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Last Updated: Feb 21st, 2014 - 16:34:20 
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Sierra Leone News: NPRC wanted to Kill APC Forever - THE INTERNET EXCHANGES CONTINUE
By Facebook Updates
Feb 21, 2014, 17:15
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SYLVIA OLAYINKA BLYDEN: Here is the link (on Sierra Leone Web) to apology by President Koroma from as far back as August 2003 when he was addressing the Truth & Reconciliation Commission as opposition leader. He said:- Strength of the APC lies in the many infrastructures developments the party undertook all over the country. Our greatest pride and strength are found within the pages of the 1991 Multi- Party Democratic Constitution (Act No.6 of 1991). This is our gift to Sierra Leone and we appeal to the SLPP to hold sacred this Constitution in the interest of democracy... My party is proud of her record in office and these records are visible all over Sierra Leone. But despite all of our achievements, one has to remember that politics is not saintly and it becomes dirty with greed, impropriety and undemocratic overtures on the part of the players. As we urge our brothers and sisters in the SLPP to play the game according to the rule, we assure them that we shall also be doing the same; for we all owe it to our country, to those who suffered all forms of deprivation and those who lost their lives or limbs during this sad conflict.


At the same time, we extend to all Sierra Leoneans of whatever political party a hand of friendship, with our hearts emptied of bitterness and hold everyone in a warm embrace of reconciliation. We have of course made mistakes over the years and to all those who we may have hurt in any way, we say - SORRY. The APC asks for your forgiveness.


EMMANUEL S.: This is a reluctant apology made out of necessity, Dr. Blyden. But the point, though, is if President Koromas apology on behalf of the APC is sincere, why is he allowing the very same pathologies that led to the war to happen under his current watch? Apology and offence repetition occupy two opposite poles. What have you to say about this Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden?


SYLVIA OLAYINKA BLYDEN: Let us talk NOT on your attempted distraction of what you claim is happening now (which is not true anyway!) or whether Ernest Koromas apology was sincere or not. Let us concentrate on the debate and talk on the pertinent ISSUES of:

1.) The APC government that was overthrown was a constitutional regime

2.) The NPRC which overthrew the APC proved to be wolves in sheep clothing. Infact, worse than wolves, they were MURDERERS and DRUGS-ADDICTS.

3.) The NPRC caused the RUF rebel war to move from the border areas of Pujehun and Kailahun and conflagrate the entire country under their watch. From Kenema to Kono to Moyamba to Kambia to Koinadugu, etc. etc. the NPRC caused the war to spread like a wild bush fire in a harmattan wind.

4.) The NPRC proceeded on a systematic mission to annihilate the APC and kill it forever so they targeted APC folks in a manner akin to raw intimidation. One night, whilst high on drugs, NPRC slaughtered many APC leaders and potential leaders in a bloody spree of extra judicial killings. A short while after that first killing spree, NPRC even had wanted to slaughter ERNEST BAI KOROMA because they saw he had the potential to one day lead the APC back into governance.


JANET SAVAGE: Doc, let sleeping dogs lie. People will just refuse to understand even when they know the truth. Dont waste your time and energy to enlighten some people about our history, they are playing ignorance, those who know, know the truth.


SYLVIA OLAYINKA BLYDEN: Aunty Janet Savage, have you ever heard the phrase History repeats itself? What about the other phrase which says: THOSE WHO FAIL TO LEARN FROM HISTORY ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT? Please allow us to teach the youngsters coming up about the CORRECT HISTORY of our land. It is not fair for us, the older ones to say, since we know, they do not deserve to know. They deserve to know so they do not repeat the mistakes.


JANET SAVAGE: Indeed you are right! Tell them doc. The truth shall set us free! Maybe you need to write a book which every Sierra Leonean should own because History is good for the soul. Without history there is no future.


ZECHARIAH KANNEH: Wow Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, is it true that the NPRC wanted to slaughter Ernest Bai Koroma? You mean as far back as then, the NPRC had seen that Ernest Bai Koroma was the man to bring back the APC into governance? Please tell us some more on this Dr. Blyden.


SYLVIA OLAYINKA BLYDEN: Indeed Zechariah Kanneh, the current President was one of those who would have been SLAUGHTERED by the drugged up NPRC killers had it not been for a sustained international outcry from rights agencies which saved his life. Here is an Amnesty International release I want you to read. Poor Ernest Bai Koroma was wrongly accused of being a coup plotter, arrested, treated inhumanely and almost executed as happened to Bambay Kamara and others just a few weeks before he, Ernest Bai Koroma was picked up for execution. At the time he was to have been killed by the NPRC, Ernest Bai Koroma was only 39 years of age but he was already a shining star being the Managing Director of one of the lead Insurance firms, RITCORP. Ernest Bai Koromas potential as a strong APC shining star made SLPP-leaning NPRC junta operatives to target him for death. NPRC had wanted extermination of all things APC and the annihilation of the APC forever. They saw in the brilliant, distinguished 39 years old Ernest Bai Koroma, someone with the potential to lead the APC back into power.


Sierra Leone: fear of torture / extrajudicial execution: Ernest Allen, Fatmata Binta Jalloh, Foday Kallon, Rosaline Kamara, Ernest Bai Koroma, Bockarie Samura and at least one other

- Ernest Allen, Permanent Secretary at the Department of Defence

- Fatmata Binta Jalloh (female), businesswoman

- Foday Kallon, employee at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

- Rosaline Kamara (female), an official at the Sierra Leone Embassy in Russia

- Ernest Bai Koroma, Managing Director of Reliance Insurance and Transport Corporation of Sierra Leone

- Bockarie Samura

- and at least one other

The six people named above and at least one other person were arrested on about 18 March 1993 on suspicion of involvement in a plot to overthrow the government. They have not been charged with any offence and are detained incommunicado. Amnesty International is concerned that they may be subjected to torture or ill-treatment, or may be executed without any trial or after a parody of a trial before a special military court.


The seven people are apparently suspected of involvement in a plot to overthrow the government of Captain Valentine Strasser which seized power in a military coup in April 1992. On 11 March 1993 the government said it had uncovered a conspiracy to purchase arms and missiles from Ukraine and accused former President J. S. Momoh, currently in exile in neighbouring Guinea, of plotting to return to power by force. The detainees are being held incommunicado at the police headquarters in Freetown, the capital, and have been denied access to families and lawyers.


The detainees are held without charge or trial. Following the coup in April 1992, emergency legislation was introduced which gave the security forces unlimited powers of administrative detention without charge or trial and specifically prevented challenges against such detention in the courts. Over 150 people, including more than 40 former government ministers and officials, have been detained since April 1992 and are held without charge or trial at Pademba Road Prison in Freetown.


On 29 December 1992, 26 people were executed after grossly unfair summary trials before a special military tribunal or possibly after no trials at all - some after being severely tortured. Three others were executed extra-judicially. They were alleged to have been involved in two separate conspiracies against the government in November and December 1992. Despite subsequent evidence that no coup attempts in fact took place, several detainees remain in incommunicado detention without charge or trial, accused of involvement in these alleged conspiracies.

Please send telegrams/telexes/express and airmail letters either in English or in your own language:

- expressing concern at the detention without charge or trial of those named above in connection with an alleged conspiracy against the government;

- seeking information about the charges against them;

- expressing concern that they too might be subjected to torture or ill-treatment or executed summarily after unfair trials, as were 29 people in late December 1992;

- urging that they be given immediate access to lawyers and families, and to be either charged promptly in open court with recognizably criminal offences and brought to trial with full rights of defence, or else released without delay.



© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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