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Last Updated: Nov 8th, 2013 - 16:23:47 
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Eastern Region Librarian hails APC but needs Transportation
By Paul Lamin in Kenema.
Nov 8, 2013, 17:12
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The Regional Librarian for the East, Madam Agnes Bernadette Momoh has lavished praises on the ruling APC-led government for paying attention to the needs of regional libraries in a manner she said erstwhile governments had not done.


Madam Agnes Momoh said the Central Government of Ernest Bai Koroma, through funds provided for the two libraries in Kenema, have procured important prescribed text books and supplementary reading materials for Kenema students taking public examinations. She opined that this has helped to alleviate the problem of text books in the libraries for needy students who could not afford their own copies.

Madam Momoh furthered that not only textbooks but the library was now stocked with fiction and non-fiction reading materials as well as audio and audio visual materials. She said special audio tools have significantly helped Kenema students to improve on their oral English abilities.


She said, emboldened by the support from the APC-led government, her regional library systems have conducted Quiz competitions and set up School Library clubs. These activities, she said, aims to train children of the Eastern Province to be confident in the art of public-speaking, story-telling and debating skills. She said such activities have instilled boldness in children especially the young girls.


Madam Momoh said since she took office in January of this year, she has tried in her little way to upgrade the status of the library situated along Hotagua Street in Kenema which she said has resulted in the attracting of a lot of students and even lecturers from the Eastern Polytechnic College. She proudly said her aims include having more and more citizens in the Eastern Province, get to improve on their reading culture especially students.


She said poor reading habits in the country have caused educational levels of Sierra Leoneans to drop immensely. So, she has been calling on the community and stake-holders to make good use of the facilities available as that will improve the reading culture of the people. She said one way of drawing more people to her libraries was with the introduction of recreational technological games which serve as a way of relaxing people under stress and tensions. However, Madam Momoh, despite all these positive developments, has lamented on a serious constraint she is facing with regards expanding her vision beyond Kenema city into other parts of the Eastern Province; namely, Kailahun, Kono and the rest of Kenema out of the city. That, she revealed was lack of transportation for her and her staff to move around the region and spread the good culture of reading all over the East.

Madam Agnes Momoh is thus calling on the Central Government, Local Government Councils in the East or Donor Agencies to intervene speedily to solve the basic transportation needs of the Eastern Regional libraries Unit.


She proudly said that though she is a woman, she has made a lot of positive inputs but she now lacks adequate mobility to enable her function properly in rough terrains of Eastern Province.

Agnes B. Momoh said during her stay so far in the region, she has visited a number of  other communities with libraries including the Saint Josephs Agricultural School in Blama  and the Segbwema Library in Kailahun where she helped with installation of three brand new computers and an Internet Modem which were donated by one philanthropist Anthony Cioplet with two months subscription.

She said she would want to cover and visit more areas in Eastern Province and spread messages of good reading habits, promoting debating skills and carrying out Quiz competitions.


She ended her chat by reiterating her praises for the improved assistance from central government of President Ernest Bai Koroma towards needed  library systems meant for the citizens of the Eastern Province.

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