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By I Morikeh Fofana
Feb 20, 2009, 17:02

Come 2012 the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) will return to power, but that does not mean that praises should not be given to those who merit it even they are coming from the opposition.

We (SLPP) will criticize constructively because our HARD WON PEACE AND INFRASTRUCTURAL DEVELOPMENT will not, in the interest of the country, be allowed to CRUMBLE and ROT.

The SLPP accepted criticism whilst in power to the extent of some QUACK journalists puking all sort of insults on the President and his Cabinet Ministers. Although most of the criticisms were libelous, unfounded and crude, we were always cautioned by our leaders to avoid any confrontation or legal actions because they were INCOMPREHENSIBLE, INCONCEIVABLE and therefore INCONCLUSIVE.

A local tabloid recently published as it banner headline "SLPP Confused." I should think that some of us attended educational institutions up to at least form 5, JSS 2 or 3 then sat to the WASSCE or GCE in former British Colonies. But of course, all of us cannot be privileged to have gone to THE SCHOOL – THE BO SCHOOL.

To become or profess to be a journalist, that noble profession, one must have mastered the language you are writing, in this case HER BRITTANIC MAJESTY’S language – the English language so that you don’t misuse words or phrases. Some words wrongly used carry awful interpretation. I know the use of journalistic jargons to promote the sales of low rated papers. This can also boomerang.

The Sierra Leone Peoples Party SLPP is one of the oldest parties if not the oldest political party in the sub region. It was founded by all the people of Sierra Leone; I mean all the ethnic groups (tribes) of the country. I hate to use the ugly word "Tribe" as have always been used by the colonialist to make us look like savages /barbarians. There are no Irish tribes, no Scottish, Welsh or English. They are either Welsh, Scottish or English nationals. The SLPP had always had to convince IGNORAMUSSES that the party does not belong to one ethnic group. From Rev. Jones (a KRIO) to Bai Farma Tass II (a TEMNE) to Dr. Milton Margai (a MENDE). Names like KANDEH BUREH, HAJ CONTEH, YANKAY SESAY, H.E.B JOHN, NELSON WILLIAMS, CONSTANCE COMMINGS JOHN, BAI KOBLO PATH BANA (KABIA) ALIMAMY DURA, ADIKALI MODU, DONDODO, ALIMAMY WUROH and a whole list are not Mende names, but the crème de la crème of their ethnic groups.

IT MUST BE A FIGMENT OF SOMEONE’S IMMAGINATION TO CONSIDER SLPP MENDE. The SLPP is Krio/Temne by origin, Mende environmental, Limba friendly. You don’t have to like it but that’s the way it is, Lonta.

Now to the point. The police force was trained to the highest level comparing it to any police force in the sub-region during the SLPP term of office, so was the military through (IMATT) and other international organizations it is therefore lamenting and unbelievable when local tabloids carry negative reports about the activities of the forces that so much money and time has been lavished on to bring up to a level that is commendable internationally.

However there is one police officer who has refused to be contaminated (corrupt) and still want to maintain the slogan "A FORCE FOR GOOD" and that officer is LUC/CSP Fayia Sellu, a Kissi man of the Kissy Police Station, eastern region. I hope he gets commended instead of making enemies from "above".

I read about the arrest and seizure of 90 bags of rotten rice owned by one Alagba / Alayjo forgive me if I am using the wrong titles. I am not an Ojeh man from Obersai, I am a Poro man. LUC Sellu would have pocketed lots of Leones if he wanted to be corrupt but NO he maintained the force for good reputation. Kudos to LUC Sellu of Kissy Police Station. I hope others will emulate this fine police officer despite "GLOBAL and BA NYAH FAYKEY" Period.

Let me also take this opportunity to mention Mr. John Saad, the Minister of Works. Mr. Saad is one of those patriotic Sierra Leoneans who committed an economic suicide to return home to serve his people. John is on the list of Commonwealth Technocrats that are sent anywhere in the Commonwealth on request by the country in need.

I met this affable and unassuming Sierra Leonean when I was appointed as High Commissioner to the Republic of The Gambia, he was at the same time working for the Gambian government on loan from the UK Government as a Planner.

We discussed lengthily about his return to Sierra Leone to render his services to his country. He helped the mission so much that I felt he will be of immense asset to his home country.

He was also sent to Pakistan of all places that has surplus Technocrats that are sent all over the world. Mr. Saad returned home despite loosing all the comfort and high salaries. I hope other patriotic countrymen will follow Mr. Saad’s example. He is a good Technocrat whose talent is needed in the country never mind his political affiliation. After all the SLPP employed Dr Samura the present Bank Governor in that very sensitive position as Financial Secretary even though we knew about his tremendous support for All People’s Congress (APC). There were many other functionaries that worked with the SLPP government that were APC.

In addition, we maintained Human Rights with all its paraphernalia.

We never beat up people for listening to other Radio Stations besides ours. We never vandalized other party offices. There was freedom of movement, assembly, opinion and expression, no threats, no invectives. No nepotism, no despotism, no molestation or physical confrontation. No plane load of cocaine, no Ogboni, just a democratic atmosphere. This is all due to the maturity of the Party and Cadres so that the Oyibo man will not class us as savages or baboons in the wild jungle. Our motto "ONE COUNTRY ONE PEOPLE ONE NATION" will always be maintained (INSHALA) and come 2012 the people will decide in favour of our slogan by voting SLPP to power.

© Copyright 2005, Freetown, Sierra Leone.