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Last Updated: Oct 3rd, 2014 - 17:15:20 
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Treating Sierra Leone with Levity: The Case of Fake Ebola Numbers under our International Partners' Eyes
By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden (Officer of the Order of the Rokel)
Oct 3, 2014, 17:04
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If we are to believe the words of Abdulai Bayraytay of the Office of the Government Spokesman, an aircraft sent by the British to fly President Koroma to a Donors Conference in London, developed some problems and actually broke down at Lungi Airport on October 1st 2014. According to my highly credible sources, President Koroma boarded the huge plane, fastened his seat belt and waited for a pleasant take-off. The pilot several times attempted to take off from the run-way but failed because the plane developed technical computer problems. Therefore, His Excellency the President and all his specially chosen aides accompanying him to London, had to clamber off the huge plane, go back into their black jeeps and drive back to be ferried across again to Freetown. Very disgraceful, I must add!

One must also thank the Almighty that the aircraft did not develop these technical problems whilst up in the air but when it tried to take off. Can you imagine if the plane's computers had failed whilst in mid-air? This is why one must wonder how safe really is our beloved President? Just few weeks back, it was a helicopter that lacked fuel to take the President thus forcing him to abort a trip to Kailahun. The very next day, the same helicopter developed technical problems forcing the President to once again abort another aerial trip to Freetown and instead drive down by road leaving the helicopter behind. Now, it is a plane sent for a whole Head of State, that develops technical problems on the run-way after the President had boarded it to fly out.

Is our President safe? What kind of system is really being operated around our beloved President Koroma? Is it a functional system or a malfunctioning one? Food for thought!

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Whoever sent that rotten plane from Britain for our Head of State, has little respect for the President and People of Sierra Leone. This lack of respect for our country is probably the reason why certain international partners are content to watch as our Health Ministry dishes out ridiculous statistics on Ebola. Death Rates that are subjecting this country to mockery and ridicule in international scientific circles.

The Health Ministry continues to make a FOOL of the Government with ridiculous numbers being announced. Look at their latest Update:


Total Survived and Released Patients = 459

New Confirmed cases = 33, as follows:
Kailahun = 1, Kenema = 1, Kono = 3, Bombali = 0, Kambia = 0, Koinadugu = 0, Port Loko =10, Tonkolili = 0, Bo = 1, Bonthe = 0, Moyamba = 1, Pujehun = 0, Freetown = 16

Cumulative confirmed cases = 2,217 as follows:
Kailahun = 530, Kenema = 429, Kono =23, Bombali =227, Kambia =18, Koinadugu =0, Port Loko =305, Tonkolili = 78, Bo = 101, Bonthe = 1, Moyamba = 58, Pujehun = 19, Freetown = 428

Total cumulative confirmed death is 554

So, lets take a close look. 554 deaths out of 2,217 confirmed laboratory cases leaves 1,663 that are supposedly *NOT DEAD*. Now, if only 459 of this 1,663 have survived and been released from hospital, it means we have 1,663 MINUS 459 which equals 1,204 confirmed cases not yet released and still hospitalised.

However, we all know Sierra Leone does not have 1,204 Ebola patients hospitalised. I had earlier explained that most of these unaccounted-for patients are dead and that the Government will be reviewing the figures to ensure the crisis in placed in proper perspective. However, still the Health Ministry continues to make us look ridiculous to the world by announcing these disgraceful statistics. This is so shameful. No wonder we are being treated with such levity that the British will send us a rotten aircraft to fly our President out of Sierra Leone.

I dont know of Health Ministrys procurement of ambulances but I know the infection and death rates being announced for the Ebola Outbreak are dishonest, deceitful and for some strange reasons, our international partners are content to watch it go on!

However, the dangers in under-reporting, are very serious. For example, when you under-report deaths, you result in skewed data when doing projections for orphans and widows caused by Ebola deaths. We are creating a huge social welfare headache for ourselves now and in the future with these fake deaths figures because they simply will not tally with the real numbers of orphans and widows who are going to be in need of social welfare.

Furthermore, when you suppress actual infection rates and death figures, you short-change yourself in securing assistance from the international world. This is why Liberia ends up having 52 million dollars from World Bank as free grant money to fight Ebola whilst Sierra Leone got only 28 million dollars on same occasion. (SEE PHOTO ACCOMPANYING THIS UPDATE)
World Bank gave US$52Million to Liberia but only US$28Million to Sierra Leone even though the laboratory confirmed cases in Sierra Leone, more than DOUBLED that of Liberia at the time of this grant donation to the three MRU Countries!

And this huge difference in allocation is despite the glaring fact that our laboratory confirmed Infection Rates DOUBLES that of Liberia!!! Does it make sense for Liberia to get virtually double what we got? No, it doesnt! But this is the result of under-reporting your citizens' deaths!

The new Health Minister, Dr. Abubakarr Fofanah, is making the terrible mistake of continuing to retain the structures the old minister left behind in concert with certain of our international partners.

Furthermore, the Emergency Operations Center structure created by the President needs an URGENT review because it appears the international partners thereon like the way Sierra Leone is being short-changed with false statistics! They like the way we are reporting figures that make us look like foolish Africans in a Banana Republic! No wonder we are being treated with such levity that, according to Abdulai Bayraytay, the British will send us a rotten aircraft to fly our sitting President out of Sierra Leone. What a shame to our land.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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