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Last Updated: Oct 18th, 2013 - 20:20:05 
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NEWS : Politics  

As VP gets too MAGO-MAGO for Power...APC Leader Needs to Recognise PaOPa within
By Awareness Times
Oct 18, 2013, 17:18
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With no evidence to back claims, media  handlers of Honourable Vice-President, have since start of year, been ceaselessly pumping misinformation that VP is officially side-lined. VPs boycott of this weeks Cabinet meeting was boastfully publicised to gain sympathy.But, it boomeranged as it made many to realise that  VP is too much in a haste (MAGO MAGO) to be President of Sierra Leone; to extent of folks publicly opening up fronts against his boss. What used to be done from behind veneer of media charlatans is now overt. On Thursday, a pro-VP article described President on a tabloid front page as behaving like a rat and should be treated like one. It inspired advise that President Koroma needs to recognise the clever use of sub-liminal public relations to demonise him. Those advising the President to pretend as if he does not see the dangers lurking within and around, are giving him terrible advise!



APC Leader Needs to Recognise

Emerging PaOPa trends Within..!


By Mohamed Azonto Kamara


Hon. Bernadette Lahai, the Minority Leader in Parliament, is under attack from extremist PA.O.PA faction of Sierra Leones opposition SLPP. It has not come as a surprise to most honest political observers.Prior to his decision to step away from the SLPP limelight, many used to blame John Oponjo Benjamin (aka JOB) as being the cause of the ceaseless crisis within the SLPP. This was because the real culprit for the mess, Julius Maada Bio, effectively used charlatans in the media to brainwash the public that him and his supporters were being persecuted by John Benjamin. It was untrue but the media charlatans (they know themselves) ensured the lies of Maada Bio filled the air waves and printed pages. The greatest mistake of John Benjamin was his refusal to robustly defend himself from the media posits of these charlatans.


John Benjamin believed that in the interest of the SLPP, he should stay quiet even as his character was thoroughly tarnished by media charlatans who were not even fit to clean his shoes. That silence of his, was his biggest political mistake and it is what has led the SLPP into current disarray.

As Leader & Chairman of a political party, you cannot allow the uncontrollable urge for power by a single party member to flow unchallenged through dangerous media lies! There was an incident where John Benjamin had determined to take legal action against claims by Sorie Fofana and Jonathan Leigh which were published in Independent Observer and Global Times.

However, when it came to the crunch, Benjamin failed to see it through because he was prevailed upon by former President Kabbah and Madam I.J. Kabbah that in the interest of party unity, he should drop the legal steps. It was a big mistake.


Another very senior politician in this country who is following the same footsteps of John Benjamin and allowing assassination of his image through media, is President Ernest Koroma. I have read the contents of a pro-VP article in a local tabloid of Thursday October 17th 2013 calling for President Koroma to be treated like a rat. Amazing! But more on that further on in this article.


Let us turn back to SLPP and JOB. Today, if you phone John Benjamin, he will take your call from either his farm in Segbwema or his multi-billion leones Information Technology enterprises in Sierra Leone, Liberia or Gambia. Benjamin, an international businessman, is no longer in SLPP politics leadership limelight but the intra-SLPP battle continues with new fronts opening every single day; the latest being 17 MPs against Bernadette Lahai. More to soon unfold!


JOB is no longer at the SLPP Headquarters but the physical battles with mammy-cusses have continued causing many decent party members to shy away from there. So clearly, the problem was never John Benjamin. The problem is Julius Maada Bio, one man who believes he has been ordained to be President of Sierra Leone and he should move heaven and earth to achieve that seat; no matter the consequences.


PA.O.PA (by force!) it is either his way or no way at all inside the SLPP.


Okay, let us come back to the APC which is planning its presidential succession. There is another PA.O.PA element lurking inside APC and perpetuating itself through media and public relations lies which President Ernest Bai Koroma (EBK), by behaving like John Oponjo Benjamin (JOB), is leaving unattended and that is the one hovering around Vice-President Alhaji Sidique Samsumana (ASS).


Slowly but surely, people are now realising the kind of mindset that Vice-President ASS really possesses.Again, like Maada Bio, VP ASS has been cunningly using the media charlatans to promote an undue image of him being persecuted. Everyday, the mostly SLPP charlatans and his Kono brother David Tam Baryoh, will come up with report after report against President Koroma.

If charlatans like Umaru Fofana are not shamelessly lying that President EBK has banned our Honourable VP ASS from going to State House, another charlatan like Jonathan Leigh will be publishing on his front page, back in May 2013, that Sylvia Blyden and President EBK hosted a meeting in Makeni where they decided to eliminate Vice-President ASS! And yet another charlatan like Sorie Fofana will be lying that OFFICE OF THE VICE-PRESIDENT was told by the Minister of Social Welfare Moijueh Kaikai that State House had blocked VP ASSs recommended persons from attending Hajj.


Everyday, an image will be dished out by these charlatans that VP ASS is being persecuted but nowhere would one ever see any real tangible evidence to that effect! Poor Sylvia Blyden has been viciously drawn into the mess they are creating for VP ASS.


Too many persons who used to be very close allies of Sam-Sumana are now being labelled as being against him. WHY? Who would have ever believed that first, Diana Konomani and now poor Sylvia Blyden would have become targets of David Tam Baryohs menace on behalf of VP ASS?

The question is WHY? The simple answer is there is another PA.O.PA inside the APC and he should be closely watched or else he will turn the APC into the state the SLPP currently finds itself. Believe oh!


However, the most important advise for today is going to President EBK. He needs to learn from what happened to JOB about the result of a political party leader preferring to keep quiet in the interest of the party. JOB refused many, many, many advise for him to take control of a situation that spun out of control in the media.


JOBs argument was that if he took legal steps to punish or discipline those of his party members using the media against him, it would affect the party. At the end of the day, his passive attitude towards media vilification, partly led to the SLPP being where it is today. The real problem inside the SLPP is now known to not have ever been JOB but Maada Bios PA.O.PA attitude.

I really do not know what President EBK is waiting for before he takes action to stem the media charlatans claiming to be fighting for Vice-President ASS as they spread nastiness in the media. Is President EBK waiting for the APC to follow SLPP way? These media fighters of VP will take APC down if they are allowed to continue their demonic way of uttering lies in the media.


Finally, the pro-VP article in yesterdays local tabloid which I read was totally over the top! It has the hallmarks of PA.O.PA all over it and it has exposed that PA.O.PA is now lurking inside the APC.


How in Gods name can anyone say he is writing on behalf of the Vice-President and then go on to say the Head of State is behaving like a rat and should be treated like one???

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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