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Last Updated: Oct 7th, 2014 - 17:00:54 
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As NEWSTIMEAFRICA issues silly threat... Brian Gilpin & Abdulai Bayraytay named in Saga of Plane Sent by ďthe BritishĒ with technical problems
Oct 7, 2014, 12:10
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A threat against Dr. Sylvia Blyden, the former Special Executive Assistant (SEA) to President Koroma posted on October 1st 2014 by one Ahmed Kamara, publisher of an attack-dog, London-based news outlet known as NEWS TIME AFRICA, has been dismissed by the former SEA as "a joke that can only create embarrassment for State House".


According to an earlier self-pronouncement by Ahmed Kamara, he was last year appointed as "International Media Adviser to President Koroma" and it was in such capacity that he is informing the world that he has spoken to President Koroma who gave him clearance to publicly threaten Dr. Sylvia Blyden with severe consequences if she dared to publish anything critical.


However, Dr. Sylvia Blyden tells Awareness Times that Ahmed Kamara was lying about receiving information from the President because Ahmed was actually more of a stooge for the Personal Assistant to President Koroma, Mr. Brian Gilpin. She insisted that Gilpin has been channeling monies to Kamara to attack and distort issues around events in Sierra Leone.

Brian Gilpin: Personal Assistant using NEWS TIME AFRICA as an Attack Dog to intimidate Sylvia Blyden, former SEA

"It is the biggest mistake of Brian Gilpin to believe that either himself or Ahmed Kamara can intimidate me, harass me or threaten me on their internationally read ragsheet; their biggest mistake," Blyden said.


"I decided to resign for reasons that were for the best for this country. I left State House of my own volition with dignity. I took a dignified exit that did not affect anyone and declined to make public the real reasons behind my resignation. I did not want to embarrass anyone and chose to quietly walk away," Dr. Blyden said but lamented "it was thus wrong for Brian Gilpin to have Ahmed Kamara attack me so viciously on October 1st, the day when I resigned".


Meanwhile, apparently in the mood to show she was not intimidated by any "silly threat from silly people", Dr. Blyden has published on the Internet, a short video clip of Abdulai Bayraytay of the Office of the Government Spokesman as he lied that it was the British who sent the rotten plane that could not take off from the runway. It accompanied an Open Letter she addressed to another government functionary. SEE BELOW FOR LETTER

TO: Mr. Daniel Kanu,

Commissioner (North) at the Right to Access Information (RAI) Commission.


Please watch this short video clip as Mr. Abdulai Bayraytay, Office of the Sierra Leone Government Spokesman, says, and I QUOTE verbatim:

ē "We know His Excellency was supposed to have been there yesterday but unfortunately he couldn't make it; reason being er, em, that, eh, the aircraft sent to us by the British to take him, developed some technical problems".


Bayraytay is here telling journalists, and by extension, the whole world, about what is supposed to be the official position (I repeat, the OFFICIAL POSITION) of the Sierra Leone Government as to what caused our beloved President Koroma to miss the October 2nd Donor Conference jointly organised by the British and Sierra Leone governments.


Well, Bayraytay might have been economical with the truth because there is little chance the British Government will send such a rotten plane for a Head of State which is why I repeatedly placed the claim of ďthe BritishĒ in quotation in my article of 3rd October.


So, if the British Government did not send that rotten plane, the next question is; just who is this ďthe BritishĒ from the international world who sent the rotten plane? I guess good investigative journalists can always get the correct answer and in the process, they might just unveil the sheer incompetence around personal affairs of President Koroma as handled by BRIAN GILPIN, the Personal Assistant to the President.

Who is ďthe BritishĒ who sent that plane? Hmmmm! BRIAN GILPIN can surely answer.


Anyway, let us move on. These spoken words of Mr. Abdulai Bayraytay are what I quoted in my article that caused you Daniel Kanu, in your exchange with Arnold Akibo-Betts, to viciously attack me as a liar. I respect APC members like Akibo-Betts because he is not a sycophant. You can learn a lot from Akibo-Betts.


Daniel Kanu, you are not any more of an APC supporter than Arnold Akibo-Betts. Non-sycophants within APC all know whilst our APC party currently has one of the best leaders in Africa right now, our leader is not being served well because some very key folks around him are engaged in SELF OVER SERVICE.


Therefore to serve their selfish interests, they ensure incompetence becomes glorified to hide their stupendous failings around the President. We have a good, kind and honest leader in President Koroma but what Sierra Leone needs quickly is honesty & professionalism on many other levels including amongst key folks around the President.


Mr. Daniel Kanu, you recently got appointed by President Koroma as Commissioner (North) at the Right to Access Information (RAI) Commission. Mr. Kanu, after you watch this video of Bayraytay, please kindly use your position as Information Commissioner to force BRIAN GILPIN to tell the Nation as to just who is ďthe BritishĒ who sent that rotten plane for our Head of State?


Frankly speaking, I have said it many a time that entire Communications and Public Relations team which BRIAN GILPIN (Personal Assistant to President Koroma) has currently aligned (starting from that London-based idiotic NEWSTIMEAFRICA to right there inside State House) is no match for just me alone. They are Incompetence Glorified.  


Mr. Daniel Kanu, those myriad of Ďcommunicatorsí aligned like ducks in a row by the shadowy BRIAN GILPIN, simply lack the relevant skills to do what they are supposed to be doing in the interest of the President. Ad hominem attacks such as calling others as "liars" is a key tool of the set-up created by BRIAN GILPIN using funds that could be well utilised in creating a professional Communications set-up that Sierra Leone really deserves.


Every day, a new Communications or Media outfit for the President will get to be unveiled at more and more expense, but yet still the President continues to be ill-served. Look at Bayraytay blaming ďthe BritishĒ for what could be sheer incompetence around the Presidentís personal affairs! Who is ďthe BritishĒ who sent that plane? Mr. Daniel Kanu, please use your position and give us the answer as we have the right to access information like that. Please ask BRIAN GILPIN to tell us who sent that plane?


Putting it bluntly, it says a lot about innate character of BRIAN GILPIN, Personal Assistant to the President, if Mr. Brian Gilpinís self-assembled Communications team has to always resort to nasty Ad Hominem attacks rather than handle salient issues affecting the legacy of President Koroma and the welfare of our beloved Sierra Leone.


Finally, Mr. Daniel Kanu, your approval as a RAI Commissioner implies you have integrity and to the best of my recollection, I have never had reason to doubt your integrity so far. So, I trust that after you watch this video of Mr. Bayraytay blaming ďthe BritishĒ for sending a "technical problems" aircraft to pick up the Sierra Leone Head of State, I will be getting a sincere apology from you for attacking me as lying about what Bayraytay said.


As you might know, in all my years of Journalism and Politics, I have never written a single deliberate lie. I am not a liar. Check the records. I have never been proven to be a liar. Never! Check the records. I have too much integrity and too high a level of self-respect to resort to lying. Indeed, I am a loyalist and if I am loyal to any person, I can spin situations around so as to favour the person but for me to tell a deliberate lie? No, I do not tell lies Mr. Daniel Kanu.


So, Mr. Daniel Kanu, Commissioner North at RAI, as you watch this video clip of Bayraytay blaming ďthe BritishĒ and as I very patiently await your apology for calling me a liar, allow me to quote the following from the Holy Bible which I understand you once claimed as your favourite biblical quotation:


ďFor still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end ó it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay (Habakkuk 2:3)Ē


As I wait your apology, leh we day go normor.


Saturday 4th October 2014.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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