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Last Updated: Nov 22nd, 2016 - 19:16:19 
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Sylvia Blyden: An Untouchable Enigma
By Abdul Malik Bangura
Nov 22, 2016, 17:08
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The business name known as Awareness Times Newspaper has had many editors but one thing constant about it, is the archives (electronic and hard copies) of records. On 17th February 2006, our Archives show we published a groundbreaking, marketing biography of Ernest Bai Koroma, Opposition APC Leader. The biography was written by our former publisher who is current Minister of Social Welfare, Gender & Children’s Affairs, Hon. Dr. Sylvia Blyden. Hon. Blyden first authored it and sent it out to the world through our popular website. That is the biography that Ernest Bai Koroma continued to use until he won the 2007 elections. It was written by Sylvia Blyden for the current President when he was still in Opposition. On Page 3, we reproduce it with the same photo she used to publish it over 10 years ago.


This is an independent newspaper and we pride ourselves on that. So, if you go through our archives, especially for months leading up to 2007 elections, you will find varying views from all the political actors back then. The famous Professor Marda Mustapha, an SLPP activist based in America, sent in articles from his sister Sia Tiyaama and those Pro-SLPP articles will bitterly slam at the APC. The former Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Sheka Tarawalie who was then based in England, sent in pro-APC articles that will bitterly slam at the SLPP whilst current Eastern Province Minister Karamoh Kabba sent in pro-PMDC articles from Maryland. We still have all their emails sent to us in our archives.


We published all the views because we are an independent newspaper.


For certain skullduggery actors to take articles by Sia Tiyaama, a sibling of a well known Professor Marda Mustapha, and maliciously ascribe them to be the words of Sylvia Blyden in 2007, is shameful. Why did they not produce all the positive pro-APC articles published by Awareness Times in favour of the APC around that same time and ascribe them to be from Sylvia Blyden? I hope the idiotic behavior of persons like Independent Observer Jonathan Leigh will stop swiftly. He is too big for that nonsense  unless he is being paid to attack by those who fear the steadily growing rise of a lady who is not for turning. If that is the case, you are wasting your time and the money of those who hired you. The image of Sylvia Olayinka Blyden is an untouchable enigma  just like that of the gentleman whose biography she penned down for him in February 2006.

See below.

First Published in 2006

Profile of Sierra Leone's Opposition leader: Ernest Bai Koroma

Honourable Ernest Bai Koroma, the Leader of the All People’s Congress (APC), is considered by his numerous followers all around Sierra Leone and in the Diaspora as The Hope of the Future.

Born October 2nd 1953 of APC pedigree in Makeni, Bombali District, Northern Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma attended the Sierra Leone Church primary School, Government Secondary School (Boys) Magburaka and Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone.


He graduated in 1976 from Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone following which he taught at the St. Francis Secondary School in Makeni before joining the Sierra Leone National Insurance Company in 1978.  



The Honourable Leader moved over to the Reliance Insurance Trust Corporation (Ritcorp) in 1985 and became its Managing Director in 1988, a position he outstandingly held up to the March 2002 Elections.


Hon. Ernest Bai Koroma’s followers will readily inform that he represents the grassroots of Sierra Leone and the disadvantaged and they constantly cite his unblemished public record.


Under his leadership, the APC swept virtually all the seats in the Western Area during the last Local Government Elections of 2004. This was in spite of the fact that some of the Old Guard of the APC dismissed his leadership as a matter of child’s play. However, Honourable Koroma’s leadership is considered to be a blend of the old and the new.


An astute business man and a Chartered Insurer, Hon. Koroma is also a Fellow of the West African Insurance Institute (WAICA), an Associate of the Institute of Risk Management in the UK and a Member of the Institute of Directors in the UK.

Hon. Koroma holds an unblemished and enviable public record and spouts himself as a darling of democracy, the rule of law, human right, good governance, probity, freedom of the press, transparency and accountability.

Indeed, his followers say he is not only a fine gentleman but also the hope for the future.


Ernest Koroma was elected as the APC’s Presidential Candidate for the 2002 Presidential Elections on 24th March 2002.


Embattled by series of court case against his youthful leadership and executive and the 2002 APC Constitution, Koroma was eventually stripped off his dejure leadership of the APC by the Supreme Court of Sierra Leone on the 22nd June 2005.

He was however again unanimously elected as Leader/ Chairman and Presidential Candidate of the APC at a National Delegates Conference in September 2005. Currently, he is the Minority Leader in the Sierra Leone Parliament.


Age 52 years, Hon. Ernest Koroma is being put forward by the All People’s Congress as "the democratic hope for Sierra Leone" which they describe as "a country at the cross road of change from the old order of despair to a young generation of visionary leadership of hope and development."


Honourable Ernest Koroma is tall, handsome, with a ‘leadership jaw’ and a well built upper turso. He has a commanding presence and if he had decided to embark upon a career in modeling, he would have been a huge success.


Hon. Ernest Koroma is married to Sia Koroma from Kono District, Eastern Province of Sierra Leone, ex-pupil of Annie Walsh Memorial school and post-graduate in Bio- Chemistry from London University. His matrimonial blend transcends tribal and regional politics.


Ernest Bai Koroma and Sia are blessed with two children, Alice and Dankay. He is widely traveled to the world’s leading democracies and beyond.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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