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Last Updated: Mar 31st, 2017 - 18:14:47 
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Sierra Leone News : U.S, British Diplomats Tours Sea Wright Mining Facilities
By A Special Reporter
Mar 31, 2017, 17:08
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Thursday 30th March, 2017: The United States Ambassador and the British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone have visited the Sea Wright Mining Company Sites in the Njaima Sewafe, Kono District and Gorama Mende in the Kenema District respectively.


US Ambassador John F. Hoover after touring the facilities stressed that they as governments were extending a great deal of foreign assistance to Sierra Leone which he said is very important.


“…that kind of assistance was critical in helping Sierra Leone to overcome the Ebola crisis and it is important for the country’s long term investment but what really excites me today is to see this kind of investment in Sierra Leone because I believe far more than foreign assistance, private sector investment can make a country prosper and develop.”


The US Ambassador went on to say he was proud to see an American citizen like Dr. Alfred Seawright investing in the country. He also commended Gilbril Wilson for investing in Freetown.


He stressed that that was the kind of investment that would make a difference. He said the reason why investment from the US and UK was more important was that their companies would come and partner with the locals and through that they would invest in them as their success in the mining company depends on the success of those in the community.


“I am very proud of this investment and other US investment in this country and we will do everything we can to bring US investment to Sierra Leone.”


In his address the British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone Guy Warrwaton said his visit to Kono was a good one and it was the first time that he was visiting that part of the country.


The High Commissioner was pleased with the warm reception rendered to them by the people.

He explained the role the UK Government is playing in President Koroma’s Presidential Delivery Priorities. He emphasized that the development of the private sector is the key to the country’s future.


He went on to say through the private sector, more employment would be created.


He pointed out that for any country to develop; foreign investment plays a great role.


Seawright Mining Company is an American investment company but for years now the company has become more of a Sierra Leonean company as the investor deems it fit for Sierra Leoneans to handle it because of the belief and confidence he has in them.


Chief Operating Officer, Seawright Mining Company William Browne Kamanda explained that the company started as a joint stock venture, taking into consideration of the 30 to 70% between the company and land owner.


In 2013 to 2014 Seawright Mining Company got a concession area in Kenema and in 2016 the investor left the company to locals because he believed that once foreign nationals come they must pass on knowledge and leave.  That was how Mr. Kamanda was asked to serve in that position. He said the main focus of Seawright Mining Company is diamond and gold mining.”This is a company that has been strike free from 2013 to date.”


The Chief Executive Officer of Seawright Mining Company Dr. Alfred Seawright said that they were happy to operate in Sierra Leone and that by the time they would start their mining operation, a lot of development would have taken place in those communities.

“This is not about politics, it’s about business.”


Dr.Seawright spoke about some of their Corporate Social Responsibility in the two districts they were operating such as community development, education, road network, rehabilitation of Primary school at Formaya, construction of ferry to easy transportation across the Ngawama River among others.


Statement were also made by the Hon. Tom Tucker, Hon. Solomon Fofanah, P.C. George B. TortorIII, (JP), and P.C. Haja Mariam Gassama-Kanja IV.

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