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Last Updated: Feb 7th, 2014 - 16:17:43 
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AV8 Helicopters to Start Operations in Sierra Leone
Feb 7, 2014, 17:08
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A delegation from AV8 Helicopters based in East London and South Africa is currently visiting Sierra Leone to start arrangement for the commencement of helicopter services and to also open a shopping mall in the country. 


The delegation met with Mayor of the Freetown City Council Sam Franklyn Badabode Gibson at his office to discuss plans to start operation in Sierra Leone.


Explaining about their services, Brian Katz from AV8 Helicopters said we simply love to fly choppers, which is why we are in the aviation business, providing chartered heli -flights as well as flight instruction.


He also said that our office and accredited helicopter flight training school is based at East London Airport in the Eastern Cape and all our pilots and instructors are experienced, with suitable commercial qualifications. He said We pride ourselves on meeting all of our clients needs, and fly 365 days a year and we are confident that the rates are cost-effective.


He added that AV8 Helicopters are licensed; experienced and equipped to perform Advertising operations like banner flying, Aerial patrol, air observation and aerial survey work, Agricultural spraying, seeding and crop dustbin, Emergency air rescue, medivac & medical services (including the provision of casualty equipment and medical personnel), Fire spotting, fire control and fire fighting, Game and livestock selection, culling, counting and herding Under sling and winching / hoisting operations.

On the area of safety compliance, AV8 Helicopters he said maintains a high standard of safety at all times as their policy is that no effort or expense is spared in achieving the highest level of aircraft maintenance standards.


We are compliant with the safety standards as set by the South African Civil Aviation Authority, and pride ourselves on consistently achieving their high safety standards and maintenance requirements, the leader of the delegation said adding that in the future they also intend to invest in shopping mall business and medical aid insurance.


Responding the Mayor of the Freetown City Council Sam Franklyn Badabode Gibson welcomed their investment plans and assured that the council will help to facilitate the investment into the country.


The Mayor also assured that council will be a leading partner towards the shopping mall investment into the country and also took the delegation on a conducted of the city for possible interest.


The delegation also met with officers of the Sierra Leone Investment and Export Promotion Agency at Tower Hill to explore detail investment opportunities available.


Officers of the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Sierra Leone Civil Aviation was also briefed about the investment plans of the South African based investor. 


The visit of the South African investor into the country was facilitated by the development oriented and business minded Hon. Thomas B Turay who was present as the delegation took a conducted tour of the city for potential business interests.

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