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Last Updated: Nov 20th, 2016 - 17:05:49 
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Sierra Leone News : NaCSA Ends Year Stock-take
Nov 16, 2016, 17:06
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National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) working under the purview of Government of Sierra Leone has on Monday 14th November 2016 ended its annual stock-take in the Eastern regional- Kailahun, Kenema and Kono districts respectively.


The Information, Education and Communications officer- NaCSA, Mr. Emmanuel B. Turay in briefing the journalist before take-off said this is part of their activities for every year. He said NaCSA has been implementing a lot of projects in all parts of the country and they have to let the public know what they are doing in the country.


Engineer Alvic Deveneaux explaining about the bridge to the team in Kono District.

He added that this stock-take comprises the journalist, members of parliament, NaCSA board members and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs),  adding they shall be divided into four groups; Western area, Northern, southern and Eastern to See NaCSA implemented projects that have been completed and ongoing from 2011 to 2016.


The Regional Coordinator for Eastern region Mr. Osman Turay during the brief meeting at his regional office in Kenema said: “NaCSA has been working very hard to improve the livelihood of the people of Sierra Leone by building health centers, construction of schools, construction of roads, supporting women in Self help Affinity Groups (SAGs) & Micro Enterprise Groups (MEGs) and Sierra Leone Community Driven Development Programmes (SLCDDP).”


LIPW group and team at the Granding.


He added that the SAGs are the best fund raising group in his region and commended them for their good work, saying the projects started in 2011 and are to be completed in 2016. He said the importance of this stock-take or oversight is to share ideas with their beneficiaries and their donor partners.


Osman asserted the working relationship between NaCSA, National Youth and the Council is very cordial as they are all working towards the development of this country.


Keyah bridge in kissi tongi chiefdom, Kailahun District. One of the best in Kailahun District.


The Head quarter Engineer- Mr.  Sheku Kemokai underscored most of the projects are funded by the Islamic Development Bank through government of Sierra Leone and are to be implemented by NaCSA to undertake different infrastructural projects across the country. He said some of those projects are ongoing and some have been commissioned to the community people and they are already in use for the benefit of the community people.


“In all the projects they implemented, the young people are highly involved as the President said he will lay his life for the youth of this country.”


Mining machine at Gbolama in the store provided by NaCSA.


He disclosed that lower Bambara will be benefiting from an eight million United States Dollars project which is waiting and young people will be doing the labor work which will benefit them greatly.


The District Coordinator for Kailahun Aminata D. Vandi said Keyah Bridge constructed at Buedu, Kissi Tongi Chiefdom is one of the best and biggest bridges that NaCSA has constructed in Kailahun District.


Kono District Council Chairman and team at a meeting.


She added that they have other projects that they are underway in Luawa, Kissi Teng, Kissi Kama and other parts in the district.


She informed that all their projects that are implemented in the district are monitored by the council.


The Human Resources Manager Kailahun District Council Mr. Michael Vandi said the relationship between council and NaCSA is very cordial as the selections of the projects that are to be implemented by NaCSA in certain communities are done by the council.

One of the commissioned bridge at Fiama Chiefdom, Kono District

“Our only challenge with NaCSA is the way they award contracts to contractor.”


He said some of these contractors were taking from Freetown while competent contractors in the district don’t get the contract.


Youth commissioner East and NaCSA staff pose.


“Citizens in the district benefit last because some of the contractors come with their man powers and some are not doing are quality work because it’s not their district. NaCSA should be concerned about home based contractors in their next project implementations and that will help them monitor the work easily.”

Acting District Coordinator, Kono District- Mr. Moriba Foday said NaCSA has implemented many projects in Kono District like construction of health centers, schools, roads, Labor intensive public works (LIPW) which is cultivation of 25 acres of cassava project Kensay, Koidu town. He said the cassava project, SAGs and some infrastructural projects are ongoing while some has been commissioned and are in use by the community people.


SAGs & Mrs women in Kenema


One of the GPC project stand board at site in Kono District.

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