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Last Updated: Jul 10th, 2015 - 18:11:13 
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Sierra Leone News : As Reginald Fynn goes to Appeals Court... MPs Approve Female High Court Judges Nominated by President
By Sheku Turay (Parliament PR)
Jul 10, 2015, 17:08
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The Parliament of Sierra Leone has on the 09th July, 2015 ratified six presidential nominees, as contained in the Eighteenth Report of the Committee on Appointments and Public Service, including two female Judges for the High Court, one male Judge for Appeals Court, Board Members of the National Insurance Company, SALPOST, and the Local Government Service Commission.

The following nominees were approved by Parliament through a collection of voices:

Mr. Reginald Sydney Fynn Jnr. Justice of the Court of Appeal of Sierra Leone,

Ms. Miatta Maria Samba

High Court Judge,

Ms. Fatmata Bintu Alhadi

High Court Judge,

Hon. P.C Alimamy Lahai Mamsaray Board Member, National Insurance Company,

Hon. Momoh C. Koya

Board Member, SALPOST,

Mr. Jacob Elvis Quee

Member, Local Government Service Commission.

Prior to the approval of the nominees, Hon. Komba Koedoyoma said among other things that he felt elated especially when young people were nominated by President Ernest Bai Koroma to serve in high offices of State. Unlike now, he said further that previously old people were appointed to the Bench. Speaking on the Judges, he said they should do as promised, because justice delayed, is justice denied; whilst wishing former MPs success in their pursuits.

Reginald Fynn Jnr. flanked by Miatta Samba and Bintu Alhadi

Hon. Claude D. M Kamanda said that in the past the old and retirees were recalled to serve in high offices denying the young and energetic the opportunity to serve their country. He also said that more opportunities be given to young people to serve, whilst admonishing them to go and make the difference by serving diligently. He informed the House that as Chairman of the Committee on Transparency and Accountability (TAC), he had written letters to all MDAs to retire staff who are due retirement, failing which TAC will order their retirement with repayment of salaries after the retirement age. He spoke on the need of reviving SALPOST, and strengthening the Local Councils that is affected by quarterly transfers, and square pegs in round holes.

Hon. Mohamed Tholley praised President Koroma for nominating young and charming people to serve in high offices of State. He also said that politicians are interfering in the work of the judiciary, and reminded the House of the words of President Koroma that orders from above should not be used to influence the dispensation of justice. He said that NIC, SALPOST, and Local Councils have enormous challenges that should be overcome for effective and efficient service delivery.


Minority Leader, Hon. Dr. Bernadette Lahai said that the former MPs have worked very hard to the extent of being nominated by President Koroma to serve in other offices. She also thanked President Koroma for nominating two eminent women who have carried themselves professionally to the Bench. She emphasized on the need of education, that no nation will progress leaving 50% of its women uneducated. She encouraged MDAs to share their successes and failures with Parliament, and spoke on the need of reviewing the Local Government Act, 2004, which has taken 10 years since enactment to enhance development.


Majority Leader, Hon. Ibrahim Bundu, prasied the Legal Aid Board for updating Parliament without being summoned to do so. He said that the three judges appear youthful, but they are not youths, and they would be retired very soon. He also said that old wine tastes good whilst expressing his opinion that the retirement age of judges and doctors at 65 be extended to serve the country because of inadequate human resources. He also opinionated further that the 5 year term limit for MPs is small, and that it should be extended to 7 years to better serve the country. This he said would prevent MPs from being sent out of Parliament prematurely. He also spoke on the need of reviving SALPOST to create jobs for our people, whilst saying that the country is losing a lot of money to DHL and other foreign companies doing postal services in the country.


In another development, the Parliament of Sierra Leone has on the 09th July, 2015 passed with some amendments The National Commission for Social Action (Amendment) Act, 2015, with the view of re-constituting its Board that provides for at least a womans representation.


Also, the Parliament of Sierra Leone on the 09th July, 2015 passed The Legal Practitioners (Amendment) Act, 2000 with some amendments to give opportunity to Sierra Leoneans who have studied law in other institutions in the country such as UNIMAK, other than the University of Sierra Leone, and other Commonwealth countries, to be called to bar.


Submitted by Department of Public Relations

Parliament of Sierra Leone

OAU Drive, Tower Hill, Freetown. 

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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