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Car Point Center
Feb 2, 2009, 00:06

                       Car Point Center
                      28B Freetown Road,Lumley

The Number 1 Car Rental and Mechanical Services in Sierra Leone invites your patronage, as we rent out fully air conditioned and road worthy vehicles that meet your maximum satisfaction and comfort.

We also have professional drivers and mechanics with vast knowledge of the country, ready to render you your desired taste in car rental and mechanical services.

Our prices are competitive and worth running for. They go as thus:

Town Service $70 per day
Provincial Service - $130 per day
Contact us on telephone numbers:
232- 33-201-218 / 232- 30- 201- 218
232- 33- 321- 041 / 232 -33-220-188

Our prices are negotiable.
Come One! Come All!

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