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Last Updated: Jun 2nd, 2016 - 17:57:17 
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Jun 2, 2016, 17:00
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In 1937 a baby was born at the outskirt of Kambia District, Northern Sierra Leone in a small village call Kamasasa, where it was virtually impossible for kids to have formal education except those who belong to the chieftaincy house, sons and daughters of chiefs’ were the only set of kids accorded such golden opportunities at the time and hence the need for extreme luck for a kid at that time to enter primary school in Tonkoh Limba.  One of the few kids who break that cycle was Thomas Kahota Kargbo commonly known as ‘Thonklo Hola’. Who later became a qualified Medical Doctor specialized as an obstrecian and gynecologist at a tender age from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.


Since he came back from the UK to start practicing medicine in the early 70’s after specialization he has always been very close to his people especially at Tonko Limba Chiefdom in the Kambia District, Northern Sierra Leone where he made it mandatory to be going with his entire family every December to provide low cost medical services in the hospital now located at Karuseri Road in Kamasasa village, indigenes of Tonkoh Limba and adjacent chiefdoms were given the opportunity to provide their cattle when there is no cash at hand (barter system).


As time progresses and as human wants becomes insatiable, the black gem of Tonkoh Limba Chiefdom Dr. T. K Kargbo became interested in not only providing low cost medical services for his people but was in sympathy with them and wanted to represent them in the House of Parliament in the 1980’s after the demise of the Second Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone the Hon. Christian Alusine Kamara-Taylor who was the Parliamentary representative for Tonkoh Limba Chiefdom at the time. His people Dr. Thomas Kahota Kargbo called upon him and expressed satisfaction about his work over the years especially in providing them low cost medical services, he was asked to represent them in Parliament to articulate issues bothering them. A difficult decision he took at that time to campaign. His people where behind him cap in hand to make sure he represent them in the House of Parliament as a son of the soil. The people of Tonkoh Limba Chiefdom put together lot of songs in Limba, the author of this piece a nephew of the Late Dr. T K Kargbo was privy to some of these songs when he was in early primary school in 1986, prominent among these songs that he Thomas Pa Alie Babadie remembered were:




T K K we are 4 you

“T .K. K. x 3 we are calling on you during voting, don’t be angry over your opponent we will vote for you.

 Who so ever is for you let the person go to Parliament that’s where your sit is.

 When you win you will work for us because you are our son that has passion for us.

So let us go and see him he is already in Parliament and has worked for us”.

The Doctor of Kamasasa

In Kamasasa we have a Doctor X 2.

The Doctor that is dark and tall and has medicine in his hands, willing to give to us at any time when the need arise.

He is ours, the others know.

Please let nobody goes to farm to vote for Doctor Kargbo our diamond.


Dr. T K Kargbo was married to a loving and hard working wife called Mrs. Aminata Kargbo nee Sesay a nurse by profession former Vice Principal School of Nursing; Dr. T K Kargbo was blessed with six children namely Karim Masnso-Billeh Kargbo in the UK, Karefa Ansumana Francis Kargbo Certified Public Accountant heads K Consulting and also Chief Executive Officer of Shan-grilla, Mrs. Mariama Yudine Levy nee Kargbo heads Verdi Consulting in the US, Madam Ranya Kahota Kargbo works as the Chief Human Resources at the United Nations and is based in Bangladesh and Mr. Kahmin Kargbo an economist who works and stays in the US at the moment.


A civic funeral will be organized for the remains of Dr. Thomas Kahota Kargbo will be laid to rest on Thursday 3rd June 2016 at Miatta Conference Hall Yuyie Building on Freetown and later at the St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Brook fields in Freetown and interment at his home town in Kamasasa village at Tonkoh Limba Chiefdom, Kambia District, Northern Sierra Leone.


Sleep on Daddy K take your rest, we love you much but Jesus loves you best.


Good night and rest in the bosom of Abraham.


Written by his nephew: 

Thomas Pa Alie Babadie

 Executive Director

Forum of Sierra Leonean Youth Network FoSLYN

Second Floor, 74 Pademba Road, Freetown

Cell: +232 77 595 421, 044 595 421,079 623 848


Website: (under construction)

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