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Last Updated: Jul 27th, 2017 - 17:52:04 
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Sierra Leone News : 14 Chiefs Endorse Momoh Vandi as Focal Person in the Eastern Region
Jul 27, 2017, 17:02
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Fourteen Paramount Chiefs, from the Eastern Provincial District of Kenema, on Tuesday July 25th2017, unanimously presented the Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Momoh Vandi, to serve as their focal point in coordinating all activities in the eastern region.

“We want Mr. Momoh Vandi to serve as replacement to late Joseph Bandabla Dauda in Kenema district,” the Chiefs pleaded.


PC Al- Ameen Kanneh said there is a political vacuum in the district following the death of J.B. Dauda. As traditional leaders, they have decided to present their son to step in the shoes of the late man.



Speaking on behalf of the APC Party in the district, the District Chairman, Prince Kamara, added his voice to the endorsement of Mr. Vandi. Mr. Prince, who went with his eleven constituency chairmen, spoke of the good works Mr. Vandi has been doing for the party in the district.


Formally presenting Mr. Vandi, PC Madam Sallay Satta Gendemeh described him as a true son of the soil whom they relied on to take the mantle of leadership of the district.


Meanwhile the Chiefs extolled President Ernest Bai Koroma on account of his development in not just their region but across the entire country. The fourteen Paramount Chiefs described President Koroma’s efforts to develop the Eastern Region as exceptional.


Speaking on behalf of colleague Paramount Chiefs, Alhaji Foday S. Kpakra Faba of Dodo Chiefdom, Alameen Kanneh of Koya Chiefdom and Sallay Satta Gendemeh (111) of Malegohun Chiefdom, all in the Kenema district, described their visit as one of appreciation for what the Chief executive has done for the district over the years by giving ministerial appointments to their brothers, including the late Joseph Bandabla Dauda, Momoh Vandi and Karamoh Kabba.


The Chiefs spoke of the ongoing construction of the Hanga – Blama and Dama Roads and the transformation of the Eastern Polytechnic to a University as laudable achievements made by the APC government.


Welcoming the Chiefs, President Koroma referred to the efforts and role played by his government to transform the country, in general, and Kenema district, in particular, as a commitment fulfilled within limited time and resources. “Building,” he said, “is not an easy task. It took developed nations considerable time to attain the height they are today but with determination and hard work, it won’t take us long to become a middle income country,” he stressed.


Through recent agreement reached between the government and the African Development Bank (AfDB), the President assured the Chiefs of addressing the electricity problems in Kenema and Bo districts as well as the country as a whole.


He also approved the consensus recommendation of Mr. Momoh Vandi to step in the shoes of the late J.B. Dauda on behalf of the people of Kenema.


He promised to work with Momoh Vandi, stressing that leadership is a big responsibility.


Thanking the President, Mr. Vandi promised not only to live up to expectations but to create unimaginable difference in the political landscape in the district this time around.

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