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Last Updated: Aug 10th, 2015 - 18:52:35 
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Sierra Leone Vice President Foh assures Egypt President Sisi
By Alimatu Fofanah
Aug 10, 2015, 12:08
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Cairo, August 8 (SLENA) - Vice President Ambassador Victor Bockarie Foh, on behalf of His Excellency, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, has assured the Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah Al Sisi of a continued good bilateral relationship between the two countries.

He made this assurance at the official opening of the new Suez Canal in the Canal City of Ismailia in Egypt on Thursday 6th August 2015 during a side meeting with the President.


The Hon. Vice President on behalf of His Excellency congratulated the government and people of Egypt for a laudable venture.


The extension of the canal, Hon Vice President said was a great achievement for the country and its people, adding that on behalf of the President and the people of Sierra Leone, he was proud to be at the scene to celebrate the great moment with them.

Vice President Ambassador Victor Bockarie Foh


Vice President Foh went on to thank President Al Sisi and the people of Egypt for their unilateral and bilateral support given to the government and people of Sierra Leone especially during the time of the great health challenges faced by the country and the sub region.


In his response, President Sisi extended his appreciation to His Excellency, Dr. E. B. Koroma for honoring his invitation through his Vice, Ambassador V. B. Foh. He reaffirmed his countrys continued support to the government and people of Sierra Leone. He said the bilateral relationship will continue to grow stronger and stronger between the two countries.


President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi assured the government and people of Sierra Leone that his country will fully participate in the countrys post Ebola Recovery implementation plans.


Other Presidents present also made similar statements, saying they were proud of President Koroma especially in his development drive for the country and his commitment in the fight to eradicate the worlds most dangerous enemy, Ebola.


Vice President Foh who was highly recognized by the various heads of state and Representatives of countries present was commended for his relentless efforts in assisting his superior, President Koroma in achieving his development agenda.


On Thursday August 6th, the Vice President left his Hotel Room in Cairo in a convoy with tight state security for the ceremony in Ismailia. He and other world leaders were welcomed by President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi in a Yacht which toured with them and they were later taken to their seats in the main stand for the ceremony.


The ceremony commenced with a Presidential convoy and Naval Parade followed by a documentary film on the construction of the New Suez Canal.


In his welcome address, the Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, Admiral Mohab Mameesh said it was with great pleasure and excitement that they welcome the world to Egypt to grace the historic occasion.


The new Suez Canal, the Chairman said, was a project that captured the heart and soul of his people and that project has served as a demonstration of the tireless efforts and commitments of the people of Egypt.


Mr. Mameesh went on to explain that they were proud to unveil such an achievement to the world in an unprecedented timeframe and that the overwhelming support from the global community has been satisfying and has reflected the importance of the project beyond the borders of Egypt.


The Suez Canal Chairman commended President Sisi for his commitment to the completion of the project which should have taken three years but instead it took them only one year.


He said the project was funded by over 43,000 Egyptians, adding that the project is a demonstration of determination of intent to better the lives of their people for generation to come. The new Suez Canal, he concluded, is not only a new waterway but a symbol of the new Egypt and a triumph that places the nation at the very pinnacle of the shipping trade.


His Excellency, President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, in his address to world Leaders present and the people of Egypt, said the new Suez Canal is a gift from the people of Egypt to the world and that of it significant in the history of Egypt and the Middle East as it will have a positive impact on the entire world.


Speaking on the significance of the New Suez Canal, President Al Sisi said that it new canal will enhance another development poised to dramatically change the face of Egypt socially, politically and economically.


The President said the new canal will double the longest parts of the waterway and that it will enable traffic in two directions simultaneously, furthering that waiting time for transit will be eradicated entirely for up to 50 vessels per day. The President maintained that the new canal will have about 97 vessels passing through per day by 2023.


He said the advancement of the canal will give Egypts economy a great boost by nearly doubling the canals revenue from US$5.3 billion per annum to $13.3 billion by 2023.


He emphasized that the new canal project was totally funded by the Egyptian people who deposited about EGP 64 billion (Egyptian Pound) within 8days.


The President concluded that the new navigable channel is about 35km with a depth of 24m and a width of 340m. The widening and deepening of the western bypasses, he said, is a total length of 37km adding up the total length of the new channel to 72km.

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