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Last Updated: Nov 8th, 2013 - 16:25:50 
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In Sierra Leone, No Minister or Appointee can boast of being Untouchable right now
Nov 8, 2013, 17:14
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Competent sources close to President Koroma have confirmed to this newspaper last night that there is no Appointee or Cabinet Minister who can boast of being untouchable and secured in their job right now; there is no sacred cow immune from being relieved of appointments. According to sources, President Koroma has planned a massive shake-up of his government as November 23rd 2013 looms; this is the date marking first year anniversary of his re-election.


We are informed that many of the Presidents appointees and Cabinet Ministers have become lackadaisical on the job believing that they are immune from being dismissed and replaced. As a result, our source says the President is determined to show that he is the President who was elected by Sierra Leoneans to provide them with capable and astute leadership.


The shake-up is going to affect not just Cabinet Ministers but even State House appointees. It is going to be like a whirlwind that leaves little behind when it blows, our source said.


President Ernest Bai Koromas personal popularity with Sierra Leoneans, is still very high as evidenced recently when journalists drew daggers against the President in a matter of seditious libel charges for their colleagues. To the shock of journalists and their secret internal backers within the government, they discovered they had very little local support for their battle against a hugely popular President. They quickly backed down from the confrontational approach and utilised the appeals method to reach out to the President.


However, despite his popularity, there is currently a lot of dissatisfaction in the local populace over a variety of issues ranging from lack of adequate public transportation, bad roads, bloated university fees, poor and unregulated medical services even in the capital citys hospitals, lawlessness in many spheres, seeming impunity in matters relating to official corruption and high youth unemployment.


A senior political analyst told this press that the disaffection, if not stemmed and new hope injected into the minds of citizens, might mark the beginning of a plummeting of popularity of the ruling All Peoples Congress.


Our sources close to President Koroma have indicated that he is contemplating a new approach between the government and the governed which will restore some hope and boost the APCs fortunes. In this regard, sources insist that no appointee of the President and no Cabinet position is currently secured and no sacred cow exists right now.


If Cabinet Ministers tell you that they are sure of retaining positions after the upcoming Cabinet Reshuffle, tell him or her that they are just bluffing.Nobody is sure of any position right now. I can tell you that President Koroma is set to make surprising announcements. It will strengthen hope and confidence amongst the voters that their President means to carry out his agenda for prosperity of citizens with a more responsive team, a key source confided last evening.

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