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Last Updated: Aug 15th, 2016 - 14:59:20 
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Abdul Malik Bangura writes Osman J. Conteh (OJC) over Claims of Partiality against Deputy Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs Minister
Aug 15, 2016, 12:12
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My brother OJC, it is completely bad to say I am being unfair to my Port Loko sister, Hon. Neneh Turay. However, those of us who are closely concerned with happenings in our noble district will certainly know that majority of politicians in Port Loko district are  disappointments to the people of Port Loko and even the government of President Koroma. Neneh Turay has proven to be no different if we look at her activities under her boss at the ministry. I challenge her to challenge me.


Sylvia Blyden is the boss at that Ministry. Neneh Turay should stop undermining her boss like a sly cat or a green snake in a green grass. God has put Dr. Blyden to be the boss. Our sister Neneh has to learn to work with Dr. Blyden as the Boss and respect her leadership. Not connive and work with others to bring her leadership of the ministry down. I am not sure if it is true but some people say that Neneh had the same problems with her former boss when she was Deputy Port Loko District Local Government Chairman to Port Loko District Local Government Chairman Munir Fofanah. Maybe you can shed light on this OJC. Is it a pattern?


Meanwhile, let me don’t waste time but to focus on what is transpiring between Neneh Turay and the National Executive of Sierra Leone Association of Ebola Survivors (SLAES). Her problems with Bondo women will be for another day.


Let me state that at a press conference held by SLAES National Executive and hosted right at my office in Freetown, Neneh Turay was blasted for incompetence, ignorance of procedures, lack of teamwork, disrespect to Ebola Survivors, disrespect for her boss Hon. Dr. Sylvia Blyden, amongst many others.


To start, the Deputy Minister held the meeting with Ebola survivors in Masiaka, Koya Chiefdom, Port Loko district, to which she took journalists but without the knowledge of her boss, the Honourable Minister, Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden. She could take journalists along but could not even be bothered to tell her Boss. Also, SLAES Port Loko attended the meeting without the knowledge of their national executive. Both Minister Blyden and SLAES national executives, only learnt of the meeting from the one-sided and very demeaning coverage in Alhaji I.B. Kargbo’s New Citizen newspaper.


Even if Neneh never had the chance to inform her boss before attending the meeting, why did she not inform her boss after the meeting? Why did her boss only read of the meeting in newspapers? That is so disrespectful!! But those of us who are monitoring that ministry know the games Neneh has been playing. But she will fail.


The allegations made by the Port Loko district SLAES chairman right in the face of the Deputy Minister has, as described by the national President of SLAES, Yusif Kabba, the propensity to fan divide within the Association. To this, right to the hearing of all journalists assembled, the Port Loko man Serry Bangura, said he never knew the deputy minister had journalists with her and that he only thought he was speaking to ministry staff.


According to Yusif Kabba, the Deputy Minister has been assigned twice now by Minister Blyden, to work on assignments with SLAES including when she was sent by the minister to join their reintegration football match in Makeni. So Yusif says Neneh knows the challenges faced by the SLAES national body. He said that Neneh Turay should have adequately explained to the Port Loko district Ebola Survivors about the status of how hard the national executives were working on the plans of the Honourable Minister rather than take journalists to go and molest them. I merely reported on what the Ebola Survivors feel about her. They are very very angry with Neneh.


Yusif Kabba said the Honourable Minister has just this month secured visas for the national executive leaders of Ebola survivors to go out and plead the case of their comrades who need help and the ministry has even created a desk for Ebola Survivors at the ministry which is now manned by a female Ebola survivor paid by the ministry but he expressed dismay that none of that was brought out.


Did Neneh inform the Port Loko survivors of such exciting news or was she just up to the same old Port Loko politicians tricks that has disappointed us?


He said, the Ministry has secured big, comfortable office spaces for SLAES in Freetown and Makeni. However, he revealed that the Port Loko district executive has not yet been able to identify a place where their office should be located. Meanwhile, did Neneh Turay explain that?


Does this mean even her work, she does not know it? Or she merely kept quiet just to fan divide within the Association?


The point I was conversing on my opinion piece was why always some of our Port Loko representatives are showing great lapses in their jobs.


I will not be bothered with you questioning my professionalism as a Journalist because even the question you posed on your audio to the Port Loko Ebola survivor, about my newspaper was based on a falsity. Go and read my opinion article and compare it to your question you posed. See your total inadequacy to even understand issues?


I know my value as a journalist. Infact the questions which you OJC should have asked of the flip-flop Serry Bangura, if you are a true professional journalist, are the following questions:


1.) Why is it only NOW that the national executive of Ebola survivors have gotten their profile raised sky high with skyrocketing international credibility posing with American Ambassador, that you Port Loko Survivors leader has suddenly decided to go public with condemnation of the Ebola Survivors national leadership?


2. Why is it only NOW, a good five (5) months after the appointment of Neneh Turay that Port Loko Survivors decided to call up a meeting in order to ‘congratulate’ her?


Oh and before you proceed to interview Paramount Chief Bai Koblo Queen on what transpired between Neneh and the poor Bondo women she dragged on summons in front of him, you might want to listen to my recorded interview of the noble and respectful Paramount Chief. Just like you might want to listen to the interview from the flip flop Port Loko district SLAES chairman whom I understand is now being politically intimidated to swallow his words that he was set up and never knew Neneh took journalists along with her to meet him. But how can you swallow a recorded interview?


© Malik - Port Loko Pikin.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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