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Last Updated: Mar 24th, 2015 - 04:55:52 
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Sierra Leone: Pondering March 21st 1967 & the SLPP’s 37% Dilemma
By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden of the APC : Posted last Saturday on Facebook with Video
Mar 23, 2015, 12:15
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March 21st 2015: Today March 21st marks the 48th anniversary of the date Lieutenant Hinga Norman pointed a pistol at President Siaka Stevens, the duly elected Prime Minister of Sierra Leone who was on that date being sworn in with his top APC loyalists including my grandfather, S.A.J. Pratt by his side. It was the first use of VIOLENCE to thwart a democratic process in Sierra Leone.


APC’s Siaka Stevens had defeated the losing SLPP Government in elections of 17th March 1967.


APC won 279,515 votes totalling 45% of votes cast and winning 32 seats.


The SLPP had 230,999 votes totalling 37% and winning 28 seats.


Six Independent candidates got total of 111,936 which was 18%.


The violence prone SLPP clique did not want the democratic process to go through. So they sent Hinga Norman to ‘hands-up’ APC leaders.


Many APC youths were shot dead that day as they valiantly fought to protect their democratic franchise.


So you see? Our APC has gone through a lot of shenanigans at the hands of the SLPP whom are masters in orchestrated media stunts, shameless propaganda and VIOLENCE.


In Memory of the emotional trauma the APC has suffered at the hands of SLPP since March 21st 1967, I hereby dedicate this video with the APC Victory song in the background. The musical lyrics were written by S.A.J. Pratt, my beloved 95 years old grandfather.


Now, as can be seen from above narrative, 37% of legitimate votes of Sierra Leoneans is what is consistently due to SLPP. That is what they got in 1967; in 2007 and in 2012.


In the first rounds of the 1996 Elections, Tejan Kabbah also got a little under 37% for the SLPP in first rounds.


And that is what the world has come to realise. The SLPP, in free and fair elections can never go much above 37% line. In 2002 elections, they had perfected the art of WU-TEH-TEH (i.e: ghost voters) so they flooded the ballots in their strongholds. This is why when we used biometrics in 2012 Voter Registration, over three hundred thousand (300,000) voters just disappeared from SLPP strongholds nation-wide. They never existed.


So in summary of the 37%, what we have is at follows:

1967 ~ 37% (Albert Margai) - Charles Margai’s daddy.

1996 ~ 37% (Kabbah) *first round got 36%

2007 ~ 37% (Berewa) *first round got 38%

2012 ~ 37% (Maada Bio)

2018 ~ 37% (Whosoever Will May Come)


It is against the above backdrop, the Machiavellian operatives within SLPP have calculated and they know that 37% (or even less) is what they will get in 2018 presidential elections making their chance at State House and Governance to be very slim.


The SLPP knows that the only way the SLPP gets to Governance is through violence such as executing military coups like they did in 1992; subsequent to which, they intimidate and demonise APC members. Then, they rig elections and claim they won like they did in 1996 when up to 356% of registered voters voted in places like Pujehun and Kailahun.


When people complained about the excess votes, some in the SLPP retorted that nobody stopped other areas from bringing ‘everybody’ out to vote. In other words, in the SLPP areas, every “body” voted. The chickens voted, pussycats voted, puppy dogs voted and even the bush animals came out to vote; the monkeys voted, the baboons voted and the chimpanzees all voted for SLPP during the second rounds of 1996 elections. Every “body” voted. All human bodies and all the animal bodies voted. They repeated this same magical feat in 2002.


So you see? It is clear from the above that in free and fair elections, the SLPP can never get more than 37% of the votes of Sierra Leoneans. This is why they always create scenarios to ‘justify’ military coups. To all patriots, please be wise and do not fall for the Opposition’s propaganda gimmicks and orchestrated media stunts.


Fellow patriots, please be wise and do not let any group play with your intelligence. In the midst of all the massive storm of propaganda being churned out and the stage-managed police-lawyers confrontations, I urge you all to be calm; Be very calm and carefully analyse any and all information and interpretations you are being given about Sierra Leone today. The final determination as to whose interpretation will hold sway, actually rests on the Supreme Court of Sierra Leone. No amount of street demonstrations or nasty calls for civil or military unrest will change this salient fact.


So, motive behind SLPP’s call for mass action (whatever that means!) is not patriotic. It is not opaque but transparent; It lies in 37%.


They know they can never get anything more than 37% in free and fair elections. That is why they are now calling for a military coup to be executed under the guise of alleged ‘unconstitutional’ acts of the President.


Stage managing lawyers actions and street demonstrations, etc. etc.


Even on Whatsapp, supporters and well noted close aides of our former Vice-President are spreading an audio recording that is calling on the military to take over and overthrow the APC.


However, our people should no longer be taken as fools.


The real reason behind making mountains out of molehills lies in 37%. I trust that the youths are no longer to be fooled to turn themselves into militants fighting on the streets.


This is a country of LAWS and not a Jungle. If you have a problem, take it to the Law - Just like happened in 2002 when the Supreme Court was asked to interpret the action of SLPP’s Tejan Kabbah.


March to Law Courts and not on Streets. Politicians should not incite the military under guise of alleged ‘unconstitutional’ act of President Koroma.  No more coups in Sierra Leone! Power is now through the ballot box and the CONSTITUTION. I rest my pen. Amen.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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