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Last Updated: Oct 7th, 2008 - 08:12:05 
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Exposing Foreign Minister Zainab Bangura to further Ridicule by the use of ill thought out Journalistic Misdeeds
By Sylvia Blyden
Oct 7, 2008, 08:10
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My attention has been drawn to the fact that Cocorioko Newspaper and The Patriotic Vanguard are actively promoting the material being issued by Zainab Banguras pathetic Spokesman Abdulai Bayraytay and his press ally Mohamed Bangura (last known description of Mohamed was PMDCs Publicity Secretary but currently he touts himself as Managing Editor of an ill-selling blue colored newspaper that comes out at an abysmal rate. Postulations abound that Bangura, the self-professed nephew of PDPs Thaimu Bangura, is hopeful of regenerating the blue coloured PDP since the orange PMDC has failed).


I have never shied away from controversy. I can effectively handle press exchanges as long as they don't cross the realms of decency. However, seeing how little selling his Atomic newspaper is, I had decided not to cluster my valuable printed pages with reactions to Bangura's ill-read piece but to just complain him directly to the Independent Media Commission to which complaint I will now add this latest pack of lies Kabs Kanu and Gibril have published. However, he now has a wider audience by courtesy of Kabs Kanu and Gibril who see nothing wrong in publishing that their African sister sleeps with even Satan.


I am not going to exchange words with Zainab Banguras hired pen-men whose pathetic reaction to her display of bogusity has already been a source of scorn here in Freetown. If Zainab Bangura thinks Abdulai Bayraytays reactions have left her in favourable light, so be it More on Zainabs benefit from Bayraytay/Bangura is produced below. Ha ha ha, This Zainab Bangura woman is stupid oh! See what she has benefited from the press war that her Spokesman is throwing around the place See how they are calling names of relationships for her fiti-fata all over the place. What kind of publicity is this for a married Foreign Minister? See her benefit from Bayraytay later in this piece


For now, let it be clearly stated that just as I said over the UN Radio, I had never met Mr. Abdulai Bayraytay before he gave that interview to the UN Radio on Friday September 26th 2008. I did not initially listen to the interview that morning but then just about everyone telephoned me to inform me of what Bayraytay said which included that he had allegedly asked me not to run the story on Zainab and Obama Group but I had told him I would run the story because I had personal issues with Zainab Bangura. A big lie that was! When Zainab Bangura blunders, instead of undertaking proper damage control, Bayraytay resorts to blatant lies. A shame ehn?


I dont know what this fuss is over whether or not I had met Zainab Banguras so-called  Spokesman before Friday September 26th 2008. The important thing is that I never told him I would go ahead and publish because I had a personal beef with Zainab. I was not involved in the investigation of that Obama story and even if I was, I would not be stupid to say something like that.


I suspect that after his shallow performance over the UN Radio, probably having gotten a lot of negative reaction to his failed attempt to slam me over UN Radio, Mr. Bayraytay telephoned me on my mobile phone and persistently asked for us to meet and be friends. This was the very day of the UN Radio interview! Some weeks before, when he had just arrived from Canada, like many other Just-Cams would do, he had asked to meet me but I turned him down simply because my schedule could not permit it. He later kept in touch on the phone and was to at one point introduce himself to me saying he knew me when I was NUSS Vice President and COMAHS Students President and that after my own time at NUSS, he had been elected NUSS Secretary General at the time my Minister of Transport Bashir had been elected to be NUSS President. However, I had repeatedly turned down his invitation to take me to lunch or dinner because, in all sincerity, I had just been too busy.


However, when on that Friday he persisted that he wanted us to meet and in light of all the telephone calls I had gotten which ridiculed his performance on UN Radio, I decided to give myself a chance to finally meet this interesting Bayraytay who had ridiculed himself over the UN Radio. Thus it was that I interrupted the training of some senior Police Officers that I had been conducting at the Police Headquarters and asked Bayraytay to meet me at the Police Headquarters where I had been doing The Use of Emails and Internet Training of Police Officers.


I walked down the stairs from the Training Room alongside the Director of Communications of the Sierra Leone Police Chief Superintendent Kamara and the Director of Media Inspector Samura and as soon as I stepped out of the Police Headquarters, I saw this person who called out, I finally get to meet the famous Sylvia Blyden today! He was standing with Pasco Temple and Tatafway Tumoe, two local journalists and I assumed he must be Bayraytay from his photos I had seen on Patriotic Vanguard although he looked different.


It was Pasco and Tataf who introduced me formally to Abdulai Bayraytay whom I was actually meeting for the first time in my entire life. Bayraytay then appeals to Pasco to tell me that he was not a bad man but he was just doing his job on behalf of Zainab Bangura. He insists that he wants to take me out to lunch for bygones to be bygones. I politely decline citing the ongoing training I was conducting at Police HQ. Pasco Temple then interjects that if someone shows remorse, it should be accepted. At this point, Bayraytay turns to the Police Communications Director and asks him to give me time to go to lunch. Director Kamara smilingly appeals to me to give the young man a chance to make amends and go to lunch with him. The Police Media Director Samura also appealed to me and said they would not mind holding the class up for some 30 minutes to an hour as Bayraytay was showing such remorse to make amends.


That was how I agreed and in a show of friendship, I even left my own vehicle and driver behind and went into Bayraytays car. It was inside Bayraytays vehicle that we decided that we should have lunch at the British Council Cafeteria so there is no way for anyone who was at Police Headquarters to have even known where we went for lunch. Therefore, the source of Mohamed Banguras information that I had lunch with Bayraytay at British Council from the Police HQ, is none other than Abdulai Bayraytay himself! See the kind of mess we have at our sacred Foreign Ministry as a Spokesman? See the kind of slime parading as Spokesman? Ar tire sef! Aye APC! All tin kin pass wit oonu yone Gofment. Foreign Office Nko! Spokesman ni!


Anyway, bottom-line, as I told the UN Radio, at the time Abdulai Bayraytay was making his outlandish claims to them that I told him I had personal issues with Zainab Bangura, I had never met him, I did not know if he was short or tall or fair or dark. So, what is the noise about that Mr. Kabs Kanu and Mr. Gibril Gbanabome Koroma are allowing to be published?


One more thing before I end this piece. People who know Zainab Bangura should advise her to advise these media boys of hers to stop giving her problems with their pens. I understand the benefit she has reaped out of this whole media shenanigans of the last few hours is that her relationship with H. Boima Fahnbulleh Junior, the National Security Adviser to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her relationship with President John Kufuor, amongst numerous other such relationships of hers, were all rather actively spelt out on the Cocorioko Forum today as a result of this slime that her "pen-man" dumped on the Internet today.


As for Gibril of Patriotic Vanguard and Kabs Kanu of Cocorioko, all I will tell them is to recount to them what a weeping lady once said when she was asked why she was bitterly weeping. She told her audience that despite all the love she gave to her son, her son had gone out into the world to cause her public disgrace her by falsely accusing a woman her son had an argument with of being a prostitute who slept with even Satan.


This boy has disgraced me oh. He has disgraced me! See my disgrace today in front of the whole world? Of all the insults he could manufacture against a woman, he had to call her a prostitute who slept with Satan? Publishing such about a woman is a disgrace on me his mother as people will say he must have come from a family of prostitutes so he cannot respect the decency of a woman and so will willy nilly manufacture sexual lies against women he has arguments with. This boy has disgraced me today oh the woman wailed loudly.


If the only way to address the important issues raised is to manufacture claims of sexual promiscuity, what does that say about the mindset and background of the writer and the one who allows himself to publish the filthy material? As a proud, self confident, black African woman, I can assure Wilfred Leeroy Kabs Kanu the so-called Reverend and Gibril Gbanagbome Koroma that they are merely disgracing their African mothers alongside the mother of the author of the filth they have allowed to be published. They can honour their mothers by addressing the issues raised and avoid publishing manufactured sexual filth about their African sister.


On that note, adieu to these sons of their African mothers!

© Copyright by Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

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