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Last Updated: Mar 19th, 2014 - 17:10:30 
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Whoíll Become The Next President?
By Ahmed Sahid Nasralla (De Monk)
Mar 19, 2014, 17:00
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AYV Groupís maiden movie, ĎThe Next Presidentí, is all set to be premiered on Saturday, March 22nd, 2014 at the Bintumani Hotel, Aberdeen, Freetown, beginning at 8pm prompt.


The film will officially be premiered by Executive Chairman of African Minerals SL Ltd, Mr. Moseray Fadika.


ĎThe Next Presidentí, which has already being launched internationallly and now showing on Iroko TV, won Best Directing (by Nollywood sensation Desmond Elliot) and Jury Overall Best Film (an award from the judges); and was among the nominees for Best Feature Film category together with ĎAiyekotoí, ĎTorní, ĎWhen Dreams Fall Apartí, ĎSave the Childrení, ĎBrothers Keeperí, and ĎLies Men Tellí at the (10th) Abuja International Film Festival (AIFF) held last December in Nigeria.


Filmed entirely in Sierra Leone, ĎThe Next Presidentí combines the hallmarks of Nigerian, Ghanaian and the emerging Sierra Leonean movie industries to produce a typical storyline/plot attributive to the dynamics of political struggle in Africa.



This is how Iroko tv highlights the movie:


ďThis is a world where dishonest government officials use their power to illegitimately fight one another for their private gain and to be the next president. One candidate, however, decides to save his country from corrupt leaders by running for office as an independent candidate; a move that turns him into a target.


ďWill he be able to dodge the bullets that are targeting him?


ďThe plot: a political candidate is shocked to the core when an opponent is appointed over himself as the presidential nominee. Blackmail, corruption and deceit ensue in the race to become the next president.Ē


The film has been described as a Pan-African movie, bringing together the best of Nigerian, Ghanaian and Sierra Leonean actors, in line with the philosophy of Africa Young Voices and to break international barriers.


Almost all the big names in the emerging Sierra Leone movie industry are featured, including Desmond Finney, Dr. Julius Spencer, TJ Cole aka De Megadon, and Ibrahim Khemolai (producer/director, ĎState Crimeí). Others include popular TV host Racheal Sesay, Denis Nelson Streeter, Martha Sesay, songstress Vida, stand-up comedian Desmond Beinya, popular musician Nasser Ayoub and more.


The film also casts the director Desmond Elliot, and Ghanaian sensation Jackie Appiah as the wife of the independent candidate.


Popular Sierra Leonean musician, Emmerson Bockarie, stars in his first movie as Felix the Mr. Fix It bodyguard/PA of one of the presidential aspirants in the movie played by TJ Cole.


ďEverybody who is somebody in the Salone movie industry is featured in this film; so the issue of Sollywood vs Sun Valley is completely nullified,Ē said Mucktarr Tejan Cole (aka DeMagadon).


The producer and Chairman of AYV Group, Amb. Anthony Navo Jnr., said he was delighted and inspired by the positive collaboration among Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone movie industries; adding that his hope and dream, as a Pan-Africanist, was to see the whole of Africa united under one umbrella in the pursuit of the development of the continent in all sectors during this generation.


He said AYV Group represented the collective voices of the young generation who were naturally going to inherit the leadership of the continent in all departments.


ďWeíll use our voices to inspire unity, peace, tolerance and development across the continent. This is the essence of and whole idea behind Africa Young Voices, AYV,Ē he said.


The AYV Chairman also thanked well-meaning people and institutions that provided their premises for the shooting of the film, and the entire nation for their support.


Coordinator of AYV Films, Racheal Sesay of ĎTell It To Rachealí fame says the combination of Sierra Leonean/Nigerian and Ghanaian cast gives the movie international appeal. She said AYV catered for young people who have over the years being marginalized and used as tools to perpetrate violence in society.¬† She said they want to exploit the talent of young people, hence the engagement of Elliot and Jacky Appiah.


Cast: Desmond Elliot, Jackie Appiah, Rachael Sesay, Mucktar Tejan Cole, Desmond Finney, Dr. Julius Spencer, Ibrahim Khemolai. Director: Desmond Elliot. Producer: Anthony Navo Jnr.


Positive Comments on ĎThe Next Presidentí courtesy Iroko tv website:


Mariatu74 ē 2 days ago as of December 13th¬†2013

Nice movie and thanks to Desmond for promoting Salone. People should stop hating and appreciate a little instead of criticizes


Nanilasiannehpoden ē 8 days ago

Emmerson looking all good. Nice to see him.


Massahlumeh ē 11 days ago

Emmerson u should have been on the good side but still u was bad and sexy I really like the movie, I hope to see Emmerson more in movies.


disqus_GdgurbT5b9 ē 11 days ago

Good movie, it a good start, keep on Sierra Leone.


Hawa George ē 13 days ago

Desmond Elliot thank you for always including salone actors in your moviesÖworld need producers like you to elevate us all AfricansÖ


Mabad ē 13 days ago

I think this movie is a unique and inspring one! Itís basically about Sierra Leone but it also reflects, and can be connected to the situation in some other countries too. I believe we all should work together to make that changeÖ to make positive impacts on our home countries. Everyone is capable of making a change and the future lies in our hands! Overall, this is an awesome movie!


Martin Hansen ē 13 days ago

Desmond is my best actor of all time.

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