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Last Updated: Sep 1st, 2007 - 16:46:23 
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So we are Vicious Liars?? May God Guide You Reverend
By Awareness Times
Aug 18, 2007, 23:39
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Any sober news house worth its salt who claims to have local reporters or correspondents on the ground in Freetown, would have sent its reporters to investigate the report that another newspaper house was attacked in Freetown by thugs who were unhappy with that latter paper's coverage of the political party supported by the thugs BEFORE it published anything referring to the reported victims as VICIOUS LIARS.

However, that news outlet which published that damning release from that 'literate' self-described Acting APC Scribe is not a sober presshouse or even a news outlet worth any salt.

This is the very same news outlet that repeatedly betrays the sacred duty it has been given to be a disseminator of news reports. The examples abound. One of the worst was that of a Medical Doctor who has spent decades in selfless service in the field of Psychiatry in Sierra Leone who got his reputation shredded after a one sided report from that outlet alleged he demanded $200 and let a patient die for failing to produce the $200. This is an outlet who claims to have local correspondents who could have gotten the side of the medical doctor.

The Publisher of this newspaper is just an e-mail away and if that news outlet had not had vicious and malicious motives some two years ago, it could have simply emailed to ask for her own side before it went to town with sustained attacks on her moral values in an attempt to shred her reputation with disgusting lies. However, God is the ultimate Judge of all.

If it was us, upon reading of an attack on, for example, a Sierra Leone newspaper house in New Jersey, if we had local correspondents in New Jersey, what we would have done, would have been to send our correspondents to go to the scene of the reported incident and ascertain the veracity or not of the reports. Rather than publicise a badly-written Public Notice that pours salt upon open wounds of those who had to live through the unprovoked attack.

However, to each his own. Everyone has their own way of going about their daily activities and we will not judge anyone or any newspaper house. The only thing we will say is call for the Almighty God to protect us all. And may the Almighty guide the Reverend who is a 'Man of God'.

And we will also pray for the actual LIARS and the VICIOUS ones to be exposed. Our few articles published today are a minute reflection of what happened and continues to happen in Sierra Leone at the hands of what has been termed as 'Fans'.

Truth, crushed to the earth will rise again. Amen.

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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