defending the Vice-President because they are very desperate for a certain mining companys introductory agents to benefit from multiple millions of dollars should the Vice-President eventually become President of Sierra Leone! Who does Tam Baryoh think he is fooling? Maybe certain Kono folks who think he is genuinely fighting for them or their brother. Anyway, more on this aspect soon... Stay tuned.


Nobody is responsible for VPs woes but himself. No JUJU and no relative of the President! The Vice-President needs to quietly introspect and that will tell him why he is always getting into mess (Taakor Lawsuit, Aljazeera Timbergate, Solar lights in Kono,  Mark Heiligman, Wifebeating, etc.)

Finally if David Tam Baryohs parents, grandfather and relatives are open to being needlessly dragged into the nasty politics he plays in his fight for VP Sam-Sumana, it is not everyones relatives who are open to such display on them. Monologue does not have monopoly over radio airwaves. This battle has just begun. ...Believe oh!

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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