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Last Updated: Oct 3rd, 2016 - 13:22:48 
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Unwrapping Yasmin Jusu Sheriff
By SEA Media Communications
Oct 3, 2016, 12:04
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Before we start this piece, it should be made clear to Yasmin Jusu Sheriff (aka Yasmin Fofanah) the following facts:

1.     When a newspaper is published as a limited liability company, it will be very wise for any serious lawyer to research into who actually owns AWARENESS TIMES COMPANY LIMITED.

2.     When something is posted on Whatsapp or any social media, it will be wise to find out who actually posted the material on social media. You cannot guess at whom you think is the author and file a criminal complaint based on guesswork. That is a frivolous and vexatious lawsuit which any Judiciary normally frowns heavily upon.

3.     If you write on Social Media and publish in newspapers that a sitting Cabinet Minister is “crazy”, you have committed a crime known as SEDITIOUS LIBEL which is a crime against the State.

4.     If you want to serve a criminal summons on anyone, you must ensure that you physically serve the person. Going on social media to make a fool of yourself that you have served a sitting Cabinet Minister a criminal summons at 1:30pm on a Wednesday is the height of foolishness. All serious minded people know that at the time you claimed you had served the said minister, she was locked in the weekly cabinet meeting at State House. So, all your rudeness is just that. Rudeness to draw attention to yourself by trying to ride on the popularity of the name SYLVIA BLYDEN to catapult yourself into prominence cheaply. Popularity loss pan you ehn? Bo Yasmin, pass go look other side bo! Dr. Sylvia nor get you time.


Now, this newspaper stands very strongly by our report that Yasmin Jusu Sheriff was the first person appointed in March 2002 to act as the Executive Secretary of our country’s Truth & Reconciliation Commission but due to her very inappropriate manner of handling her duties; including employing her in-law, she brought this country to shame and embarrassed her uncle, our former President, Ahmad Tejan Kabbah. It was so bad that President Kabbah had no choice but to refuse to allow her to continue despite an initial two weeks extension given to her after months of her bungles in employing staff.


We want to further our position by saying that Yasmin Jusu Sheriff is a very primary cause behind the failure of the TRC to win the confidence of Donors and be what it really should have been. She disgraced this country in 2002 with her Secretariat’s inappropriate employment of staff. Because of the stench of corruption around the recruitment done by the Secretariat she led, many Donors lost faith in our TRC, especially after the foreign TRC Commissioners Prof. Schabas of Ireland and Dr. Sooka of South Africa, openly expressed utter distaste with recruitment procedures under Yasmin’s secretariat. They wrote to report to Geneva about her recruitment.

Even the former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Sergio Vieira de Mello, lamented in his Annual 2002 Report that the inefficiency of Yasmin Jusu-Sheriff’s led Interim Secretariat, “to provide adequate support to the TRC led to a delay in the start of the deployment period from October to December” adding further that, “The start of the TRC’s planned operational period was therefore delayed for two months”.


Most shamefully for Yasmin Jusu Sheriff, her incompetence and the unfortunate way of recruiting other incompetent staff like herself, was captured in that same 2002 Annual UN OHCHR Report when it furthered of how “In accordance with the recommendations of a project monitoring mission fielded by OHCHR in October 2002 which noted that the interim secretariat experienced difficulties in providing the necessary administrative and operational support to the TRC, a caretaker committee was established for three months to assist the TRC in implementing its mandate”.


Basically, after Yasmin had failed to deliver and had seriously embarrassed President Kabbah and the people of Sierra Leone, the United Nations in October 2002 had to save the TRC by having a caretaker committee. The Caretaker Committee, according to the UN Report, “was mandated to finalize the recruitment of the core TRC staff” after earlier contracted staff like Yasmin’s in-law, had been seen as unfit to head TRC units like the Investigations Department. However, the damage which Yasmin’s poor leadership had produced led to Donors shying away from funding the TRC thus seriously delaying and derailing the TRC. A total of US$1,594,288 was spent on Interim Secretariat by the UN OHCHR but so sad that Yasmin’s poor leadership derailed much of the interim period which was a disaster on many fronts.

This is part of how the SIERRA LEONE WEB covered the disaster of Yasmin’s stewardship as Interim Executive Secretary of the TRC. In 2002, it reports thus:

Since its inception earlier this year, the TRC has been plagued by financial problems and administrative miscues. Heading the list has been the commission’s inability to raise money. International donors expressed skepticism over the commission... Most of the blame for the TRC’s management problems was laid at the door of Yasmin Jusu-Sheriff, the TRC’s Interim Executive-Secretary. After an initial two-week extension in October, her contract was not renewed and she is no longer a candidate for the permanent position. “We had serious management problems during the preparatory period,” one commissioner said. “Many of the objectives were not attained. Some of the staff hired by Yasmin did not appear to be very productive. All of this, inevitably, reflects upon her.”


The records of Yasmin Jusu Sheriff’s lamentable time at the TRC are all over the place so it really is not clear what Madam Yasmin Jusu Sheriff aka Yasmin Fofanah is taking Awareness Times to Court for – which reputation is she fighting to redeem? Why did she not redeem it all these years when pages and pages of reports indicted her inappropriate leadership of the TRC Secretariat?

You want the Truth behind her publicity stunt? To our mind, she just wants the attention of the Honourable Minister Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden but lamentably for her, the Honourable Minister is too focused to be distracted by Yasmin’s foolishness and it is for sure that the Honourable Minister will just ignore her rudeness. This newspaper is however quite ready to meet her in court. Let her explain why she so badly disgraced this country between March 2002 and October 2002. In October 2002 was when she was finally given the boot after her two weeks extension could not help her. As six other people were shortlisted to take over the job she failed to handle, her uncle, the former President, had to tell her most firmly to stay far, far, far away from even considering to put herself forward again. Since that disgraceful episode in her life, it appears to many people that she is yet to find her professional balance. President Koroma tried to give her a chance to redeem herself at the Human Rights Commission but it ended up to be another unpalatable story; that saw her colleagues enjoying second terms but she was shown the door after just one term. The story of incompetence and inappropriateness of her professional life can be seen even in the papers she has filed to court. Upon which basis has she dragged Hon. Dr. Sylvia Blyden into her court case she filed? Because even in what she filed, it is clear that she is suing a Limited Liability Company in which the honourable minister has no direct ownership shares. So where is the link between Honourable Minister Blyden and this entire criminal court case filed? We just don’t see it. All we see is an attention-seeker named Yasmin Jusu Sheriff aka Yasmin Fofanah; she is highly disgruntled because all her anti-Bondo stunts have boomeranged. Her anti-FGM interview to London newspapers denigrating Soweis as unfit to be taken on planes to Geneva, was a fluke which failed. Angry and confused, the failed anti-FGM activist needs Dr. Sylvia Blyden’s attention.

We doubt if she will get it.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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