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Last Updated: Feb 5th, 2014 - 16:08:34 
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Who is Stopping Sorie Fofana from Vomiting on State House Tacmac?
Feb 5, 2014, 17:00
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Sorie Fofana of Global Times newspaper, says he is a serious journalist like me, Aruna Turay of Awareness Times; but time and time again Sorie Fofana has proven to be just a cheap blackmailer. Sorie Fofana, in his usual criminal blackmailling style, made childish tales & threats of vomiting on State House in the pages of Global Times on Tuesday 4th February 2014. All whilst he threatened to expose Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, who doubles as the first woman to be appointed as a Cabinet-ranked Special Executive Assistant (SEA) to the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone at State House.

Sorie Fofana has no idea about how much respect Sylvia Blyden carries in this country which is why he feels she is a weak link for him to hit at State House. Sylvia Blyden is a formidable pillar of strength to State House, to the APC-led government and to President Ernest Koroma.


Editor Aruna Turay: I do not do blackmail


Over the weekend one of my friends, a prison officer at Freetown Central Prisons was telling me how Dr. Blyden was last week able to resolve a major problem between Guma Valley Water Company and the Central Prisons that had caused prisoners to suffer from lack of adequate water supply. When the matter was brought to her attention at State House, I am told she swiftly intervened and resolved the matter. The prisons now has enough water supply.


I felt so proud hearing of the way she solved the problem and I told her I was going to run a full page report on what the problem had been and report how she resolved it swiftly to benefit of prisoners but, as usual, she politely declined publicising of her efforts to help President Koroma; saying she does not need the publicity. This is what she has always been doing; quietly working in the shadows so much so that Sorie Fofana and few others misconstrue developments and believe otherwise. Why will any visionary president not want a strong asset like Sylvia Blyden at State House?

Sorie Fofana has spent 12 months openly blackmailing President Koroma to get rid of Sylvia Blyden. Sorie and those who hired him, have used every trick under the sun to have Dr. Sylvia Blyden removed from State House but our President has been treating Sorie like one treats a black plastic garbage bag.


I have lost count of times Sorie Fofana has written, quoting from authoritative State House sources that Sylvia Blyden was going to be sacked, investigated, suspended, queried, not travelling with President, shunned, isolated, taken to CID, etc. etc.


All of these sensational attacks on Sylvia Blyden are ignored by our President who knows valuable goods and also knows how to treat blackmailing criminals like one treats black garbage bags. Sorie Fofana roguishly wrote, Dont allow me to vomit on the tarmac of State House. I laughed so well after reading that. Sorie you want to vomit right? Boy go right ahead and vomit. The State House floor is all yours, you can even vomit your guts out if you so desire. You and I know that unlike those failures who have hired you, Sylvia Olayinka Blyden has no skeleton in her cupboard to be afraid of such childish threats. Only a government official not worth her salt will fear such threats of vomiting.

So Boy Sorie, go on boy and vomit on State House tarmac and maybe that time you will find yourself in same position as David Tam-Baryoh, the friend of President Koroma who recently spent seven hours cooling his heels inside the worst police cell on Slater Terrace right amongst his fellow criminals.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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