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Last Updated: Aug 15th, 2014 - 18:44:04 
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Sierra Leone Investigative Newspaper rejects Bogus Allegations against Koroma, George Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates
By Our Investigative Team
Aug 15, 2014, 17:17
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Many citizens of Sierra Leone in the night of Thursday August 14th 2014, were glued to their radios as a popular station broadcasted of an alleged conspiracy around the emergence of Ebola in the Mano River sub-region. The report was from conspiracy websites which claimed, without any evidence shown, that Kenema was housing a bioweapons lab with links to billionaires George Soros and Bill and Melinda Gates. Worst of all, the unproven claims allege links between President of Sierra Leone, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma and George Soros as evidence tying into a vaguely stated conspiracy.

This newspaper has been diligently investigating those claims for several days now and we can assure our readers that we have found absolutely nothing incriminating against the President of Sierra Leone. Other than an attempt to embarrass our President, nothing can justify even the mention of his name in those Ebola conspiracy reports.


Furthermore, even the claims against George Soros and Bill Gates have been effectively debunked by their respective spokespersons to the extent that some of the more credible websites which first published the claims have been already retracting their allegations.


The assertion is absurd, Chris Williams, spokesman for Gates Foundation told journalists, adding that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has actually provided a whopping sum of $1 million dollars to support emergency Ebola-related efforts in West Africa by UNICEF.


Similarly, a spokeswoman for George Soros has also said George Soros does not fund any such labs, much less a bioweapons lab, in West Africa.


George Soros is much closer to other Presidents in Africa than he is to President of Sierra Leone Ernest Koroma so why will the report bring only Koroma into such poor light especially with not even a single piece of evidence to justify? It is just a disgusting attack on the President, wrote Abdul Kargbo, a lawyer on the internet adding and they wonder why no serious media has published their allegations?


Indeed, despite strenuous investigations by this newspaper so far, we have found no financial or other link between the laboratory in Kenema and either Gates or Soros. None at all.

The conspiracy theories really just kind of, wow, Dr. Garry of Tulane University told journalists. Garry used to work with late Dr. Khan, late Nurse Mbalu Fonnie and late Mohamed Fullah in Kenema. He painfully added, Our teammates are dying, and youre talking this trash about us.


Meanwhile, several of the news websites which had published the allegations against Soros, President Koroma and Bill & Melinda Gates, have already retracted their previous publications whilst telling the world that the claims were bogus, with no merit and they had been misled. One such website known as POLITIFACT [CLICK HERE] described their own previous publication as one akin to popular saying of liar! liar! pants on fire.


This newspaper can confirm that the Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone is a multi-facility hospital which contains a laboratory dedicated to hemorrhagic fever research. What this newspaper is however yet to determine is the role of the United States Department of Defense as well as the U.S. Armys Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases which also sometimes works in that hospitals facility.


An U.S. Defense contracted personnel, Dr. Joseph Fair, is currently acting as a Special Advisor to Health Minister Miatta Kargbo and has been speaking on her behalf to big international media. This raised many eyebrows.


Before she came to Sierra Leone from America to work at State House as a presidential adviser on health, Miatta Kargbo was groomed by a major multi-billion dollars Pharmaceutical company known as Eli LILLY [CLICK HERE]


According to sources, she was trained and groomed for 15 years  by Eli LILLY to join the companys senior management for many years [CLICK HERE].


Miatta Kargbo's position at Eli LILLY was a vaguely described analyst. [CLICK HERE]


Whilst working at State House, Miatta Kargbo still had her full-time job employment at Eli LILLY drugs pharmaceuticals from where she had merely taken a leave of absence. [CLICK HERE (pdf) OR CLICK HERE (text)]


From State House, she was appointed as Health Minister but it is not clear if she is still on the employee roll of Eli LILLY.


More on Miatta Kargbo when we finish ongoing investigations into the strategic connections between various pharmaceutical companies, an over one hundred million dollars (to be precise, US$140 million) Department of Defense contract & the development of an Ebola drug by a company named  TEKMIRA PHARMACEUTICALS which now needs clinical testing of TKM-Ebola drug on humans infected with Ebola virus.

*See Links below:

Tekmira Doses First Subject in Human Clinical Trial of TKM-Ebola
Jan 14, 2014


Tekmira Receives Fast Track Designation From FDA for Its Anti-Ebola Viral Therapeutic
Mar 5, 2014

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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