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Last Updated: Jul 25th, 2008 - 18:02:57 
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PEP Talk asks: Is it True?
By Pep Talker
Jul 25, 2008, 17:08
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1. Did a senior government functionary really shower praises on one of the suspects to be investigated?
2. If this is true, will this not be scaring junior investigators from actually zeroing on big names if they are found wanting in the Cocaine saga?
3. Is it true that fugitive GK is the biological son of a senior Police officer? (see We Yone Newspaper of 23rd July 2008) from his secondary school days? What are the biological similarities between both GK & the Officer? If such similarities are absent, could this be just another ploy to defame the hardworking police officer?
4. Is the outcome of the cocaine saga going to be part of the attitudinal change that will take this country into a brighter future? If yes, PEP TALK hopes that it means there will be no sacred Shekito Cows otherwise what will be the legacy left for our children?
5. Is it true that Port Loko has now become the axis of evil and therefore is now the new COLUMBIA south of the Sahara in Salone?
6. Is it true that vague Letters from the United Nations can be lobbied for and obtained by people who understand how the U.N. system works?
7. Is it true that Sierra Leone was used to sponsor the U.N. Resolution against Zimbabwe that failed but Sierra Leonean citizens were not informed of such sponsorship?
8. Is it true that Robert Mugabe recently lambasted Ernest Koroma in a tit for tat response as reported in a Bulawayo daily?
9. It is true that an S.L.P.P local council candidate was banished from Koinadugu district together with his family in a manner similar to how such banishment is done by the ZANU-PF in Zimbabwe?
10. If this is true, what is the P.P.R.C and President Koroma doing to correct the situation in that ward for the candidates civic right and for the sake of the principles of democracy?
11. Is it true that Logging and Scrap Metal shipments and Cocaine all go hand in hand together? If it is true, what is the relationship here and who is in control?
12. In the middle of HARDSHIP (suck air), copious and expensive structures keep springing up (erected) by some non-visibly working people; Is it true that this has a connection with the drug cartel now unearthed?
13. Is it true a fraction of the proceeds from the cartel deal played some role in the elections for any of the two main parties in Salone?
14. The President and Ministers all work for government and government is for the people of Sierra Leone. Is it true therefore that the President will soon make public the contract signed by his Ministers for the people to appraise their performance?
15. The authors of regime change called and directed the shots indeed; the regime got changed what is the appraisal of the new regime in the last ten months? Hope directors of regime change are not ashamed of the Presidency?
16. Is it true that the Sept 17 2007 Muscular Superiority that emerged of Wusum Stars, the Maforki Stars and Bai Bureh Warriors is now attributed to the financial use of narcotics & banned steroids?
17. Is it true that this is the fourth landing of the Cocaine plane with earlier landings in Magburaka and Hastings?
18. Is it true that the 11 thousand dollars claimed to have been found on a Nigerian is far beyond the amount that was presented?
19. Is it true that some legal practitioners are very happy to be in the defence team of the Cocaine matter since Venezuelan/Columbian Drug Barons are all rolling in cash?
20. Is it true that Police officers refused journalists to take photos of Cocaine suspects as a means of protecting the suspects relatives back home in Columbia and Venezuela?

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